Is sharing information about your pregnancy on Facebook really a good idea?

These days, people use Facebook and Twitter to share all kinds of information, We post updates about everything from latest job promotions to what we're eating for lunch. In fact, social media has managed to turn much of the electronic space into a world of over sharing and TMI. So where exactly is the line, particularly when it comes to moms disclosing baby news?  

According to USAToday, an increasing amount of women are taking to social networks to talk about their pregnancies. The process has become so common that in August, Facebook debuted an "Expected: Child" element under the Friends and Family portion on each profile page so that moms-to-be can share their joy. But the tricky part is that women aren't just using their profiles to break the news that they're expecting, they're also going online to reveal the loss of a baby after a miscarriage.  


The growing trend bears an obvious question--is it really a good idea to share info about your pregnancy on Facebook? Personally, I don't think so. Maybe it's because I have a tendency to be paranoid, but I firmly believe that women shouldn't tell anyone except their close friends and family about their pregnancies until they're at least three months along. To me, it only makes sense to wait until after the first trimester (a time period often called "the danger zone" since it has the highest possibility of miscarriages and other issues) to share the news so publically. Why not take a precaution that could potentially save you heartache later?

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And if tragedy does strike, I still think Facebook and Twitter are the two last places women should turn. Not because miscarriages are shameful or shouldn't be talked about, but because it's important for couples to take some time to grieve and process with loved ones before turning to social media for comfort.

Still, there is one thing about this trend that I do support--the fact that women are discussing their miscarriages at all! It's amazing that what was once considered a taboo subject is now being discussed so openly and freely. Guess our obsession with over sharing does have an upside after all.

What do you think? Should women share details of their pregnancy or miscarriages on social media? 

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