30 Unisex names perfect for your boy OR girl

Baby names… I know, take a deep breath! It could be the biggest headache of your entire pregnancy. You are constantly looking for inspiration in books, movies or friends and your partner has to agree on it too. There are always names lurking in the back of your head that don't sound too convincing, but that you keep there just in case.

I mean, the name is everything! You are have to live with it whether you like it or not and since you probably don't like your name (most people don't) you don't want your child to feel the same. Don't despair because we have the solution. Unisex names are here to the rescue!

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9 Cosas que debes tener listas cuando tu bebé está a punto de nacer

No sé a ti, pero a mí durante las últimas semanas de la dulce espera, es decir cuando esperaba el nacimiento de mi primer hijo, me dio un afán por tenerlo todo limpio, impecable, reluciente, como si mi hijo por nacer hubiera sido un inspector de limpieza. Recuerdo que el día que me fui al hospital (tenía una cesárea programada), le di en secreto las llaves de mi casa a mi handyman y le dije: "Manuel, aproveche de pintar mi habitación".

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SEE: Zoe Saldana's stunning maternity look for Hispanic Heritage Awards


Zoe Saldana stunned at the 2014 Hispanic Heritage Awards, which took place on September 18 in Washington, D.C. We already know that Saldana can dress to the nines and is super fashionable. She has proven time and time again that her fashion sense is spot on, but we are just getting used to the pregnant incarnation of Saldana and as anyone who's ever been pregnant knows, it ain't easy dressing up a baby bump and looking not only true to yourself and your style, but also freakin' GORGEOUS and flawless, but Saldana makes it look easy.

You can see the top of Saldana's killer dress in the picture above where she stands next to her sister, Cisely Saldana, but that's just a tease. Wait until you see Saldana's floor length gown in all its glory.

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8 Reasons Adamari López will be a great mom!


Adamari Lopez recently confirmed that she is expecting a baby with fiancé Toni Costa! The 43-year-old star posted the most adorable photo of her baby bump. López admitted that she's been praying for a baby and is thrilled that she has finally been blessed with the journey of motherhood. Adamari is going to be an amazing mom and we are counting the reasons why.

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22 Baby names inspired by classic Latino TV characters​


I'm a huge pop culture junkie, so there's a very good chance my children will be named after my favorite television characters and movie heroines. And as luck would have it, about 90% of my favorite characters happen to be Latino. What can I say? Latino TV writers know how to pick a good name!

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Adamari Lopez is pregnant! Check out her baby bump!

Oh baby! Adamari López and her fiancé Toni Costa are expecting their first child! The Puerto Rican host announced the baby news to her fans via social media this morning. Things have definitely been working in the love department for the blue-eyed beauty! Lopez got engaged to Costa during her 43rd birthday celebration in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in May. Wait till you see her adorable baby bump! 

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6 Things that happen right after you give birth


You studied and probably even memorized passages from that famous book about what to expect during pregnancy. You could host seminars about what the baby is experiencing inside the bump, but your knowledge stops right at the moment you feel the first contractions. Everything after that remains a mystery. What happens after labor? Luckily, you don't have to wonder anymore because we are going to tell you what to expect right after you welcome your baby into the world.

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Remedio NATURAL para evitar el estreñimiento durante el embarazo


El estreñimiento durante en el embarazo es una de las cosas más incómodas de este mundo. ¡Te lo digo por experiencia! La mala noticia es que la gestación hará que los intestinos funcionen más lentamente, sin embargo, no tienes que lamentarte: existe un remedio natural que te ayudará a ir al baño como si nada ¡aunque tengas una personita viviendo dentro de ti!

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10 Ideas horribles para un baby shower que espantan a cualquier mamá


La celebración de un baby shower generalmente se torna en una cuestión de adultos. Digamos que el nacimiento de la criaturita es la excusa para poner a los más grandes en situaciones fuera de lo común. Pero lo peor es cuando la gente se toma tan a pecho la temática que terminan haciendo un ridículo. Si no me crees, échale un ojito a estas 10 ideas horrorosas que me dejaron con dolor de estómago de la risa. ¡¿Qué tienen en la cabeza?!

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7 Foods you should eat if you are trying to get pregnant

Fertility PHOTOS

Trying to get pregnant? Why not eat foods that boost your fertility then? Sounds like a good idea, no? And no I'm not talking about foods that are supposedly aphrodisiacs to get you in the baby-makin' mood, although you are totally welcome to eat those too. I'm talking about foods that up your chances of getting pregnant. How so? By giving you nutrients that set up your reproductive system for success.

These  foods are out there and readily available and it's quite possible that you are already eating some of them.

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