Cameron Diaz tells InStyle she won't become a mom until she's good and ready!

Part-Cuban actress, Cameron Diaz, has long since been known for her infectious laugh, killer body, and active dating life (her boyfriends include everyone from Jared Leto to Alex Rodriguez). But on the new cover of InStyle Magazine, the now-single star admits that she felt pressure to become a mom even before starring in her upcoming flick What to Expect When You're Expecting.

"Society definitely puts pressure on women to make them think their lives should go a certain way. I've never said I don't want children—I just haven't had children yet," she said. But though Diaz says she is open to motherhood, she isn't interesting in rushing into it just to meet anyone else's expectations.


"I don't know what's going to happen in my life! I could end up adopting children. I could end up with a partner who already has children. Who knows?" she said. "I'm not trying to fit into anyone's box about how I should be. I just fit in my own box."

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I say, good for you girl! Diaz is absolutely right in stating that women face a ton of pressure, whether from society or relatives, to settle down and start a family by a certain point in their lives. It's like people believe that once we reach a particular age, a switch turns on and we just start breeding. But becoming a mom is a choice and it's different for anyone. There's no one right way to have a child--if you even want one, which some women don't, and that's totally fine!

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I find it gratifying to see that even a famed and adored celebrity like Diaz--who pretty much has the pick of the litter when it comes to guy--faces the same questions and demands that ordinary women deal with everyday. And the fact that she talks about it so openly is even more refreshing! Particularly in our community where it's basically assumed that women will have babies from a relatively young age, it's nice to see a Latina female take a stand and tell the world that whatever happens (baby or not), she intends to deal with it in her way and on her own terms.

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