15 Signs you're turning into your mami


I can't tell you the number of times I've had arguments with my mom and each time it turned out she was right. As annoying as that may be I have to admit that it has also molded me into the woman I am today (in a good way). In fact, the other day I found myself uttering words I never thought I would say.

That's when I realized I was becoming my mother!

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College preparedness

Los 9 pasos claves para que tu hijo estudie en la Universidad


Lograr que nuestro hijo fuera a la universidad fue todo un reto para mi familia, puesto que cuando ingresó al noveno grado, estábamos prácticamente recién llegados al país. Así que tuvimos que investigar, preguntar y leer mucho para enterarnos de cuanto había que hacer. Los estudios universitarios en este país son costosos, pero también hay muchas ayudas y becas para los estudiantes que quieren estudiar.

Nosotros comenzamos a motivar a nuestro hijo desde muy pequeño. Hoy es un aventajado estudiante del tercer año de arquitectura en una de las universidades más prestigiosas de Nueva York.

Si nosotros lo pudimos lograr, que no somos millonarios ni cosa por el estilo, cualquiera lo puede lograr también. Es cuestión de "enfocarse", pensar en positivo, y alentarlo, a cumplir los pasos, que lo conducirán al éxito académico.

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WATCH: This baby is saying "thank you," but it sure doesn't sound like that!


I can't tell you how many times my kids have said something, but mispronounced it in such a way that I thought they said something VERY different. I know this happens to all parents and some words really lend themselves to be mispronounced as four letter words by littles learning to talk. For example the word "fork." I'll tell you the story of my eldest daughter and the word fork in a second, but I have to tell you why that memory came to mind.

I haven't thought of that moment in a long time, but it came rushing back to me when I saw this hilarious video of a 1-year-old baby named Lloyd trying to say "thank you." It's awesome and you have to watch it.

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¡CUIDADO! Las tareas escolares pueden ser perjudiciales para nuestros hijos

Todas queremos que nuestros hijos rindan en la escuela, y pensamos que como buenos estudiantes, una de las cosas más importantes que deben asumir son sus tareas diarias. Si ves que tu niño pasa horas en casa frente a los libros y cuadernos, deberías estar... ¡preocupada! Así como lo oyes.

Un estudio reciente publicado por CNN En Español, revela que los pequeños podrían enfermarse irremediablemente, si se dejan afectar por el estrés causado debido al exceso de asignaciones escolares. 

Si supieras todos los padecimientos físicos y emocionales que esto le podría causar, seguramente preferirías que tu prole gaste más tiempo jugando o haciendo deportes, y menos tratando de convertirse en el cerebrito de la clase.

Sigue leyendo porque te conviene saber qué hacer al respecto.

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WATCH: Father & son dominate Jumbotron with their awesome dance moves


Can I tell you that I was in the worst mood? I mean grouchy does not even begin describe it. The kind of mood where every single thing was conspiring to piss me off even more. I was even pissing myself off. Then I came across this video of a father and son dominating the Jumbotron with their phenomenal choreographed dance routine during the NCAA Tournament Championship game and it put the happy back in me and not just because it features Pharrell's song "Happy" in it, although that song does tend to make me smile because my kids like it so much.

I'm telling you even my grouchy mood was no match for these two delightful dancers. They put a smile on my face just like they managed to plaster smiles across the faces of everyone in that stadium that got to see it go down live.

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Después de que leas esto, no dudarás un momento en VACUNAR a tus hijos

Me importa tres pepinos que haya mamás que crean que tienen el "derecho" de no vacunar a sus hijos contra enfermedades como la poliomielitis, sarampión, varicela, viruela, tétano, paperas, tosferina, influenza, difteria, neumococos o rotavirus. Para mí no vacunar a un niño es como manejar borracho: no sólo arriesgas la vida de la criatura, sino que pones en peligro la vida de terceros. Tan sencillo como eso.

Y si alguna vez has considerado no vacunar a tus hijos por nacer o nacidos, por las razones que sean, te invito a que sigas leyendo y veas lo que le ocurrió a esta bebecita.

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10 Ways that going from one kid to two kids changes your life


Let me tell you, I read a lot of books about having kids during my first pregnancy. I figured I wouldn't get much reading done once I had kids and I was right. A lot of the information that I got from the books was useless, to be frank, and I don't remember it, but there is one nugget of truth that has always stuck with me. I wish I could remember where I read it because I would like to thank the author. I can tell you what the bit of wisdom was though: It was that going from one kid to two kids is not twice as hard it's like exponentially harder. You have no idea until it happens, but when it does you are like, Son of a gun this is crazy harder than having one kid.

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5 Easter books in Spanish your bilingual kids will love


Easter is right around the corner and besides making cascarones with my bilingual kids, I also like to take the time to talk to them about what this celebration is all about. One of easiest ways to do this in a fun and understandable way is through children's books in Spanish--especially if you have little ones who are still too young to understand some more difficult concepts. 

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Special Kids, Special Needs

5 Mistakes that parents make out of love


I've been writing about parenting for almost 10 years now, and the more time that goes by, the more I'm convinced that all kids are special need kids, not only those who have a diagnose. Every day, our child needs our love and commitment as parents. The recipe is the same for all children, although we adapt it depending on their specific personalities and requirements.

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WATCH: Shocking don't text and drive ad will leave you shaking (GRAPHIC)


Did you know that April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month? It makes me sad that we even need a month to create awareness for why we shouldn't be distracted while driving, but we do. Thousands die each year because people continue to use their cellphones while driving. What I find truly astounding is that so many text while driving. I can barely manage to send an error free text when all I'm doing is texting. Adding driving and having people's lives on the line instead of just a typo seems so not worth it. Do we even need an explanation as to why this is a bad idea? Apparently we do because according to Distraction.gov, over 70 percent of teens and young adults have sent or read a text while driving.

A new ad has been created that is aimed at making teens and young adults and ALL of us realize how dangerous it is to text and drive. This PSA is shocking, upsetting and graphic.

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