Yup, your kid is fat & you can't even see it!


You know how they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, apparently so is fat and we all know that love is blind, so I guess that's why so many parents can't see that their kids are fat, but they are. A recent study published by Pediatrics found that parents nowadays are more likely to see their overweight kids as being "healthy" than parents in the previous decade. Now, before you go dismissing this as some boring study findings, if you are a parent this stuff matters because pediatric obesity can lead to a host of health issues and if you can't even figure out that your kid is fat then you most likely aren't going to swap out bad habits and instill good habits simply because you don't SEE the need to.

So how is it that parents aren't noticing that their kids are fat and what can we do about it?

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WATCH: Dad catches daughter taking selfies & it's HILARIOUS


Major kudos to a daddy that caught his daughter mid-selfie session and recorded it so we could all laugh at how ridiculous a teenager looks taking selfies. It all went down in the car while Rod Beckham was playing chauffeur to his daughter. He caught a glimpse of some kind of shenanigans going on in the back seat via his rear view mirror and when he realized that his daughter was conducting her very own extended selfie photo shoot, he laughed and watched for a bit and then realized he absolutely had to catch this on video because it's FREAKIN' hilarous.

I'm thinking you will get a serious kick out of the video below.

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6 Ways to cope with a crier on his first day of school

Some children (and parents) have a very difficult time being separated from their parents when it's time to start school, whether it's their first time ever attending, or they've gotten a little too used to being at home with their families during the summer. This can mean tears and meltdowns come the first day of school, which is undoubtedly stressful on everyone. It can probaly seem like a hopeless and awful situation to be in, but if you know that your child is introverted, shy or perhaps just very attached, you can prepare for the situation to try and make it go as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

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MIRA: Esta bebé vivió una de las despedidas más tristes de su vida


Es difícil entender el dolor de un niño en medio de su inocencia –y esta pequeñita de apenas 17 meses fue un claro ejemplo de ello-. En medio de un emotivo homenaje, Cora se despidió de uno de sus más preciados tesoros… ¡y vas a quedar con lágrimas en los ojos cuando sepas de qué se trata!

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Mom rejects disabled twin from surrogate, calls her "dribbling cabbage"

What would you do if you were having twins and you found out that one was severely disabled? Would you abort? What if you didn't find out until you gave birth? Would you abandon the baby at the hospital? Is that even legal? Well, that's what one couple in Britain did. They abandoned their disabled baby girl because according to the mom, "She'd be a f****** dribbling cabbage! Who would want to adopt her? No one would want to adopt a disabled child!"

Are you pissed? Me, too! 

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10 Times in life you'll wish you were your mom


At some point, I think most women realize that as much as we may have tried to avoid it we are turning into our moms. The good news is that we start not minding it all that much and even embracing it. There are even times in our lives when we actually wish we could morph into our mami at least for a particular instance where we know she would have the situation covered so much better than we feel capable of doing. You know what I mean?

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Baby needs CPR every single night & there's nothing her parents can do about it

If you thought your sleepless nights as a new mom were bad, can you imagine having to give CPR to your baby 20 times a night? This is a true story! Eight-month-old Phyllisity Ramm suffers from obstructive sleep apnea, which causes her to stop breathing within seconds. Her parents Kylie and Michael Ramm, from the English town of Dereham, have to perform CPR on the toddler every single time she stops breathing. She literally turns blue about 20 times a night due to a lack of air supply.

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5 Ideas for building your own indoor camping tents


If you want to help your kids keep boredom at bay and get their creative juices flowing during rainy summer days, setting up an indoor tent provides opportunity for hours and hours of imaginative fun, family bonding and relaxation. There are so many ways you can do this--homemade or not, theme or no theme, individual or group, etc.

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Parents turn teen daughter in to the police for sexting older boys


Terrified parents freaked out after they discovered nude photos and mature content of their 13-year-old daughter on her phone and tablet. The parents were so alarmed that they turned their adolescent daughter and her devices in to the Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office in Virginia. The sexting exchanges on her phone were too risqué for her age and her parents were afraid for their daughter since they found text messages from high school seniors asking her for sex.

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5 Trucos para que ÉL se involucre más en las actividades escolares de tus hijos


Está comprobado que cuando las mamás  y los papás nos involucramos en las actividades escolares de nuestros hijos, el resultado suele ser mejores notas, más asistencia a la escuela, mejor autoestima, una más alta taza de graduación, menos drogas y alcohol y menos comportamiento violencia. Sabiendo esto, no me queda sino recalcar cuán importante es que participemos de esas actividades. ¿Pero cómo hacemos para involucrar a nuestros maridos y esposos?

Ellos trabajan todo el día en la calle, a diferencia de muchas de nosotras que nos quedamos en casa (trabajando como camellas, pero en casa) o que incluso hemos logrado trabajar para ganar dinero desde la casa (o sea, que trabajamos por partida doble porque además de los quehaceres de la casa, trabajamos por una paga). ¿No te parece justo que los hombres también se hagan cargo de los hijos y de lo que tiene que ver con su educación?

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