The shocking truth about clothes that say "dry clean only"


How many full dry cleaning bags do you fill in one year? What if I tell you that you don't need to have many of those clothes sent to the cleaner, would you believe me?

Get ready for good news because, from today on, you will save on your family budget with what you are about to find out... Check it out: not all clothes that say "dry clean" need that type of treatment... They have us fooled for a long time.

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5 Ways cucumbers are the miracle veggie for weightloss

The summer is the perfect season to take advantage of hydrating fruits and vegetables. One of them being the cucumber. The cucumber is delicious on its own, with a dip or in addition to your meals. Just biting into one feels refreshing as you savor the crunch and flavor that it's only natural to want to eat it in different ways.

There are some excellent ways out there to add cucumber to your diet that you probably haven't even tried yet and should! 

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Get your kids to quiet down without saying "shut up"


One thing I was never allowed to say while growing up is, "shut up." My mother considers "shut up" to be one of the ugliest phrases in the English language and I have to agree with her, it's rude and ugly. It has no kindness, finesse or grace to it. I did not grow up with a mother who told me to shut up and I, in turn, will not be telling my kids to shut up. Does that mean I don't at times want them to SHUT UP? Of course not, I'm human and they can be really loud for a ridiculously long time, so I find ways to get them to shut up without actually telling them to shut up because that would be rude. 

Feel free to use my methods to get your kids to quiet down as well.

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5 Shocking foods that can help you lose weight


If you've been getting rid of certain foods from your diet because you're trying to lose some weight, that's good, but are you eliminating the wrong ones? Biochemistry professor Rodney Bilton writes in his latest book, Know What to Eat, that there are certain foods you'd never expect to be helpful for weight loss.

In fact, some of the ones you think are healthy are the complete opposite!

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6 Items you'll never regret buying second-hand


I'm a woman who loves to shop. I'm also a woman who loves to score a deal. I'm also my mother's daughter and my mother inspired a love of garage sales and thrift store shopping in me. Segundiando for me is so much fun. The opportunity to score some awesome deals is increased when you are buying second hand, but let's be honest: There are some things that maybe you would be better off buying new, like chonies. I don't care how cheap them used chonies are, there isn't water hot enough that will clean them back to new, no gracias.

So, no, I wouldn't recommend that you buy used chonies, but there are some items that you should never feel guilty about buying used, so if you find yourself on the fence about them, I'm here to push you off the fence and say, "Go on, buy them!"

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DIY Projects

5 Genius space-saving ideas for your closet

I'm willing to bet there are very few of us who actually have "enough" closet space. Even if you have a large walk-in with all the spce in the world, chances are it's still a bit chaotic behind those closed doors. I'm currently working with a small walk-in, which is by far the largest I've ever had--but I somehow I still find myself running out of space every few months.

In the quest for a more organized storage area, I've implemented several space-saving techniques that I now swear by. Below, you'll find a couple of my favorites along with a few I haven't yet tried, but think are totally brilliant.

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The 5 WORST Summer foods for weight loss


Summer is officially here which means you going to lots of BBQ's, to the pool or beach, rooftop parties, festivals, concerts and other fun activities. Along with all these fun time comes TONS of food, and some of it is terrible for your waistline. It's hard to pass up on cocktails, ice cream, and other delicious treats when they are being waved in front of you everywhere you go.

However there are healthier summer food options, which will keep you looking good in your swimsuit this season and beyond.

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7 Maneras fáciles de perder peso sin hacer dieta

No necesitas hacer una dieta estricta ni meterte 3 horas diarias al gimnasio para perder de peso. Por supuesto que sirve y de hecho es recomendable que cambies tu alimentación por una dieta balanceada y además te ejercites. 

También es cierto que las cosas cotidianas y todos los pequeños detalles en pos de verte mas delgada suman a la causa. Tengo varias opciones que te ayudarán con tu objetivo de perder peso.  

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8 Secrets to success for work-from-home moms


Amigas, I am what you would call a work from home mom. I love it! I love the commute from my bedroom to my office, there is hardly ever any traffic, although there is the occasional Lego accident. I love that on my breaks I can go into the kitchen and make myself a home cooked meal. I love that I am available to pick up and drop off my kids from school. It is the perfect work situation for me, but in all honesty I had to learn a few things in order to make working from home work for me, my family and the people who pay me to work from home. Oh, and I'm a total sharer, so you know I'm just dying to share these work from home tips with you!

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7 Secret ways French women stay skinny


France is the land of cheese, wine, chocolate and rich foods, yet only about 18 percent of the French are fighting weight issues. People are constantly trying to adopt the French diet to get the same effects, but truth be told, the only secret why French women are so lean is that they don't believe in diet; rather, each meal for them is a celebration.

Below, you will find seven basic principles that the French follow to look their best while indulging in the most nutrient dense and rich culinary treats.

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