Walk this way: Our stride is sexier when we're ovulating!

Have you ever noticed the way a guy walks? Well, they certainly notice the way we do! And now, a new study has figured out when exactly a woman's strut is sexiest.

Recent research published in the Elsevier Science Journal concludes that a female's walk is most attractive when she's ovulating. Why? The report found that near ovulation, women walked slower and their gait was subjectively rated as sexier.


During the experiment, scientists first used spy-cams to record women walking ahead of males. The amount of time the women spent walking was measured along with the extent to which each woman was perceived to be attractive by two judges. The results were then compared with the women's ovulation phases, which were determined by LH salivary tests that help pinpoint the time females are most fertile.

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Honestly, the experiment seems a little questionable to me--why did they use spy cams? How many women did they study? Most importantly, why were there only two judges if every guy perceives a girl's walk differently? Still, the end results are hardly surprising. Previous research has shown that a woman's menstrual cycle can affect everything from physical appearance to sexual appeal. Some women believe that their skin clears up closer to ovulation, while others say their voice sounds sexier. Such behaviors are normally seen as a woman's unconscious desire of reinforcing their attractiveness in order to attract more men and to increase their choice of a partner near their ovulation phase.

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It makes sense and I guess it is a silver lining in the whole menstrual cycle thing…but why wait until you're ovulating to strut your stuff? I say, go out and hit the sidewalk like it's a runaway every day!

Do you think that your cycle can affect your walk and other behaviors?

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