MIRA: Satcha Pretto comparte las fotos más bellas de su bebé

¡Dios mío qué dulzura! Bruce Aaron, el bebé recién nacido de Satcha Pretto y Aaron Butler luce como todo un hombrecito y a sus escasos días de nacido, lo vemos en las más tiernas escenas junto a su popular mamá.

En los brazos de su hermosa progenitora o solito en su cuna ¡está como para comérselo a besos y amapuches! Te digo que la conductora de Despierta América (Univisión) se encuentra más que encantada con este regalo que la vida le dio y ahora que es una realidad, quiso compartir las primeras fotos del mini galán desde su hogar.

¡Te vas a derretir con lo que verás!

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Mom ALERT: Deadly teen trends you MUST know about

Dangerous PHOTOS

Mamás, I've come across two horrifying teen trends that we must all advise our kids to steer clear of: the fire challenge and the choking game. I am not exaggerating when I say that either of these ridiculous trends could end in death. In the fire challenge trend, participants basically set themselves on fire. Yeah, it's a thing! And in the choking game--or fainting game as it is sometimes called--the point is to cut off oxygen to the brain, which results in the person passing out, it's freakin' crazy and beyond dangerous.

Of course I have examples of both these trends to show you because as parents we need to know what is going on out there in order to teach our kids that some things are not fun or funny, they are nonsense and could lead to death.

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Dad punches out guy ogling his teen daughter


Parents of daughters, there comes a time in all of our lives when our little girls go from being our sweet and innocent little girls covered from head to toe in pink to the object of some perverts ogling. None of us like it but what can we do about it? Well, one dad in a WaWa in Pennsylvania took a stand and metaphorically said, "NO MORE!"

The gentleman walked into the WaWa with his daughter and noticed another customer ogling his baby girl (because we all know that no matter how old they get, they are always our baby girls) and what came next was what I can only imagine must have been one of the purest, unfiltered daddy bear parenting moment that no one saw coming...

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El deporte es una práctica para promover la identidad cultural

Creo que estamos de acuerdo en que la práctica deportiva es importante para los chicos, por dos razones principales: promueve la salud y, dirigida de la manera adecuada, fomenta el aprendizaje de valores. Sin duda alguna, motivos suficientes para querer que niños y jóvenes se involucren en los deportes.

Sin embargo, hay otra razón que puede ser muy importante para quienes deseamos que nuestros hijos, además de ejercitarse, sigan en contacto con sus raíces latinas. Se trata del hecho de que el deporte puede ser una herramienta que ayuda a fomentar los valores culturales.

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Lista para el bebé

WATCH: Preemie's first 80 days will make you believe in miracles


Mamás, grab a handful of tissues. I want each and every one of you to sit yourself down and get ready to cry while watching one of the most beautiful videos you will ever see. The video features a miracle baby by the name of Walker Pruett who was born prematurely weighing only 1 pound and 3 ounces on April 25.

Please, listen to me and watch, it is a labor of love and profoundly touching. We see so many things that make us forget how wonderful and miraculous life is and this is the antidote to all of that, I promise.

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6 Reglas de oro para saber cuándo comenzar a darle papillas a tu bebé

Ser madre es una aventura maravillosa. Así como el niño aprende cada día algo en su desarrollo, como madres también aprendemos cada día. Su alimentación también es un aprendizaje para el bebé y para la madre. Y cuando llegan los 5 ó 6 meses del niño debemos ir pensando en darle sus ricas papillas. Será una nueva experiencia para él o ella, y es posible que al principio las rechace, pero la paciencia será tu mejor aliada en esta etapa y debes cultivarla. Te contaré más sobre esta importante etapa.  

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Something ALL our kids do with their cell phones could kill them


Ariel Tolfee is a 13-year-old from Texas. Like almost everyone and their abuela, when she goes to bed her cell phone is not far from her. Recently, she put her cell phone under her pillow and proceeded to fall asleep. At some point during the night she woke up because she could smell that something was burning. She says, "I didn't think much of it, so I went back to sleep and then I woke up again and it was more prominent." When she woke the second time, she realized her cell phone had actually started a small fire.

You've got to see what the phone, her pillow and her bed ended up looking like.

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Unemployed mom spoils toddler daughters with spray tans & mani-pedis


One of my pet peeves is when parents allow their kids to behave older than they are. It's bad enough that they want to grow up so quickly and their parents encouraging it doesn't help at all. That's why when I heard about Sophie-May Dixon and her ridiculous parenting skills I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

The 22-year-old single mom is unemployed, but makes sure that her daughters, 2-year-old Precious Bell and 4-year-old Princess Bliss are always decked out in designer clothes, have fresh mani-pedis and spray tans. SPRAY TANS! Does this sound bizarre to anyone else?!

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Sigue estos pasos para evitar que tu hijo muerda a otros niños

¡Qué enfadada estaba ese día que llegué a recoger a mi hijo y la maestra me dijo que otro niño lo había mordido! ¡Le había dejado los dientes marcados! La maestra no me dijo quién fue, pero mi hijo sí, y recuerdo que cuando lo vi, le puse unos ojos que hasta el pobre niño se asustó. Todo quedó ahí hasta que fue mi hijo el que mordió, entonces entendí que había que hacer algo al respecto porque, como yo, los padres del otro niño no iban a estar nada contentos.

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WATCH: Chilling footage of SUV as it almost crashes into mom & baby stroller!

As moms, we'd do anything--ANYTHING--to protect our kids, right? I know I'd put my hand in the fire and put my life at risk to protect my babies. But sometimes, protecting them is out of our control, like when horrible accidents happen or incidents that we can't see coming. This is what happened to one San Francisco mom and her baby who were caught on video narrowly escaping death. The footage of this mom's quick actions are nothing short of amazing. You HAVE TO see the video after the break.

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