Parents enraged by penis-shaped candies sold to kids


My kids love gummy candies: gummy bears, gummy bunnies, gummy fruit, gummy whatever. I've been able to find some healthy-ish versions, so I let them indulge fairly regularly and I don't really care what shape the gummies are, but I would never intentionally buy them penis-shaped gummies because seeing my kids chompin' on a floppy penis is not my idea of a fun family moment. However, I'm a total hypocrite and laughing hysterically because that's exactly what happened to parents in New Zealand when shops in the lower South Island were stocked with 7,200 bags of mixed gummy candies called Dragon Sweets from China that included candy phalluses. Wow, that's a whole lot of candy penises, no? 

So who is responsible for all these sweet ding-a-lings being sold to children? Someone who apparently doesn't know dick about what's appropriate ... sorry, couldn't help myself. The whole thing was actually just a big mistake with no malintent.

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Facebook rejects picture of sick baby & the reason will make you angry!


Hudson Bond was born with a serious heart condition called cardiomyopathy which requires a heart transplant. That's not the kind of news any parent wants to hear a week after their son was born, so when dad Kevin heard, he created a Facebook page to seek a donor and raise funds for the surgery. He uploaded a picture of baby Hudson hooked into a respirator and fighting for his life. The picture was meant to document the baby's condition but Facebook thought otherwise. They didn't approve it because it was too graphic and negative. What?!

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13 Consejos para motivar a tus hijos a involucrarse en el deporte


Creo que todas hemos oído una y otra vez lo importante que es el deporte para los niños: crea y fomenta valores y es benéfico para su salud. Pero seamos sinceras, incentivarlos para que hagan ejercicio o se involucren en alguna práctica deportiva no siempre es fácil; y muchos de ellos prefieren pasar el tiempo sentados frente a la TV, jugando videojuegos, o conectados a esa 'nueva extensión de su cuerpo': el teléfono celular.

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7 Reasons why you can NEVER reveal you have a favorite child​


There is the way that things should be and then there is the way that things really are. For example if you have more than one child, then you should feel the same way about all of your children and love and like them all equally, but in reality as much as you deny it, you do have a favorite child even if it is only on occasion. Why? Because you are human and so are your kids. It's normal to have an affinity for one child. I get it. It could be a personality thing, a behavior thing, a you are a human being and flawed kinda thing. You might also have a different favorite child depending on the situation. I joke that my favorite child is whichever one is behaving the best at any given moment and it's kind of true.

So fine, go on and notice that you have a favorite and then do everything within your power to check your preference. And never ever reveal which child is your favorite. Take that secret to the grave with you.

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5 Cute cartoons to teach your kids Spanish


If you're raising bilingual kids, cartoons are a fun way to expose them to Spanish. Since I don't let my kids watch a lot of TV, I am very selective about the programming I do give them permission to watch. One big rule I've enforced, especially when they were younger, is that whatever they watch must be in Spanish. Here are five cartoons that are perfect for your little ones to learn more Spanish while having fun.

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Remedio NATURAL para las quemaduras de pañales


Ver sufrir a mi bebé por culpa de la horrible dermatitis de pañal ha sido una de las experiencias más dolorosas. ¡Me sentía la peor madre! Y es que por más que tengas un cuidado extremo, la colita de un niño es bastante delicado. Por suerte remediar las rozaduras es pan comido con un par de ingredientes naturales que seguro tienes en tu cocina.  

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Frases que mejorarán la relación con tus hijos mientras fortaleces su autoestima


Una de las tareas más difíciles de los padres de familia es saber balancear las emociones de nuestros hijos. No solamente por las experiencias propias que viven, sino también por lo que nosotros les hacemos sentir con nuestras acciones, nuestras palabras y nuestras muestras de cariño, muchas o pocas. Sabemos que los más pequeñitos son esponjas vivientes que van por la vida imitando y nuestros adolescentes son una bomba hormonal. Nosotros tenemos que tener mucho cuidado con lo que sale de nuestra boca porque les llega directito al corazón y hecha raíz en sus cabecitas.

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The reason why some babies cry for longer will shock you!

Dealing with a distressed baby is never easy, but new research suggests that the source of a crying newborn may all start with the mother's mood. A new study finds that anxious or stressed out moms are more likely to have babies who cry for longer periods. The journal Archives of Disease in Childhood examined over 300 women who were in the early stages of pregnancy until their baby reached 16 months old. Out of the women interviewed, 20 percent reported excessive crying from their little ones following birth. Once these stats were analyzed, it was discovered that babies who had a mom that suffered from anxiety or stress experienced longer crying spells. 

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5 Great ideas to keep your kid's lunches yummy & healthy!

A lot of parents -- especially those who've seen the horrid state of so many cafeteria lunches or those who have picky children -- start off the brown bag lunches with a bang. But, as the weeks pass by and preparing lunches becomes more of a chore and you start to notice that your child is rejecting some of the items you've lovingly chosen and prepared, it can be easy to lose steam.

Here are some tips to help you keep your kids' school lunches inspired, healthy and fun, all year long.

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What if your kid is not getting bullied, do you still tell the teacher?

There is a child in my daughter's class who is...well, I am not going to name-call a child, but let's just say that he is a handful. This is an impression that I formed all on my own in about two minutes the first time I noticed him (he makes himself noticeable) and has since been reinforced.

Let me be clear, there is nothing WRONG with the child. He is as adorable as any 5-year-old, obviously smart, well-groomed, and precocious. The reason I'm telling you about him is that he makes my daughter uncomfortable. She talks about him ALL the time and it is always tinged with nerves and what seems like fear. Again, let me be clear, he is NOT bullying her. He is just unabashedly and unapologetically himself and learning to navigate boundaries.

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