10 Baby gadgets that will save your life


From helping your baby sleep better to tracking their every moment, baby gadgets are an essential part of raising a new generation of tech-savvy little ones. Doing things the old school way is nice, but who really wants to suck boogies without any assistance? Parenting is hard enough. Why not take a little help where you can? The future is here, mamis. 

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10 Ways to get rid of kids' old toys


When you have small children the oddest thing happens, their toys start to take over your home. It's like they multiply every time you turn your back. It becomes necessary to find ways to get rid of old toys or there might not be any room left for the actual people in the home. You will find yourself threatening to throw away anything that isn't put away and if you are like me you might actually follow through only to find yourself digging the toy out of the garbage when your kid starts crying or the guilt of throwing a perfectly good toy into the garbage gets to you. Don't worry, you aren't destined to become the star of a future Hoarders episode, there are ways to get rid of old toys with as little trauma to your kids and you as possible.

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Unofficial Lego set lets you build your very own strip club!


Just when I thought I've seen just about every adult toy there is, toy makers at Citizen Brick went ahead and gifted us the craziest one yet: The "Citizen Brick Center for the Performing Arts" set.  I promise you, the "toy" is not as innocent as the name suggests. The unofficial Lego set comes complete with four G-string-clad "performers," tacky zebra print couches, working LED lights, and fake money! But don't let the cheap atmosphere fool you. This set will cost you more than a few crumpled, sweat-soaked singles. The entire thing will set put you $275 in the ho-ho-hole.

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Uterus, rectum and liver stuffed toys are super popular


Sweetie, what do you want for your birthday? Mom, I want a dissected Hello Kitty. Ugh? Mom, I want an I Heart Guts plush toy. I want a smiley kidney, a sad liver and an animated uterus? Yup! Do you picture yourself having this conversation with your child? Brace yourself mom, because you might have to. I Heart Guts is changing the way we think about cute toys and it's revolutionizing the toy industry. You thought the Ugly Dolls were unique? Think again, because the organ-shaped plush toys created by Wendy Bryan,  make the gross look beautiful.

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Shakira: "My son keeps me focused on what's truly important"

Playtime is getting a remix! Shakira is launching a line of baby toys, which will be available in November (and just in time for the holidays). Shakira's Fisher-Price toy line will include six products including a piano gym and a musical soccer ball inspired by the father of her two children and pro-soccer player, Gerard Pique. How sweet is that! No wonder her son Milan already knows how to read in Spanish! She is raising a mini genius and now we can too… 

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Toddler killed by father distracted with GPS device


A father entered his worst nightmare after accidentally driving over his 14-month-old daughter while pulling out of his driveway. The tragedy occurred when the Louisiana man and his wife were tinkering with their GPS device in the car and didn't notice the toddler crawling in front of the truck's back tire. The child was struck and killed when the dad started driving away. I can't even imagine the heartbreak and shock at finding out what he'd done and it reminds me of a few recent incidents in which a child's life was taken too soon because someone wasn't being vigilant enough. Toddlers are immensely curious and don't understand the concept of danger so it's important to make sure that we keep them out of harm's way. Below, 8 tips on keeping toddlers safe.

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Hello Kitty is NOT a cat & it's shocking everyone

hello PHOTOS

Since Hello Kitty broke onto the scene 40 years ago, many of us have been led to believe that the iconic white and pink character is, well, a kitty. But it turns out we were all so very wrong. According to University of Hawaii anthropologist Christine R. Yano, who has been studying Hello Kitty for years, the Hello Kitty isn't a cat at all. Say what?

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7 Sex toys you won't believe exist


Kinky sex toys are aren't a new thing, but it seems like some of these pleasure pieces just keep getting weirder, and sometimes, just plain crazy. We have researched the craziest designs out there for your viewing pleasure. Yes, some of these will make you laugh out loud...

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This bionic masturbation glove is CRAZY


Have you heard of the latest sex toy to enter the market? It's a bionic glove that strives to make masturbation easier for women. The pink waterproof contraption, called the Glov, allows you to attach a Rabbit vibrator or dildo to the palm side of the silicone glove and control the sex toy by just wiggling your three middle fingers and using the buttons on the outside of the glove.

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Man dies after a vibrator gets stuck up his butt


A 50-year-old British man has given new meaning to the term "buzz kill" when his vibrator became stuck in his rectum for days and he died from a serious infection. Yikes! After the sex toy got lodged in his bum, Nigel Williams suffered weakness and couldn't move from his couch and yet he refused to seek medical help until a friend urged him to do so. It'd been five days already! Did he think he was just going to poop it out eventually?

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