5 Ways to get more sleep during pregnancy

Sleep during pregnancy can be challenging not only because of the physical changes in the body but also the emotional stress. We tend to be sleepy and snooze here and there for a couple of minutes during the day, but getting restful sleep during the night is another story. Some pregnant women experience something the experts call pregnancy insomnia and that condition could be dangerous for mom and baby.

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MIRA: Ninel Conde está a días de dar a luz y tiene la barriga para probarlo


Ninel Conde tendrá su bebé en las próximas semanas y vaya que si se le nota. Después de tantos meses con una barriga mínima, que tenía a todos dudando de la veracidad de su embarazo, el pequeño Emmanuel decidió darse un estirón y le ha hecho una panza a su mamá impresionante. ¡Ya era hora!

Así se ve en la foto más reciente que la estrella mexicana colocó en las redes sociales, acompañada de unos consejos para embarazadas, muy acertados por cierto. Tienes que ver como se ve.

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Ninel Conde may give birth at the gym

Ninel Conde is all about keeping it tight and right during her pregnancy. Love or hate her, you have to admit that this Mexican starlet looks amazing while pregnant! The 43-year-old mom-to-be confirmed that she was about three months along back in April. That means Conde is in her final trimester and making sure she stays active despite her kind of huge baby bump!  

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Is Kate Middleton pregnant with twins?

It's already been confirmed that Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number two. Rumor has it, she might be carrying a girl. Oh, at least that's the rumor that's been circulating these past few weeks. But it gets better. Now they're saying that Kate is actually expecting twin girls! Can you believe it? I can't help but wonder what they'd name them!

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Mom births huge baby on side of California freeway​


Oh my gatos! A very pregnant Sandra Vilchez, who is 29-years old, was in the family SUV with her hubby, 35-year-old Marine Corps veteran Bolivar Vilchez, as well as her three kids who are 6, 4 and 3 years old. As the family was driving down a southern California freeway early Saturday morning, Sandra started having contractions. They came fast and quick. She told Bolivar, "I think she's coming now" and then her water broke.

Picture all three kids in the middle seat of the SUV worrying about their mother and asking, "is Savannah doing this to you?" Savannah being the baby trying to be born. And of course it only gets more intense.

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Cómo inducir el parto naturalmente


Una que otra mujer conoce la pesadilla de tener que esperar más de la cuenta cuando su bebé no se digna a hacer su entrada triunfal. Es una tortura pero de que se puede hacer algo, se puede. Si no pregúntales a las abuelitas y parteras antiguas que inducían los partos naturalmente ¡y sin necesidad de horribles medicamentos!

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30 Unisex names perfect for your boy OR girl

Baby names… I know, take a deep breath! It could be the biggest headache of your entire pregnancy. You are constantly looking for inspiration in books, movies or friends and your partner has to agree on it too. There are always names lurking in the back of your head that don't sound too convincing, but that you keep there just in case.

I mean, the name is everything! You are have to live with it whether you like it or not and since you probably don't like your name (most people don't) you don't want your child to feel the same. Don't despair because we have the solution. Unisex names are here to the rescue!

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9 Cosas que debes tener listas cuando tu bebé está a punto de nacer

No sé a ti, pero a mí durante las últimas semanas de la dulce espera, es decir cuando esperaba el nacimiento de mi primer hijo, me dio un afán por tenerlo todo limpio, impecable, reluciente, como si mi hijo por nacer hubiera sido un inspector de limpieza. Recuerdo que el día que me fui al hospital (tenía una cesárea programada), le di en secreto las llaves de mi casa a mi handyman y le dije: "Manuel, aproveche de pintar mi habitación".

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SEE: Zoe Saldana's stunning maternity look for Hispanic Heritage Awards


Zoe Saldana stunned at the 2014 Hispanic Heritage Awards, which took place on September 18 in Washington, D.C. We already know that Saldana can dress to the nines and is super fashionable. She has proven time and time again that her fashion sense is spot on, but we are just getting used to the pregnant incarnation of Saldana and as anyone who's ever been pregnant knows, it ain't easy dressing up a baby bump and looking not only true to yourself and your style, but also freakin' GORGEOUS and flawless, but Saldana makes it look easy.

You can see the top of Saldana's killer dress in the picture above where she stands next to her sister, Cisely Saldana, but that's just a tease. Wait until you see Saldana's floor length gown in all its glory.

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8 Reasons Adamari López will be a great mom!


Adamari Lopez recently confirmed that she is expecting a baby with fiancé Toni Costa! The 43-year-old star posted the most adorable photo of her baby bump. López admitted that she's been praying for a baby and is thrilled that she has finally been blessed with the journey of motherhood. Adamari is going to be an amazing mom and we are counting the reasons why.

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