Woman pronounced brain dead gives birth to twins!

In a recent amazing but heartbreaking story, a 26-year-old Michigan woman gave birth to twins AFTER being pronounced brain dead.

On March 1, Christine Bolden, pregnant with twins, collapsed while on an outing with her 3-year-old son and boyfriend. Medics said aneurysms in Bolden's brain had ruptured and she was soon declared brain dead. But despite the tragedy, her family asked doctors to do everything they could to save the babies.


I can't even imagine the mixed feelings that family must have had--and probably are still having. To put a loved one on life support unexpectedly is hard enough, but to then have to worry about delivering her twins is maybe the most devastating decision to ever have to make.

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Doctors kept Bolden on a respirator for a month to allow the babies to develop further and then, in an extremely rare and pretty miraculous procedure, performed a cesarean section to deliver the twins prematurely. Though the birth was successful, the babies, who were born at only 25 weeks, now face potential long-term health problems.

Still, the family has managed to remain hopeful even after the tragedy, acknowledging that while it was devastating to lose Bolden, it was also a joy to have her babies survive.


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