Freddie Prinze Jr.'s new baby is going to have one awesome Latino dad!

Latino actor and dad Freddie Prinze Jr. totally won my heart over after he confessed that he loves being a stay-at-home parent while wife and CW actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is busy on set.  And now he's getting a second chance to show off his amazing (and adorable) daddy skills! According to US Weekly, 35-year-old Gellar is pregnant with their second child!  


Prinze Jr. and Gellar already have one 2-year-old daughter, Charlotte. Now, they're expanding the brood and personally, I'm super excited for them. They're one of the few Hollywood couples that seem to have a really stable, normal relationship and a great balance when it comes to parenting. Gellar took a two-year hiatus after giving birth to Charlotte and then Prinze Jr. (willingly!) took his turn as the stay-at-home parent when she returned to the small screen this past year with her show, Ringer. Um, can you say awesome dad/hubby?  

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I love seeing fathers spend time with their little girls, especially Latino dads who are known for being super overprotective of their daughters! It's such an important relationship to establish, especially while kids are young -- which I'm sure Prinze Jr. knows firsthand since his own dad committed suicide when he was still a baby.  

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And though it's rare for Latino dads to want to stay at home (too much pride!), I totally understand the desire to spend as much time as possible with your kid. I think if he had the option, my own father would have loved to stay home with me every day, watching movies and teaching me about soccer (hey, he is still a dad after all!).

In any case, I can only imagine that Prinze Jr. will bring the same love and attention to his second child as he did his first! Congratulations, Freddie!

What do you think of Freddie Prince Jr. and Michelle Gellar's news?

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