Passengers and flight attendants help woman give birth during international flight!

In yet another crazy birthing incident this year, passengers and crew members on a plane helped deliver the baby of a woman who unexpectedly went into labor mid-flight!

After Katherine Oyedoh began having contractions on an international Delta flight from Ghana to Georgia, flight attendants were alerted and rushed over to Oyedoh's aid. Due to give birth April 13th but having been cleared by the doctor for the March 23rd flight, Oyedoh informed the attendants that her water had broken. Amazingly (and luckily!) enough, a passenger on the plane was a licensed OBGYN and he offered his assistance while crew members began compiling towels and other supplies.


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Even other passengers began helping along the process. One timed the contractions while others with medical training monitored the mom-to-be's blood pressure. The baby, which turned out to be a boy, was delivered safely and came into the world to the applause and relieved laughter of everyone on the plane. 15 minutes later, the plane landed and both mom and newborn were taken to the hospital. Is that straight out of a movie or what?!

Wow! What kind of doctor allows a woman that far along in her pregnancy fly, internationally nonetheless?  All I can say is that this woman was incredibly lucky to have not just a doctor, but an actual OBGYN on board with her! And two other passengers with medical training were nearby as well! Whew. At least, she'll have one good story to tell her son when he's old enough.

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What do you think of this story? Would you ever fly while in your third trimester?

Image via Fox News

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