Cómo prevenir las infecciones vaginales durante el embarazo


No hay nada más molesto que una infección vaginal y si a eso le agregas que estás embarazada, pues resulta un verdadero dolor de cabeza. Estas infecciones no son ni sorpresivas, ni poco comunes, porque tu vagina se encuentra viviendo cambios repentinos originados por un nuevo pH en tu cuerpo. ¿Has oído hablar de vaginitis candidiástica? Esa sí que es una calamidad y te digo cómo evitarla.

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Amelia Vega is pregnant & it's a boy!

Amelia Vega has a bun in the oven! The former Miss Universe and husband Al Horford announced their pregnancy via Twitter yesterday and we are ecstatic! Vega and Horford have been married since 2011 and are expecting their first baby together. The Dominican beauty is expected to give birth to a baby boy in March 2015. The lovely couple confirmed the baby news with the sweetest photo ever! 

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Lista para el bebé

SEE Ninel Conde's pregnancy in 11 pics


Ninel Conde turns 44 today! The Mexican star is the queen of the tabloids and almost every crazy story has been written about her. From rumors that she was planning on getting an abortion to breakup rumors involving Giovanni Medina, the father of her unborn baby, Conde is always at the center of all of the chisme. Thankfully, it seems like her pregnancy has grounded the star. She is expected to give birth any day now and seems happier than ever. This lady definitely deserved a break from all of the negative coverage! 

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Lista para el bebé

Adamari López da a entender que espera un varón ¡Qué intriga!


Adamari López y Toni Costa parece que nos quieren mantener en suspenso sobre el sexo del bebé que están esperando. Primero la hermana del bailarín nos dijo que se trataba de una niña, pero este fin de semana, la estrella boricua publicó una foto de una torta que le llevaron unos fanáticos para celebrar el embarazo y ahora sí que estoy totalmente confundidida.

Deja que veas la foto de la torta que Ada puso en Facebook y veras porqué te digo que ya no estoy segura de nada.

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8 Things every Latina has to consider when choosing her baby's name

In addition to all of things that our Anglo peers need to take into consideration when it comes to naming their baby, Latinas have a host of other issues to think about. Some of our concerns seem pretty amusing when you see them in writing, but I remember totally stressing out for months over the name decision. Here are 10 considerations that are typical to Latinas who are trying to name a baby born here in the U.S.:

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5 Most stressful things about pregnancy

Pregnancy can stress you out since you may feel your body is out of control. You are carrying the most important thing ever in it, and you want to make sure it all goes swimmingly. The unknown can be frightening and, of course it makes you anxious.

When I was pregnant, I used to worry about ways to hide the sixth finger my baby was going to be born with. I even asked my husband to count his fingers as soon as she was born! Of course she didn't have an extra digit and I wasted all that energy worrying about it. I know you're probably anxious about your pregnancy too, so hopefully this article will answer some questions.

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Baby reacts to his father's voice from INSIDE his mom's tummy!


To say that I cannot believe my eyes after watching a loving father communicate with his unborn baby is beyond an understatement. Look, I've been pregnant twice, I talked to my babies when they were in my womb and so did their father. I believe that my babies heard us, I believe that our babies responded sometimes with movement at the sound of our voice. One time in particular I swear one of my babies did a somersault, but none of that prepared me for extraordinary video below where a father talks to his baby who is still in the womb and tells the baby what to do and the baby ACTUALLY does it!

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5 Wonderful benefits of orgasms during pregnancy


First of all, I hope you already know that unless your doctor tells you not to, there is no reason why you should stop having sex or orgasms while pregnant. No, it won't hurt the baby and yes, you are still smokin' hot and desirable! Oh, and there are even benefits to having orgasms while pregnant and you know that you want to do what's best while pregnant, so find out why you should go get you some.

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8 Métodos anticonceptivos antiguos que te harán llorar

Pregnancy PHOTOS

Mamás, siéntanse afortunadas de que no viven en otro siglo en donde los remedios caseros con animales y cosas extrañas era lo único que existía para prevenir embarazos. Las prácticas médicas antiguas dan miedo y parecen salidas de una película de horrores. En esta galería te vamos a mostrar los métodos anticonceptivos que se usaban antes y cuando los mires vas a reír, llorar y hasta vomitar.

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Pregnant woman was craving meat, so she shot a 600 pound beast​


No doubt pregnant women get some pretty intense cravings that feel like they must be satisfied. My entire first pregnancy was a constant search for the perfect slice of white cake. Weird, but a lot easier to come by than the craving 22-year-old Ashley Switzer of Homer, Alaska had on September 8, while eight and a half months pregnant. She was craving meat, but her freezer was empty and her husband was off on a fishing boat far away, so she decided to go get herself meat. Not just any meat either, moose meat. Oh and she didn't go to the grocery store to buy it either. Nope, she went hunting for it.

Wait until you see what she got!

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