7 Things you thought you'd never need until you became a parent


It's funny when you hear non-parents talking about stuff they will never do when they become parents. For the most part you bite your tongue and smile politely all the while thinking: Yeah, right! You have no idea what you are talking about or what you are in for, but go on and mock those of us who are in the parenting trenches because you will get yours!

I mean, it's normal, we all thought that way before becoming parents. We were all way too cool and way to hip to turn into stereotypical parents. We all swore there were certain parenting pitfalls we would never fall into ... hahahaha! Live and learn.

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Little girl almost dies on flight because jerk passenger couldn't wait to eat nuts


Fae Platten is 4 years old and has a severe nut allergy. On August 5, she was flying with her family to London, headed home from a family holiday in Spain. Fae's mom, 30-year-old Katy Platten, had let Ryanair staff know that Fae's allergy is so severe that she has a reaction from just being in the same room as an open container of nuts. Not only were nuts NOT sold on the plane, three announcements were made letting passengers know NOT to open any nuts onboard the plane. And yet, 20 minutes into the flight a man from Zimbabwe traveling with his family went ahead and opened a bag of nuts even after another passenger protested.

This man and his bag of nuts were four rows away from Fae. That was not far away enough to protect Fae. Katy says, "She started scratching her cheeks so I took her to the front and said, 'I think somebody has opened nuts.' " Fae's allergic reaction got so bad that she stopped breathing!

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Special Kids, Special Needs

This diet may be miraculous for any child with special needs


The theory that the GFCF diet (gluten-free and caseine-free) is beneficial for the children with developmental difficulties has been around for a while. There have been several studies to confirm scientifically the anecdotal reports of parents who swear by it. However, there have not been conclusive results. In my experience, that is no reason to stay away from it and not try it.

Although we are not a 100 percent strict, in my family we try to avoid the foods that have both of these proteins and I can tell that my kid's behavior improves and both my husband and I feel much better when we do it.

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WATCH: Baby reacting to lion will have you roaring with laughter!


Do you remember the first time you heard a lion roar? I don't, but it must have been something right? I mean it's not like you hear a lion roar all that often. Unless you were raised by a pack of lions or grew up in the savannah grasslands, which I'm going to go ahead and assume isn't true for most of us.

I'm thinking of this because I just got done watching an adorable baby listen to a lion roar for the first time and it is fantastic. You've got to see it below!

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Mom arrested for cursing in front of her kids


Attention, all potty-mouthed parents! It seems that now, peppering your speech with some choice expletives could land you a cozy spot in jail. Danielle Wolf, a mother from South Carolina, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after dropping the F-bomb while grocery shopping with her kids and husband in a local supermarket. Apparently, Wolf was scolding her kids for squishing the bread and, in annoyance, let the cuss word slip out. A fellow shopper, who clearly was easily shocked, overheard Wolf and took it upon herself to report the mother to  the North Augusta Department of Public Safety. Officers showed up shortly thereafter and handcuffed Wolf, informing her that she was under arrest for disorderly conduct. The squishy bread was clearly no longer a concern as Wolf found herself doing the perp walk in front of her husband and kids.

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5 Global parenting trends that will never catch on in the U.S.


I've been reading about some super fascinating parenting trends from around the world and although I am fairly certain that they will not catch on in the U.S. that doesn't stop me from wishing they would. I mean some of them seem to make parenting a whole lot easier on the parent and what parent doesn't want that?

Don't believe me, read on!

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Famosa periodista asegura que su hijo de 7 años puede quedarse solo en casa

Esta madre de tres, llamada Lizzie Heiselt, asegura que su hijo de 7 años, está preparado para quedarse solo en casa, e incluso realizar algunas tareas domésticas cerca de su vecindario en Brooklyn. El tema es polémico y por demás muy interesante, puesto que lo principal aquí en Estados Unidos es el respeto a las leyes. ¿Cuál es la edad ideal para enseñar responsabilidades al niño? Sigue leyendo y verás…

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5 Free apps to help your kids speak Spanish


Although I've written about some great apps out there to help your kids learn Spanish, today I just want to concentrate on those that are completely free. Seems like every time I check on iTunes there's at least a couple new ones. The thing about apps is that it's so normal for kids to use them that they won't even realize they're actually learning Spanish along the way!

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30 Things that change the instant you become a mom


You were anxiously excited for nine months and now the baby is finally here! You knew that everything was going to change the moment you brought that bundle of joy home, but you didn't know to what extent. Suddenly your house looks like it was ambushed and for the first time in your life, you don't care. Let's be honest, kids change everything because they change us. We become different human beings the moment we become mothers. We asked our editors and writers about how our lives changed the moment we held that tiny body in our arms. See how many you identify with too!

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Abuela's Facebook pics of baby in roasting pan spark outrage


Ohio Grandma Jackie Sheaks with an odd sense of humor got herself into a bit of hot water recently when she posted some compromising photos of her infant granddaughter to Facebook. Cool your jets the baby was fully clothed. There were no babies donning lingerie or nude photos. Yet, these photos were disturbing.

The Ohio woman photographed her baby granddaughter with duct tape on her face and lying in a roasting pan surrounded by potatoes. So I'm not sure if this abuelita is the old witch from Hansel and Gretel or if she was just trying to convey, quite literally, that the baby was cute enough to eat. Anyways, she shared them on Facebook and instead of her friends and family being amused they were, quite frankly, flabbergasted--as they should be.

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