This is seriously the best way to tell your kid you're pregnant again! (VIDEO)

How do you tell your kids that you're having another baby and that they're about to become a big sister or brother? If I ever need to break news like that, I'm totally stealing the super sweet idea from the couple in this adorable video!

The two presented their daughter with a t-shirt that said "I'm the big sister" and had her slowly sound out the letters until she could formulate the words and read them out loud (how clever is that? Cute AND educational!). When she finally gets through the whole sentence, she seems confused. "What does that mean?" her mom asks her.


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After a few random guesses, it seems as if a light bulb goes on in the little girl's head. "You're having a baby?" she asks in her teeny voice. When her parents confirm the news, her face absolutely lights up and she starts giggling with joy, running to hug her mom and feel her belly.

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So sweet and touching!! From the read-the-t-shirt plot to the girl's thrilled reaction, the whole clip is enough to melt your heart. But my favorite part of the video is at the very end. After embracing both her parents, she says, "I think we should get a bigger house for the baby." Haha, aww! Typical kid suggestion, right?

Watch the super sweet clip here:

What do you think of the video? How would you tell your kids that you're having another baby?

Image via YouTube

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