Dear world: Pregnant women SHOULD gain weight during pregnancy!

Um, excuse me, but when did it suddenly become OK for the world to bash women for putting on some extra pounds during their pregnancy? Isn't there like some unwritten rule that forbids people from insulting a woman's appearance during such a fragile and hormonal time? I thought so, but apparently no one else got the memo since the media has gone batshit crazy over mom-to-be Jessica Simpson's weight gain, calling her "huge, almost unrecognizable" and criticizing her for indulging in pregnancy cravings, like buttered Pop Tarts.


Recently, Vanity Fair, InTouch and a bunch of other publications have all run stories about Simpson's tummy growth, stating that she's at risk for gestational diabetes and condemning her for gaining an "unhealthy" amount of weight. According to Jezebel, Hollywood Life even spoke to an OBGYN about the "situation", who actually went on record saying that a pregnant woman should only eat 1200 calories a day. 1200!!! I'm not pregnant, never have been pregnant and am not close to getting pregnant and even I know that there's no way in hell that's correct information. 1200 calories is nowhere near enough to sustain a woman while she's having a baby. Seriously, are these people insane?

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And OK so buttered Pop Tarts might be gross but the woman is GROWING A HUMAN. She is allowed to be hungry. She is allowed to indulge. Yes, there is a line and every expecting woman should be healthy--but healthy is by no means equivalent to 1200 calories. Besides, if she has to deal with losing extra weight after having the baby, then that's her problem, not anyone else's.

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People really need to get hobbies or find better things to do with their time than talk about what others weigh, especially when that other person is pregnant. I mean, really, would you like having your pregnancy critiqued in nationally published magazines? Yeah, didn't think so.

What do you think of the media's criticisms? Do you agree or disagree?

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