We can tell you how to get to Sesame Street!


Ever since we were kids, we've been asking for directions to Sesame Street, but never actually stopped to consider where is this famous spot? The show's producers have dropped hints and recognizable scenes in its settings, but they've never come out and said where the curious can go for a stroll down Sesame Street. While clues gathered from watching the show place the fictional neighborhood in New York City, the Huffington Post has a gathered a few of the likely locations for this muppet wonderland.

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Hábitos Saludables

Alternativas divertidas para alejar a los niños de los videojuegos

La escena es la misma y se repite día tras día: sentados frente al televisor miles de niños y jóvenes consumen su tiempo en los mundos de fantasía de los videojuegos, mientras sus padres se preguntan qué hacer para 'despegarlos de la pantalla'.

Si este es tu caso, quiero compartir contigo tres ideas que podrían ayudarte a lograrlo. La consigna es divertirse y compartir tiempo en familia. ¡Espero que te gusten!

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Why you should STOP getting angry in front of your kids​


I've been a bad mami lately: stressed and angry,  and I feel terribly guilty about it especially after watching this video below of an experiment from a team at the University of Washington that in my opinion shows that toddlers know way more than we give them credit for. I didn't really need the video to show me this because my 3-year-old already showed me, but it is a good reinforcement of the lesson my toddler is trying to teach me.

I'm going to tell you how I've been bad even though I'm ashamed because I know I'm not alone and I hope this reminds us all to keep our stress and anger in check in front of our children.

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5 Reglas de oro para ayudar a tu bebé a formar sus hábitos de comida y sueño

Recuerdo que mi bebé dormía casi todo el día durante sus primeros 3 meses. Solo se despertaba para comer, comía, seguía durmiendo. Cuando el bebé está recién nacido tiene una enorme necesidad de sueño. No es tan difícil conocer sus necesidades: comer y dormir, básicamente. La mayoría de los especialistas coincide en que el niño está listo para 'aprender' algunos hábitos de sueño y alimentación entre el segundo y cuarto mes. Y nosotras las madres, debemos ayudarlos a 'formarse' esos hábitos, que son tan importantes, tanto para el niño, como para su familia. Te daré unos importantes pasos a seguir.  

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Different parenting styles and their impact on our children


There have been many studies on parenting styles and their impact on children.  In the 60s, psychologist Diana Baumrind conducted a study that identified two important parenting factors:  "demandingness" and "responsiveness."  Based on these two aspects, Baumrind came up with three parental styles: authoritarian, permissive (or indulgent) and authoritative. Latinas like me tend to be raised by authoritarian parents while gringas are more likely to be raised by permissive parents.  According to most studies, both extremes have negative effects on children.

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Mom brings her baby on trial, proves working moms can't catch a break


Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle is a lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia who wore her 4-week-old baby to court.  Ehrisman-Mickle strapped the baby to her chest because she had no other choice and she got scolded for it by immigration Judge J. Dan Pelletier Sr., who really should feel ashamed of himself because it's his fault that Ehrisman-Mickle had to take the baby to court with her in the first place. It's official, I really don't like him! Let's see what you think.

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Kim Kardashian proves North looks EXACTLY like her with throwback picture

Ever noticed how much North West resembles her mama? If you haven't, then you certainly will now after checking out this side-by-side Kim Kardashian posted to Instagram this week. No, I'm not referring to the picture featured here. The split shot shows a current picture of North with a throw back snap of Kim when she was baby. The two share such a striking resemblance you'd think Kim made Nori all by herself. Talk about strong Kardashian genes!

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10 Babies in pumpkins that will make you squeal


How you doin' today? You okay? Could you use a little something to make you smile? 'Cause I've got just the thing for you: babies in pumpkins. How did I not know this was a thing when my babies were babies? If I had known you'd better believe I would have shoved those cuties in pumpkins and happily snapped pictures of them because I don't think I've ever seen carved pumpkins look better than when they are filled with babies.

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Mom says she loves her dog more than her own son!​


Kelly Rose Bradford insists that she loves her 4-year-old West Highland terrier Matilda more than she does her 11-year-old son William. In fact, she wrote a lengthy and heartfelt editorial--which reads like a love note to her canine companion--for the Daily Mail on the nurturing instincts Matilda inspires in her, how the dog's love is unconditional and her loyalty undying. At first, I questioned whether Bradford's first-person testimonial was strategically designed to create outrage among readers, leading to more online shares of the controversial article, which would, in turn, boost her journalistic profile. So I decided to do some research of my own and, as it turns out, her Twitter feed is brimming with photos of shaggy-haired Matilda while images of William are a rare find. My conclusion: this lady is nuttier than a Payday bar.

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Aislinn Derbez se cree la mamá de su hermanita Aitana ¡y tengo la foto!


Me parece una verdadera ternura. Aislinn Derbez aparece en una foto con su hermanita Aitana. La foto muestra como ambas hermanas duermen plácidamente juntas. Me parece una foto tiernísima donde si no supiéramos el parentesco apostaríamos que son mamá e hija. Aislinn ha demostrado desde el embarazo de Alessandra Rosaldo su aprobación a la llegada de su hermanita y ahora su compromiso para cuidarla sin reservas como hermana, lo que me hace pensar que a veces los roles se confunden. Pero bueno ¡te tengo la foto!

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