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8 Things babies born in 2015 will never know


Life will sure be a breeze for babies born in 2015. Well, I can't guarantee that, but it will definitely be easier due to technology and cultural shifts. There will be a ton of adventures from our childhood that they will never come close to experiencing. We are reminiscing on some of the less obvious ones they may have a hard time imagining. 

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Unemployed mom spoils toddler daughters with spray tans & mani-pedis


One of my pet peeves is when parents allow their kids to behave older than they are. It's bad enough that they want to grow up so quickly and their parents encouraging it doesn't help at all. That's why when I heard about Sophie-May Dixon and her ridiculous parenting skills I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

The 22-year-old single mom is unemployed, but makes sure that her daughters, 2-year-old Precious Bell and 4-year-old Princess Bliss are always decked out in designer clothes, have fresh mani-pedis and spray tans. SPRAY TANS! Does this sound bizarre to anyone else?!

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15 Signs you're turning into your mami


I can't tell you the number of times I've had arguments with my mom and each time it turned out she was right. As annoying as that may be I have to admit that it has also molded me into the woman I am today (in a good way). In fact, the other day I found myself uttering words I never thought I would say.

That's when I realized I was becoming my mother!

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The 5 craziest things people have said to me now that I'm a mom

I realize that for some moms, the glaring judgements and unsolicited advice starts before the baby is even born, but I honestly never had to deal with any of that when I was pregnant. However, in the year since my son's birth people--both strangers and good friends (don't worry I'm not holding it against you)--have said some pretty crazy things to me.

I'm not one to care much about people's opinions about my choices, so it generally doesn't bother me, but sometimes I can't help but throw out a side-eye. I mean, would anyone have dared criticize where I choose to live before my son was born? I think not. Here are five of the most ridiculous things people have said to me since I became a mom:

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I had a baby in my 20s & you should too!

By the time I was 26, my husband and I had already been married five years, the last two of which he had often expressed his readiness to start a family. Being a couple of years younger and a bit more practical, I thought we should wait. I wasn't quite ready emotionally, and I definitely didn't think we were ready financially. But shortly before I hit that 26th birthday, baby fever hit hard.

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4 Ways becoming a mom has changed me

I'd really like to be able to think of myself as a young, hip mamá. Though in saying that I feel kind of not young and not hip. Nevertheless, I'd probably get a decent ranking on the cool scale. But, looking back to the me of two or three years ago, a lot has changed. Four major--albeit shallow--things come to mind.

Here's how my little guy has changed me:

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Moms in Spain strip for erotic calendar to raise money for new school bus

When my son was born I realized that what they said was true: As a mom--and a super protective mamá Latina at that--I would probably do ANYTHING for my little guy. But these moms in Spain took this "anything" to a whole other level when they posed nude in order to raise money to get their kids' school a new bus.

Now is that dedication or what?

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¡Oye! con Johanna Torres: Rompiendo tabúes (VIDEO EXCLUSIVO)

¿Por qué será que los latinos tenemos tantos temas tabúes entre nosotros mismos --desde hablar sobre la homosexualidad en nuestras familias hasta las relaciones sexuales antes del matrimonio--? No querer abordar temas tan importantes como estos, puede afectar a nuestras familias en muchos niveles y dar como resultado, que nuestros hijos nunca conozcan algunas verdades y realidades. Como comenta nuestra editora Johanna Torres, a veces como madres tenemos que forzarnos a discutir temas difíciles "para que las cosas no se queden tan estáticas".  Hablamos abiertamente sobre todo esto y más en este capítulo de ¡Oye!

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Bristol Palin demonstrates why you always need to watch what you say in front of your kids (VIDEO)

I hate to admit it, but I have a foul mouth and it's something I've really had to work on, the older my kids get. I only speak to my children in Spanish, but my bad words come out in English, Spanish or Spanglish. But because deep down inside I know none of it is right and I hate telling them not to do something and then turn around and do just that, I've cleaned up my act A LOT. These days, when they're around and I feel a bad word creeping up, I'll make sure to change into gibberish--a nonesense word that means nothing and usually makes them laugh if they're listening.  

So I was mortified when I watched a clip from Bristol Palin's--Sarah Palin's infamous daughter--reality show Life's a Tripp in which her son, Tripp, allegedly calls her aunt a "faggot."

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¡Oye! with Johanna Torres: Career First, Motherhood Later? (VIDEO)

Motherhood does appear to be inching later in life for more and more women these days. And there are many personal reasons for this choice. For some though, it's the opposite as they're worried about becoming late mothers and its possible consequences. What was/is your choice? That and more in this episode of ¡Oye!

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