ALL Dads should get to stay home with their newborn babies too


Paternity leave in pro sports has been making headlines. I'd never thought of it much before, but apparently to this day Major League Baseball is the only one of the four major professional leagues in North America to have a standardized paternity leave policy. The NFL, NBA and NHL leave it up to individual players and their teams to make the call and I'm sure the players feel all kinds of pressure NOT to take paternity leave and that's just wrong.

Sheesh ... even though baseball allows for a player to take three days paternity leave, New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy was criticized on sports radio for taking that amount of time to be with his wife and newborn son. I hope those people's tongues turn to chicharrones! How dare they criticize a father for taking three measly days off?! Don't worry, there was backlash.

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SEE: Dad's EPIC photobomb of daughter's prom picture is iconic!


Former college football coach Gene Chizik has become an internet sensation for photobombing a pre-prom picture of his daughter Landry and her 17-year-old prom date, Jerod Dickey. The teen couple were headed to the Auburn High School, in Alabama for the prom festivities and had some pictures snapped before the big event as is the custom. I'm sure all the pictures are lovely, but the most memorable one has got to be the one that Gene Chizik photobombed. It's one of those pictures that is worth TWO thousand words and lots of understanding groans from fellow fathers of teenage girls.

The picture was taken by Jerod's mother, Jeri Dickey, and with Chizik's permission tweeted to Phil Lutzenkirchen, a former football player who played on Chizik's national championship team. The caption reads, "@lutzenkirchen You think my son will come home from prom alive? #Chizz." The internets loved the picture! Ready to check it out?

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Christina Milian finally opens up on breakup & coparenting with The Dream

I always wondered how Christina Milian handled her break-up and raising her little girl with The Dream. Unlike Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, you hardly see them publicly together for family time. I can't blame her either! He publicly humiliated her and got caught cheating by paparazzi he was so careless--and all just months after Milian had given birth to their baby girl Violet who is now 4 years old.

But it looks like she's finally opened up about her struggles. It hasn't always been easy but this Latina mom is definitely doing much better now.

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Try this easy & fun Easter craft for your toddler

One day I absentmindedly grabbed a pack of a dozen plastic Easter eggs off the shelf at the grocery store even though I had no clue what I was going to do with them. We are actually going to be out of town during the holiday, so no Easter egg hunt happening here. I ultimately decided to pack three of those eggs each with a little treat in it to give to my son on Easter morning, but then I was still left with nine eggs. I know I can save them for next year, but honestly I'm more of a real dyed egg type of girl--I still don't know exactly why I bought them in the first place, but I'm glad I did. After going to storytime at the library and attending my son's weekly Spanish class, it dawned on me that I could make him his own little maracas, modeled after the egg shakers you always see in toddler classes. 

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WATCH: Little boy leaves girl in tears with his fly dance moves

Mamás of little boys come in close, I want to tell you something you really must do for your little boys to set them up for a life of romantic success. It is super important and guaranteed to work. Are you ready for this? Teach your boys to dance or encourage their already natural dance abilities because girls of all ages love boys who can dance and will flock to those boys, will fight over those boys, will be brought to tears by those boys as those boys happily dance through life and I have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You've got to watch this video of a little boy who isn't even into girls yet causing a scene between the ladies because of his dance moves.

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MIRA: Nació con 4 brazos y 4 piernas y su papá se culpa (FOTO GRÁFICA)

Muchos padres me han contado que lo primero que hicieron al conocer a su bebé recién nacido fue contar que tuviese 10 deditos en las manos y 10 en los pies. No me puedo imaginar lo que sintió un padre en la región china de Guangdong, cuando vio a su hijito con cuatro brazos y cuatro piernas. El hombre quedó devastado y comenzó a decir que era su culpa. ¡Así tendría la conciencia!

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Casi lo arrolla un tren por algo que todos los jóvenes están haciendo

Me asombra la cantidad de cosas ridículas que hace la gente --especialmente los adolescentes-- con las llamas fotos "selfies". Por supuesto yo me las he tomado y todas ustedes también. Y mientras sea una sana manera de divertirse, no hay ningún problema. Pero por favor, tampoco vamos a arriesgar la vida por un  "selfie"! No repitan lo que ha hecho este joven Jared Michael quien quiso tomar su "selfie" en el momento justo cuando el tren pasaba por detrás de él. Pero se llevó el susto de su vida…

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6 myths about fatherhood, debunked!

Most men and women have a certain idea of what it's like to a good father. But the truth is, adapting to parenthood is different for everyone and there's no one on right way to do so. Unfortunately, there are tons of misconceptions out there about how guys adjust to having babies. Check out a few myths about men and fatherhood you need to know below: 

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Nebraska school gives students TERRIBLE advice on how to deal with bullies


My jaw hit the ground after reading a list of 9 "rules"on how to deal with bullying that was sent home with fifth grade students from Zeman Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska. The "rules" are so absurdly inappropriate they have sparked outrage among parents and gone viral, much to the chagrin of the school I'm sure.

What makes the "rules" so awful is that they read more like a how to be the perfect victim and enable bullies to get away with their abuse tip list than anything else. I have a feeling you are going to be as shocked by them as I was. Hold on to your jaw because it is about to hit the floor.

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College preparedness

6 easy steps to get your lazy teen interested in college!

Tackling the topic of college is undoubtedly a huge task for parents of this generation. So many teenagers have watched older siblings and relatives and even friends, spend lots of time and money earning a degree only to remain un- or under-employed for months and sometimes even years, that getting into, attending and graduating college may seem like a fruitless endeavor. The thing is, no matter where you end up career-wise, college is a hugely beneficial experience for young adults. Not only does it help ease teenagers into adulthood, but the continued education expands their knowledge and helps them to become more worldly and well-rounded individuals and it's the perfect time for discovering your true self. So how do you get all of this across to kids that just want to take the easy way out? Read on for our best advice.

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