7 Household items you've been wasting all this time


Bending the rules a little can help you run a more efficient household. You probably have a ton of household items that can make your life a lot easier by using them in ways you perhaps never thought of. I bet you you have most of them at home, so you won't have to run out and buy new tools for different things. 

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Consigue unas cejas espectaculares en tiempo récord


Las cejas definen en gran parte el rostro, son el marco de los ojos y se convierten en el contorno ideal para levantar la mirada, profundizarla y hacerla caer en su justo lugar.

No todas sabemos hacerlo bien a la hora de depilarlas, maquillarlas y darles el toque exacto entre definición y atractivo. No siempre se cuenta con el tiempo de acercarse donde un especialista en belleza, para que nos ayude con esos vellitos importantísimos que ponen de manifiesto parte de nuestra personalidad y encanto.

Despreocúpate porque con estos consejos facilísimos eso no será problema. Escoge el método que más te favorezca y comienza desde ya a trabajar por ellas ¡y por ti! Te decimos cómo hacerlo.

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DIY Projects

4 Bathroom repairs you can do yourself

Whether you're a renter or an owner, it can often seem like calling an outside party for minor repairs is more hassle than it's worth. If you're handy or know someone who is, there are lots of around-the-house repairs you can do for minimal cash and in less than a day, many of which may seem more complicated than they really are. Below you'll find four simple bathroom fixes that will greatly improve the quality of your restroom experience, all of which you can do without calling in the pros.

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5 Health mistakes you could be making EVERY DAY

There are some major health and safety rules that we all grew up following. Don't drink and drive. Click it or ticket. Just say no to drugs. Beware the water when traveling through developing countries. But what about the little habits and tasks we do every single day without even knowing that they could be harmful? Read on for a list of things that you might not have even known were health risks.

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6 Foods that help you avoid mosquito bites

Did you know that mosquitoes are attracted to your scent? That's right! They're trained to find sources of food based off of smells like lactic acid and carbon dioxide because these are scents produced by warm-blooded creatures. Insect repellent with DEET is a typical go-to to help cover up our scent and in turn ward off these annoying pests, but prolonged exposure to the chemical can lead to unhealthy side effects. Luckily, you can also help shield your body from bug bites through the foods you eat so we're sharing a few ways to fight off these vermin with items from your pantry.

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5 Señales de que será un gran amante

A medida que vas conociendo a un chico que te gusta, comienzas a pensar en la posibilidad de mantener una intimidad con él. La pregunta obligada es si será ese amante creativo y complaciente que tanto esperas.

Antes de llevarte un fiasco que te desilusione, te invitamos a pillar ciertos aspectos que te darán la señal de qué tan bueno podría llegar a ser cuando estén bajo las sábanas. No hay que fiarse de que sea atractivo, el arte de la seducción es mucho más complejo y cuando existe química entre dos personas, es como un volcán a punto de erupcionar: mucho fuego y pasión desenfrenada.

¡Sigue estos consejos y sabrás si tienes a un potencial Adonis a tu lado!

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7 Ways to handle catching your kids watching porn


A mother in South Carolina called the police on her 15-year-old son after she discovered that he had been watching porn on the family's living room television. She didn't catch him in the act, what happened was that she came home with her 2-year-old daughter and when they turned on the living room TV, the 2-year-old got a screen full of porn in her face. Ugh!

This all got me to thinking about what a parent should do if they catch their child watching porn because calling the cops isn't the answer. Isn't it crazy the stuff we have to deal with as parents in the age of highly accessible internet porn? Let's come up with a plan together, shall we?

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5 New delicious ways to eat cauliflower


Cauliflower is one of those vegetables that can be hit or miss depending on your taste buds. I personally have never had a problem with it but I know plenty of people who say they can't get used to the cruciferous veggie. The good news is there are many ways to eat cauliflower that even the biggest veggie hater will love.

These recipes will not only revamp the food you make at the kitchen table, but help you lose weight too!

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7 Genius uses of baby powder that don't involve any babies


Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend the use of baby powder on actual babies. Huh? That's because "reports indicate that talc or cornstarch in baby powder can injure a baby's lungs." If you are going to use it, it is recommended that you pour it out carefully and keep it away from a baby's face.

But wait, before you run out and get rid of any baby powder you have laying around you may want to consider other uses for it because it turns out baby powder is not just for babies.

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Lose weight with this shocking miracle ingredient!


I know you'll think this is impossible, but a bird's favorite food will be from now on your ally in losing all those extra pounds.

Birdseed has not only healing properties that will benefit you if you consume it, but also serves to silence other important maladies. The method is very simple. Are you ready to beautify your body? Because I'm going to tell you in detail.

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