New study finds that pregnancy after breast cancer is safe

In the past, women who had breast cancer treatments were told that they should not get pregnant because of the risk of recurrence. But new research shows that this isn't true and that pregnancy after breast cancer is actually safe.

This is excellent news for any woman who has had or knows someone with breast cancer, in particular those who get breast cancer earlier on or before they planned to have children. Although in the past women who became pregnant after breast cancer were advised to get an abortion, researchers said that in most cases this is completely unnecessary.


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But this doesn't necessarily apply to all forms of breast cancer, ABC News reports:

The research was specific to women who were diagnosed with estrogen-receptor positive tumors, which have protein molecules that need estrogen to grow. About 60 percent of all breast cancers are ER-positive, according to the National Institutes of Health. Despite the fear that high hormone levels that occur during pregnancy might stimulate breast cancer growth, data overwhelming showed that it does not.

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I haven't had breast cancer but I haven't had kids yet, either. If I ended up with breast cancer and got pregnant afterward, I don't think I could have an abortion just because it might bring my breast cancer back so I'm glad to find out that it may not true at all. Although this isn't always the case, it's still good to know that experts are now saying that pregnancy after breast cancer is actually safe.

If you or someone you know has had breast cancer, are you planning to have children afterward?

Image via Daquella Manera/flickr