Hilariously awkward pregnancy photos

Pregnancy seems to make a lot of women want to show off their baby bumps. Just recently, Jessica Simpson joined the long list of stars that took to magazine covers to flaunt their tummies. Well, it seems like non-celeb moms aren't shy either.  We just came across these hilariously awkward pregnancy photos which will make you laugh, cry AND cringe all at once, and of course, we HAD to share.


Most of the pictures showcase both soon-to-be parents with the main focal point being the mom's protruding belly. But what make the photos so bizarre are the strange poses and props!

In some, mothers are shown with their stomachs painted to look like cartoon faces or basketballs while in others, they are dressed in masks or weird costumes. Guns also make an appearance in an alarming amount of the photos!

I don't think I would ever take a pregnancy photo like this, but I give props to the moms who are brave enough to bare all… although I have to say that some of these pictures are just downright weird. Take a look and decide for yourself!

Would you ever take a pregnancy photo like this? Do you have an awkward pregnancy picture? If yes, PLEASE share it in our community!

Images via ivillage.com

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