Aislinn Derbez se cree la mamá de su hermanita Aitana ¡y tengo la foto!


Me parece una verdadera ternura. Aislinn Derbez aparece en una foto con su hermanita Aitana. La foto muestra como ambas hermanas duermen plácidamente juntas. Me parece una foto tiernísima donde si no supiéramos el parentesco apostaríamos que son mamá e hija. Aislinn ha demostrado desde el embarazo de Alessandra Rosaldo su aprobación a la llegada de su hermanita y ahora su compromiso para cuidarla sin reservas como hermana, lo que me hace pensar que a veces los roles se confunden. Pero bueno ¡te tengo la foto!

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Baby drinking cold water for the first time is EVERYTHING


Every single time I watch this 35 second video of Michael Chepul's baby boy drinking ice water for the first time my face breaks into a HUGE smile and my heart swells. The video reminds me of a lyric from the song "Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp. The line goes, "Oh yeah life goes on. Long after the thrill of living is gone." This gorgeous baby is nowhere near losing the thrill of living. It's all a magical marvelous wonderland full of exciting new experiences and the best part of it all is that a child's enthusiasm is contagious that's why us jaded grown ups need to be exposed to it. Am I right or am I so right? The only correct answer is that I am right and that's why I urge you to watch this video.

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Todo lo que puedes hacer con tus hijos en un día lluvioso de otoño


Cuando era niña, en los días de lluvia armábamos rompecabezas. Pasábamos horas clasificando piezas por colores. Armábamos el marco entre todos, mis hermanos, mi mamá y yo. Luego empezábamos a armar lo de adentro. También jugábamos juegos de mesa como el Monopolio o el Scrable. O construíamos algo con Legos. Y pasábamos un tiempo de calidad que se me hacía divertidísimo. Cuando crecí y aprendí a hacer galletas, entonces en los días lluviosos me aplicaba. Nada como algo rico horneándose mientras afuera hace frío y esta nublado. Ahora que tengo mis hijos, los días de lluvia, esos en los que no provoca salir, son perfectos para todo eso y también para jugar video juegos ¡que hasta yo pueda jugar! 

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Top 5 Tips for caring for kid's curls

I get so frustrated whenever I see moms neglecting their kid's curly hair. I especially see this happen a lot with straight-haired mamas. Listen, I'm not judging, I'm just saying it's frustrating to see. But I can understand how challenging it could be to care for your child's curly hair especially if you weren't born with rizos of your own. Believe me--I get it!

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Remedio natural para calmar los cólicos en bebés


No existe peor dolor para una madre que ver a su chiquitico sufrir por cólicos. Sin embargo, pocas saben que los cólicos en bebés son fáciles de tratar con remedios naturales que, prácticamente, viven en tu cocina. ¡Verás que sí funciona!

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WATCH: Airborne bouncy castle crashes down striking baby on the head

Children's fairs should be about fun and games, but sometimes they are a magnet for tragedies. Parents at a funfair in Shanghai, China watched in horror as their kids literally flew in the air as a very strong wind lifted a massive bouncy castle. The accident was caught on camera and it's terrifying! Thirteen children, including a newborn baby were severely injured and rushed to the hospital. Officials are now conducting an investigation because clearly the bouncy castle wasn't secured properly to the ground.

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Orgullo Latino

6 Cosas que me enseñó mi familia latina y nadie más


Si bien es difícil generalizar y decir que en cada familia latina existen tradiciones y valores específicos, el hecho es que sí hay algo que nos hace diferentes y es el valor que la familia tiene en la cultura. Aunque lo que yo aprendí de mi familia puede ser diferente de lo que tú aprendiste, puedo decir con toda seguridad que no lo hubiera aprendido en ningún otro lugar.

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Lista para el bebé

Eva Mendes's baby name finally revealed!

Go Spanish baby names! Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's daughter's name has been revealed and it pays homage to her Latina roots. The couple named their first born Esmeralda Amada, reports TMZ. What a beautiful and classic baby name, which means emerald in Spanish. Yes! This gives us even more reason to call Ryan his real nickname: Ryancito! I guess this makes him officially part Latino. 

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10 Cool jack-o-lanterns that don't require knives!


Can I be totally honest about pumpkin carving for a minute? I mean really and truly totally honest, okay? It kinda sucks and I prefer no-carve pumpkin decoration by far! Yup, I said it, pumpkin carving kind of sucks. Why? Because it's messy, you gotta stick your hand in there and get all the pumpkin guts out and yes, you can turn the guts into yummy pepitas and all, but I swear the pumpkin guts irritate my skin. Also, if you have young kids they have like zero knife skills! Really, you shouldn't even try carving pumpkins with your kids until they are old enough to carry a switchblade. I'm kidding! The switchblade thing is a joke, but the not carving pumpkins with kids who can't handle a knife is not.

If you have young kids I suggest you go the no-carve pumpkin decorating route and I've even got a pumpkin load of ideas and examples for you.

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Shakira & Pique fighting over Milan's future

What a beautiful family! Shakira's son Milan is practically a child prodigy. The Colombian singer's 1-year-old son attended his first day of school last month and already knows how to read in Spanish. If that is not a baby genius I don't know what is. Reportedly, Shakira and her partner Gerard Piqué have been discussing Milan's career future and it seems like his dad has already made up his mind for him. 

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