6 Easy ways to keep your home mess-free!


When I was a child, my mother taught me all kinds of tricks for keeping a tidy home. She raised two children on her own, worked more than full-time and our home was never messy. Now, I don't want to give you the impression that my mother is a neat freak, she's not, she just knows how to keep a home from getting messy the easy way.

I've learned many of her ways, but lately when I look around my own home, I cannot believe I am my mother's daughter because, well, it looks like a tornado went off in my home. Time to hit restart and go back to the basics my mother taught me. Check out these great tips to stop being messy and keep your home looking tidy.

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15 Signs you're turning into your mami


I can't tell you the number of times I've had arguments with my mom and each time it turned out she was right. As annoying as that may be I have to admit that it has also molded me into the woman I am today (in a good way). In fact, the other day I found myself uttering words I never thought I would say.

That's when I realized I was becoming my mother!

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5 Things you didn't know about agave nectar


Agave nectar has quickly become one of the most popular natural sweeteners replacing sugar, but not many people know what it is. With everyone eliminating high-fructose corn syrup and table sugar, agave seems like the ideal replacement because it's all natural

But what else is there to know about agave?

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5 Ways to lose weight like a man


If you've tried diet after diet with no luck, then you should probably consider eating like your hubby. Your man might hold a weight loss secret that you had no clue about! Have you ever noticed all he has to do is give up beer and he instantly loses 10 pounds? You on the other hand focus on your diet to the T and the scale doesn't budge.

It's okay, we've all been there! But we picked up some of our man's tricks to help you lose that weight once and for all!

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The horrible truth about tilapia + 10 other "healthy" foods that are bad for you


Eating healthy has become important to many of us, but we don't realize that certain "healthy" foods may be worse for us than we thought. For example, many people replace red meats in their diets by adding fish to their meals. Popular and affordable seafood staple tilapia has recently been found to be worse for you than bacon. Yes, bacon!

If you are a fish-eater then you WON'T want to miss out on this latest piece of scary news!

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DIY Projects

7 Tools every woman should know how to use

You may be a proficient handywoman, or maybe you're ready to start dabbling in DIY, or perhaps you just want to be able to hang some pictures on the wall without someone else's help. Any way you slice it, if you're reading this, chances are your toolbox is a little lacking. But stepping into any hardware store can be overwhelming with all the metal bits, and wooden thingies and plastic junk. Thankfully, for most any work you'll be taking on yourself, a small simple collection of tools and a bit of basic know-how will be more than adequate.

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10 Tips para aumentar las posibilidades de quedar embarazada sanamente

Puede que tú desees quedar embarazada simplemente porque lo quieres, o que estés planeando tener un bebé en un tiempo del año en específico, pero sin importar cómo o cuándo lo quieras, siempre hay tips que debemos seguir que mejorarán las probabilidades de que suceda.

Esta guía no sólo es para eso, sino para cuando quedes finalmente embarazada, sea de la forma más sana posible para ambos y para cuidar tu salud reproductiva en general.

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5 Genius ways to use mason jars for food


I've begun using mason jars for just about everything lately. Not because it's trendy, but because they are great for storing away many of my favorite foods. In fact, they've changed the way i pack my meals and made things more creative in my kitchen.

You probably have a couple laying around at home and never used it for much else--until now!

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6 Bebidas naturales que despertarán tu apetito sexual

Desde tiempos remotos se conocen ingredientes afrodisíacos, los cuales ayudan a despertar el deseo sexual. Incentivar la pasión no está de más, por lo que te traemos seis ideas para despertar tu apetito sexual y el de tu pareja.

Impresiónalo con estas prácticas bebidas refrescantes, deliciosas, fáciles de preparar, y lo mejor de todo es que son completamente naturales. ¡Toma nota!

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10 Things we did as kids that we should still do now


Growing up comes with many perks, but that's no reason to stop doing some of the wonderful things that we did as children. Embrace being an adult, but never let go of your inner child. I bet you there are so many things you did as a child that would still put a smile on your face or make your life better if you just remembered to do them. How about I jog your memory a bit?

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