Should getting your own placenta be this difficult?

While I didn't really care what happened with my placenta after either of my children's birth, it seems ridiculous to me that had I wanted to take it with me, the hospital wouldn't have made it too easy for me, since most of them consider it medical waste.

But to a growing number of moms, the afterbirth is anything but waste. Many of these women want to take their placenta with them so they can eat it, encapsulate ir or bury it. And while that might sound pretty gross, a woman should be able to do with her placenta whatever she wants! 


But hospitals don't always make this easy. At NYU Langone Medical Center, for example, moms who want to take their placentas with them, have to make a trip to the hospital's morgue to retrieve it. In fact, the hospital's current policy requires moms to consider a list of funeral directors that they provide after the birth, to collect their own afterbirths. The cost of the service? About $100. 

That's pretty crazy, no? To have to go through such a process and to top it off to have to pay for your own bodily matter seems pretty ludicrous to me. And that's why a group of women have presented a petition to NYU Langone Medical Center titled, "Mothers do not need an Undertaker for their Afterbirth!"

The hospital has apparently listened to the petition and is in the process of drafting a new more "lenient" policy, which will let moms be the direct recipients of their own afterbirths. Hopefully more hospitals will follow suit. 

What did you do with your placenta?  

Image via dsyzdek/flickr