Meet Nonomom and her superuterus: Mexican mom of triplets is pregnant with 9 babies!

OMG! Just thinking about this makes me cringe! A Mexican woman, who's only 32 years old and already has 4 children, is expected to bring 9 more into the world when she gives birth via C-section towards the end of May! My first question is: why? Why would you do this to yourself, especially when you just gave birth to TRIPLETS barely six months ago?

Karla Vanessa Perez told Mexican newspaper El Universal that she hadn't followed the tradition of not having sex for at least 40 days after giving birth and so she'd gotten pregnant again pretty much right after delivering her triplets, two girls and one boy.


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While Perez considers her new pregnancy a miracle, she said she decided to make her story public because she can't sleep at night worried about all the expenses coming their way. She is unemployed and her husband works in a tire repair shop where there income isn't always steady.

The couple has no social security or private health insurance and are going to need help with the hospitalization and incubators--among other things their babies will most definitely need--since they'll be born at least two months before they're considered full term.

As someone who had already given birth to four children, this woman had to know there was a huge possibility she'd get pregnant again, but I'm sure she had no idea it'd be with nine babies, three boys and six girls. While she says she's super happy, it makes me really sad to think the kind of life those poor nine babies will have. In fact, I worry about the kind of life that this gigantic family of soon to be 15 will have. 

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I'm sure she'll get help, but having 13 children cannot be easy no matter how you look at it, especially when they're so close together in age. Not to mention what all this has done to her body! ¡Pobre mujer!

What do you think about this?

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