Pervy restaurant employee takes pictures of breastfeeding mom


You are NOT going to believe what happened to Jamie Gustafson of Texas while she was breastfeeding her 2-month-old baby in public at a restaurant in North San Antonio. No, she wasn't asked to leave, which is what seems to happen ridiculously often to women who are well within their rights to nurse. Nope, what happened to her was creepy and gross. Jamie Gustafson noticed a restaurant employee taking pictures of her while she nursed. What?! He didn't ask for permission, he wasn't trying to take the photo for some kind of pro-lactation campaign, he took the pictures on his cell phone surreptitiously and with no consent. That just comes off as creepy and pervy. Poor Gustafson didn't even know how to handle the situation, but thank goodness her sister was there with her and did something.

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Shakira: "My son keeps me focused on what's truly important"

Playtime is getting a remix! Shakira is launching a line of baby toys, which will be available in November (and just in time for the holidays). Shakira's Fisher-Price toy line will include six products including a piano gym and a musical soccer ball inspired by the father of her two children and pro-soccer player, Gerard Pique. How sweet is that! No wonder her son Milan already knows how to read in Spanish! She is raising a mini genius and now we can too… 

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La hija mayor de Jacqueline Bracamontes está súper celosa de su hermanita


Es súper común que con la llegada de un nuevo bebé a casa, el hermanito mayor se ponga celoso. Justo eso le pasa a la hija de Jacky Bracamontes, quien no ha aceptado del todo a su hermanita Carolina. Mini Jacky parece que muere de celos y como que no se adapta todavía a su rol de hermanita mayor. Jacky Bracamontes se lo está tomando con paciencia, pero  de acuerdo a lo que declaró a los medios se siente un poco frustrada.

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Cómo desinfectar los juguetes de tus hijos sin químicos

Una vez que tus niños comienzan a gatear y meterse todo a la boca, los problemas empiezan. Por suerte, desinfectar sus juguetes se hace fácil con remedios caseros y sin químicos que pueden ahorrarte muchos dolores de cabeza. ¡Te encantarán los resultados!

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10 Ways to swaddle your baby like a burrito

swaddled PHOTOS

This morning I wrote about something so horrifying that I immediately wanted to cleanse my being of it. What to do, what to do? Should I look at picture of cats or puppies on the internet? Then it came to me: #babyburritos! No, it's not because I'm hungry and craving a small burrito. It's because I knew that if I searched the internet for #babyburritos, I was bound to come up with some adorable photos of swaddled babies and boy did I ever. I came up with a motherload. Ha!

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Mom gets kicked out of pediatrician's office for breastfeeding!


Erin Peña is "furious and upset" by the way she was treated at University Medical Center in Texas and I'm furious and upset for her. Erin Peña was waiting to see Dr. Emily Fernandez with her 4-month-old son who was there for a regular appointment that included vaccines. The baby got hungry and Peña started to breastfeed. There were other women in the waiting room breastfeeding as well, but Peña was the only one who didn't cover up. Well, apparently the site of Peña breastfeeding without covering herself up was so appalling that people complained. A staff member asked Peña to cover up or go breastfeed in a private room, but Peña knows that according to Texas law, "A mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be" so she said no and then things really got ridiculous.

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Here's why your baby doesn't need a Facebook page

Parents who love oversharing are starting to create their own Facebook baby pages to garner all those "likes" and "shares" cute babies deserve. With the holidays coming up, our social media feeds will be drowning with cute baby photos. Many parents believe that having a designated page will allow them to filter who gets to see the adorable pics and avoids annoying younger single folks who aren't at that chapter in their lives yet. The idea may be as charming as the baby pictures parent's love posting, but there could be some serious repercussions to sharing your baby's business a little too much.  

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Toddler gets stuck in claw game & his grandma does the unthinkable

You can win all sorts of things from those claw game machines found in arcades and Laundromats, like teddy bears, watches, and, these days…kids? Well, apparently so. There's been a crazy uptick in children climbing into and getting stuck inside of those popular toy fishing games.

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6 Surprising ways it's better to grow up bilingual

Raising your children bilingual is one of the greatest decisions you can make as a parent. My parents did it with me and now I'm doing the same with my two kids. My reasons are a bit different than my parents', but in the end, it's all about the advantages of being bilingual, which are countless!

My daughter is 8 and she's finally starting to realize the power of bilingualism on her own--and nothing could make me happier! Check out a few of the advantages kids who grow up bilingual enjoy.

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Cómo planear una quinceañera ¡sin arruinar tu presupuesto!

Si creciste dentro de la cultura hispana, las quinceañeras van más allá de una simple fiesta. Y eso implica poner a la familia a planificar como locos, invitar a la mitad de tus vecinos y hacer una comelona que bien puede darle de comer a un ejército. Pero por suerte amiga, organizar la quinceañera de tu hija o tu nieta no tiene que ser complicado. Verás que Aleyso Bridger, autora de Tu Quinceañera, ¡te lo hace fácil!

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