What NOT to expect when you're expecting: A 13 lb baby!

Um, I have no idea what to expect when I'm expecting and though I find these cheeky posters for the new movie starring Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez to be truly funny, this fear of the unknown is sort of what has me paralyzed in the "I want to have a baby but not yet" phase...

Sure, I'm looking forward to procreating, I guess...I mean, my husband and I have spoken about it and since women apparently expire at the age of 35 I think I'll probably have to get on this relatively soonish. But stories like the one I just read about a woman giving birth to a 13 lb baby scare the bejesus out of me! 13 POUNDS?! Are you freakin' kidding me?


For every adorable Cameron Diaz baby bump extolling the virtues of a huge rack, there are the Elizabeth Banks characters telling us to not believe the hype and that pregnancy sucks. I believe it both ways, but the truth of the matter is that being pregnant is not what terrifies me--it's the actual process of giving birth.

So back to the super huge baby thing. An Iowa woman actually gave birth to a 13 pound, 12 oz baby...wait for it, without any painkillers or anything! She gave natural birth to a colossal baby. It's pretty awe-inspiring!

"Everyone like double takes when they see him, but for us it's pretty standard and it wasn`t much worse than probably most people's [labor]," Mrs. Stewardson (aka Super Woman) told WHO-TV. Yeah, we'd totally double take if we saw an almost 14 pound newborn too.

It does give me a little hope though. Only something like one out of 1,000 infants weigh over 11 pounds at birth, with most clocking in somewhere between six to eight lbs. I think I can handle that when the time comes. Plus, Mrs. Stewardson has sort of inspired me with her whole laid back (and natural) birthing process. If she can be OK after giving birth to a child the average weight of a three-month-old then I think I'll be alright too.

What do you think about about the expectations about pregnancy and childbirth? Are you impressed that this woman gave birth to such a huge baby without any painkillers?

Image via Lionsgate