Get your kids to quiet down without saying "shut up"


One thing I was never allowed to say while growing up is, "shut up." My mother considers "shut up" to be one of the ugliest phrases in the English language and I have to agree with her, it's rude and ugly. It has no kindness, finesse or grace to it. I did not grow up with a mother who told me to shut up and I, in turn, will not be telling my kids to shut up. Does that mean I don't at times want them to SHUT UP? Of course not, I'm human and they can be really loud for a ridiculously long time, so I find ways to get them to shut up without actually telling them to shut up because that would be rude. 

Feel free to use my methods to get your kids to quiet down as well.

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5 Vacaciones con niños que también dejan descansar a los papás


Seamos sinceras, las mejores vacaciones ante los ojos de la mayoría de los niños es ir a los parques de Disney, Universal y Sea World en Orlando, pero aunque nos encanta verlos disfrutar y hasta si nos gustan las atracciones, no es el plan ideal para que los grandes descansen. Todavía no conozco a un adulto que regrese de un viaje para niños y no necesite tomarse una vacación de la vacación.

Sin embargo, hay lugares maravillosos que funcionan para toda la familia. Me consta.

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Special Kids, Special Needs

10 Things you need to know about Asperger syndrome


The rumor that Argentinian soccer super star Lionel Messi has Asperger syndrome has been floating around for years. It started when his talent started to show in the Barcelona Fútbol Club. Many journalists went to his hometown in Rosario and discovered the story of a small boy --very short for his age-- who was known for being withdrawn. His classmates called him "El mudo" (The mute).

Further research revealed a quiet and reserved young man, with quirks and social differences. Then, Romario, the Brazilian player, tweeted: "Newton and Einstein also had a certain level of autism. I hope that like them, Messi surpasses himself every day and continues giving us his beautiful brand of football (soccer)."

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WATCH: This dad has amazing bun-making skills


Earl Hayes Raglin Jr. is a bun making genius. The Kentucky father has an adorbable 7-year-old daughter with gorgeous long hair. Now, as lovely as that little girl's hair is, any parent who has a child with long hair knows that it can be quite challenging to style it in something as seemingly simple as a bun. Well, that's not true for Earl Hayes Raglin Jr. because he has come up with something that he calls the "Daddy Rag technique" and it is brilliant! He puts his daughter's hair in a bun in the most unique way ever.

You've got to watch the video of him and his daughter in action below, it will make you smile and then of course you have to try it.

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SEE: Dad's awesome way of teaching daughter the alphabet will blow your mind!


Tommy Perez is a freelance graphic artist and also a dad to a beautiful little girl named Zoë. He found a pretty incredible way to combine his talents as a father and a graphic artist to teach his daughter the alphabet.

Basically, he takes the letters of the alphabet and then using foods that start with each letter, he forms the foods into the corresponding letter, he shares photographs of the letters on Instagram and you really MUST see them.

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Esto es lo mejor que puedes hacer por tu bebé y cuando crezca te lo agradecerá

"Simplemente, amamanto porque soy perezosa. No hay que preparar biberones, ni esterilizarlos, ni gastar dinero y la comida se traslada con nosotros. No hay que pensar si está muy caliente o muy fría. Está siempre a la temperatura ideal, y siempre disponible cuando no estás en casa", dijo Joanne Jackson, una madre que prefiere dar lactancia materna a su bebé en Houston, y según lo ha difundido 'BreastMilkcounts' un sitio gubernamental que estimula esta práctica en Texas.

A continuación unos consejos acerca de si se debes o no hacerlo en público, sin duda, un tema polémico según cada punto de vista. 

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Socialite returns adopted son after one night because his crying kept her up

Some people are just the absolute worst. Paris Hilton's friend and fellow socialite Monica Columbeanu adopted a toddler from a local orphanage, only to return him after just one night because he wouldn't stop crying. No me jodas. 

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WARNING: Medicine dosage guidelines could kill your baby!


Do you ever worry that you are not giving your child the right amount of medication when it is in a liquid form? It's actually really easy to make a mistake and many, many parents do it. A lot of the times it happens because parents aren't given a consistent unit of measurement. Sometimes you get a prescription that tells you to give a certain amount of milliliters and other times you are instructed to give a tablespoon or teaspoon of medication to your child. But it gets even more confusing than that when you are given one unit of measurement to use, but the little plastic measuring cups or droppers that come with the medicine use a different unit of measurement.

Check out the most common dosing mistakes that parents make and how you can avoid making them.

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SEE: 5 Outdoor games to keep your kids busy this summer

As mid-summer rolls around, you're probably starting to run out of ideas for keeping your kids busy and entertained each and every day during their school break. And I'm willing to bet you're already hearing cries of boredom. Instead of relinquishing them to the television, computer or video games for the next month, I say kick them outside. Of course we know that just sending them out the back door won't do much, so below you'll find video instructions for five fun outdoor activities and games to keep your kids active this summer.

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7 Tools that make it easy to teach your kids Spanish


Besides patience and commitment--two very important qualities to possess when raising a bilingual child--I like to recommend the following list of tools when teaching your kids Spanish.

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