Argentinian baby comes back from the dead!

One of my biggest fears ever is being buried alive. Yes, I know that's a little strange given the fact that it is super unlikely to happen, but that's why this story was sooooo terrifying to me. This type of thing can happen to anyone, even a newborn baby! As adults we might have a chance at surviving something like this by shouting or looking for an escape, but a newborn would have no success at all.

Except that's is exactly what happened to a baby girl who was declared dead soon after she had been born, when members of the hospital told her mother, Analia Bouter, that newborn did not show any vital signs.


Twelve hours after the baby's alleged stillbirth, her understandably heartbroken parents went to visit her body at the morgue. When they get near the coffin, the mother heard crying and immediately opened it to find her baby girl alive and well! Contrary to what had been told to them at the hospital, the baby was breathing and in good health.

And as you can imagine, the authorities have already opened an investigation forcing the hospital to answer for this terrible incident. Their major mistake could have actually cause a tragic death for this little girl.

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In spite of the terrible shock surrounding her birth, her parents considered it a huge miracle to find her alive so they decided to name her Luz Milagros (Light Miracle). I know most moms tell their children their own birth stories when they get older, but in this case if they will they might want to keep it to themselves. Unless they want it to become a true nightmare just imagining the fact that she could be buried alive. So I hope her parents omit the morgue from the story and just tell her that she came back to life and that's where her name came from.

In the end, the most important thing is that the little girl was found alive and that she is in good health. Let's hope that actions are taken against those responsible for this gross negligence since it really isn't ok to say that somebody is dead, when they are in fact, very much alive.

What do you think about this insane case?

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