5 Rules for the BEST guacamole ever


Happy National Guacamole day! As a lover of avocados, I'm pretty passionate when it comes to what makes a good guacamole. As far as I am concerned the star of the show is the avocado. Everything else is there for support, right?

There are certain things that I personally consider crimes against guacamole like the addition of mayonnaise ... EEK! Still, I do realize that there is more than one way to make delicious guacamole. Even so there are some rules you must follow in order to make the best guac on the block.

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6 Things you should NEVER do during phone sex


Let's talk about good old fashioned phone sex shall we? Do people even have it anymore? I know people get their kink on over the computer or send each other sexts or have X-rated FaceTime or Skype sessions with each other, but does anyone still have good old fashioned phones sex where it's just you, your lover, your phones and you use your voice and words to get it on when you can't be in the same place together?

I'm all for old fashioned phone sex because it's safe, there's no visual evidence of it after the fact and why the heck not? But wait, before you go and heat up your phone line, there are certain things you should NEVER do when having phone sex.

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Peeling potatoes with your bare hands is the way to go!


Okay, so I'm not going to pretend like peeling potatoes the conventional way is so HARD and your poor precious, delicate, manicured hands are not up to the task. I know you know your way around a pela papa, but tell me the task doesn't get tedious when you are making a huge batch of mashed potatoes or potato salad or anything that requires peeled boiled potatoes? It's boring and time consuming!  Sure you can make your kids do the peeling, but then you have to listen to their quejas and I don't know about you, but I think food should be prepared with love and not sprinkled with complaints.

That's why I think this video of how to peel potatoes with your bare hands is genius and you will too. Not only that, but when your kids see you doing it all of a sudden they are going to want to get in on the action because who knew peeling potatoes could be so fun and easy?

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9 Tips for photographing your newborn like a pro


Most moms will find that having a child turns them into the family photographer and that's a good thing because professional photographers can be quite pricey, no? I don't know if it is a relatively new thing or something that has always been going on and I just never noticed, but newborn photos are HUGE! New parents schedule shoots with photographers even before their baby is born and that's cool and all, but what if you want to take pictures of your newborn yourself? You totally can! And they will be beautiful and no you don't have to know tons about photography or have expensive equipment to do it.

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The shy chica's guide to buying sex toys​


When was the last time you walked into an actual store to buy a sex toy? Okay, you don't have to tell me, but answer the question for yourself. Yesterday? A year ago? Never. Well, I would like to encourage you to do some no-shame sex toy shopping, if sex toys are your thing or if you are curious. Buying sex toys should not be something that you ever feel shame over, okay? No, really, I mean it. I'm not saying you need to broadcast it all over the place like set your work email to automatically reply with Out of the office: gone shopping for sex toys, but you know what I mean.

And I know you KNOW you shouldn't feel embarrassed, but I bet there is one or a million of you out there that still feel embarrassed. No worries, I've got some tips for shame-free sex toy shopping.

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Simply Saludable

You're brushing your teeth all wrong!


Brushing your teeth is probably one of those rituals you don't pay much attention to and rush to get out of the way every groggy morning. Well, learning how to properly brush your teeth will do wonders in maintaining your pearly whites and making sure they stay in your mouth for a long time. Read on for tips on how to clean your teeth the right way.

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Simply Saludable

Keep your kids' health on track with these 6 tips

Despite the perpetual image of so-called soccer moms carting their over-scheduled kids from soccer to ballet to basketball and back, most children live a rather sedentary life--spending all day in the classroom, followed by hours sitting at a table doing homework and then parked in front of the televison or computer munching on chips and soda. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 more than one third of children and adolescents in the United States were classified as either overweight or obese. But there are steps you can take to make sure you keep your kids' health on track!

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7 Household items you've been wasting all this time


Bending the rules a little can help you run a more efficient household. You probably have a ton of household items that can make your life a lot easier by using them in ways you perhaps never thought of. I bet you you have most of them at home, so you won't have to run out and buy new tools for different things. 

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Consigue unas cejas espectaculares en tiempo récord


Las cejas definen en gran parte el rostro, son el marco de los ojos y se convierten en el contorno ideal para levantar la mirada, profundizarla y hacerla caer en su justo lugar.

No todas sabemos hacerlo bien a la hora de depilarlas, maquillarlas y darles el toque exacto entre definición y atractivo. No siempre se cuenta con el tiempo de acercarse donde un especialista en belleza, para que nos ayude con esos vellitos importantísimos que ponen de manifiesto parte de nuestra personalidad y encanto.

Despreocúpate porque con estos consejos facilísimos eso no será problema. Escoge el método que más te favorezca y comienza desde ya a trabajar por ellas ¡y por ti! Te decimos cómo hacerlo.

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DIY Projects

4 Bathroom repairs you can do yourself

Whether you're a renter or an owner, it can often seem like calling an outside party for minor repairs is more hassle than it's worth. If you're handy or know someone who is, there are lots of around-the-house repairs you can do for minimal cash and in less than a day, many of which may seem more complicated than they really are. Below you'll find four simple bathroom fixes that will greatly improve the quality of your restroom experience, all of which you can do without calling in the pros.

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