5 Painless ways to avoid stress during the holidays


We may not want to admit it, but holiday stress and anxiety is a real thing. You don't have to feel like the Grinch just because you aren't sharing in the holiday cheer. The fact is that the holidays are a very stressful time of year. Between shopping, parties and keeping the peace with family, the holidays could be one of the most stressful times of the year. We have five easy tips to destress during the holidays

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7 Great places to hide your kids' Christmas presents


My kids are still pretty young and up until now I haven't really had to hide Christmas gifts, but this is the year I start. Last year I put some of their gifts under the Christmas tree ahead of time and every day was a never ending beg-a-thon of, "Can I please open one? PLLLLEEEAAASEEEE!" Uh-uh! I'm not going through that again. So this year, I've come up with a list of seven places to hide Christmas gifts from the kids that I think you may find useful too.

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Arnica: 10 Facts about this amazing medicine plant


The benefits of arnica are being hailed all over the place lately. My mother goes on and on about arnica and its miraculous medicinal benefits and I've seen Spanish-language commercials for it many times. I myself have used it to treat bruising and swelling and can tell you that I found it to be super helpful like to the point of WOW! Much of arnica's appeal for medicinal purposes comes from centuries of anecdotal evidence like mine rather than scientific studies, but that hasn't stopped the herb from being highly sought after for its believed health benefits.

So let's get into 10 facts about arnica so we know how to use it safely because it can actually be dangerous.

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Peppermint tea can help you shed the weight FAST

Minty treats are undoubtedly beloved--from mint chocolate chip ice cream to peppermint mocha lattes, candy canes and peppermint patties--that herbacious flavor pops up in goodies all year long. It's delicious and refreshing, but most of the time, it's paired with calorie-laden chocolate and sweeteners. Not exactly ideal if you're trying to drop a few pounds, so it might be a surprise you that one peppermint drink can actually help you meet your weight loss goals. Keep reading to find out why peppermint tea is a great all-natural diet drink.

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How to remove pomegranate seeds with a cuchara de palo


Pomegranates are everywhere right now and I couldn't be happier about it. I love them. Not only are they delicious and beautiful, pomegranates are full of nutrients that will provide you with amazing health benefits. The problem is that to get the benefits of this super fruit, you have to figure out how to de-seed it because it's those yummy seeds you want to eat not all the stuff surrounding them. I've never been good at getting the seeds out, but now I know the fastest way to de-seed a pomegranate is with a wooden spoon. Yup, a cuchara de palo!  If you don't know this trick already, you are going to LOVE it.

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5 Things you SHOULD buy on Cyber Monday


It's all about saving that green on Cyber Monday! There's a strategy to holiday discount shopping--timing. There are certain deals that are worth the wait if you don't bite on the temptation of purchasing them during Black Friday. We have the best Cyber Monday deals in 2014 and certain discount codes that will help you out along the way. Your wallet will thank us later. 

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11 Things in your closet you need to get rid of NOW

things PHOTOS

Surely my closet can't be the only closet full of more clothes that don't get worn than actual clothes that do get worn? Tell me you find yourself with things that need to go in your ropero too because amigas misery loves company. Let's deal with this now before it gets absurd, okay? You know you need to maximize your closet space and I guarantee you that there are things in your closet that you need to get rid of now because all they are doing is taking up valuable space.

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9 Natural ways to get rid of moths before they destroy your clothes


Moths terrify me, they really do. My husband rolls his eyes when I see a moth because I scream as if it were a devil sighting. I will do anything to get rid of moths short of using mothballs because mothballs are poisonous to humans and I have little kids I need to protect. 

Part of my fear stems from superstitions associated with moths. Someone once told me that they are portentous of death and I swear that as a child I somehow got the impression that if a moth flew into your eyes you would go blind. Those superstitions may not be true, but what is true is that moths are death to your clothing and you don't want an infestation of them.  There are ways to protect yourself and your clothes from moths though.

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5 Tips to keep kids entertained on Thanksgiving

There is nothing that bores children more than going to a party for adults where no one has thought about them and their needs. So if you don't want your Thanksgiving feast to be ruined by a few bored kids or you're worried that your children won't be able to last too long at the dinner you've been invited to, here are five tips to make sure they're entertained and a good time can be had by all!

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'Tis the season for familia

7 Ways to make holidays extra special for your kids


Kids are almost always excited about the approaching holidays, but a lot of the time all of the focus is on one day. Our seven awesome ideas will keep the festivities going from Thanksgiving all the way through to Christmas morning. From small unexpected gifts to fabulous family outings, you'll find ways to celebrate each and every week of the holiday season.

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