12 Amazing uses of citrus fruit peels you didn't know about


When you make lemonade, eat a grapefruit or simply squeeze a fresh cup of orange juice, you consume vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant which combats free radicals that damage our cells. Besides this, vitamin C is amazing to combat and prevent colds. But did you know that throwing out the peel of citrus fruits is like throwing out more than half of the benefits that they can give you? Read on to find out how much you're missing if you're discarding the peels!

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10 Things about breastfeeding (almost) no one will tell you


Before the arrival of my son, I read a grotesque amount of literature on breastfeeding. I was seriously obsessed. I was determined to succeed, so I thought the best thing to do was to read everything I could get my hands on. I found that much of what I read reiterated the same things over and over, but it didn't deter me.

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10 Ways drinking yerba mate can help you lose weight FAST

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Yerba maté tea has been a popular South American drink for centuries, but it's officially crossing over for being a powerful weight loss drink. The natural herb, which comes from the holly plant, is dried and steeped in boiling water for a few minutes. Once filtered, the drink can be served hot or cold and works several ways to blast body fat--fast. Let us count the ways yerba maté helps you lose wight. 

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11 Errores de organización que tienes que dejar de cometer en tu hogar

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Cada quien tiene su propio método para organizar sus cosas y la técnica que les funciona a unas personas no necesariamente les funciona a otras. Cada quien tiene su propio estilo para arreglar todo en el hogar pero eso no significa que sea la forma más eficiente. En esta galería te voy a mostrar ciertas cosas que estás haciendo mal y que puedes mejorar para que tu vida sea más fácil y organizada. No hay necesidad de consultar a un experto porque los siguientes trucos son muy efectivos.

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New "Normal Barbie" commercial sends an awesome message to young girls


The creator of the totally adorable Lammily Fashion Doll--better known as "Normal Barbie"--has released an amazing Spring Break themed commercial, showcasing just how silly societal pressures for physical perfection actually are. Though right now, Lammily only makes a female doll, the ad even briefly touches on male body image as well. 

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Valentine's Day

5 Surprising ways to make your flowers last longer


I'm sure this Valentine's Day will be filled with chocolates, presents, and flowers your man so thoughtfully bought for you. We all love receiving flowers on the most romantic day of the year--or anytime for that matter--but what sucks is keeping them alive! 

If you're like me,then you've experienced that your flowers don't last more than a few days until they start wilting. The good news is there are little tricks out there to have them last longer!

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Limpio, Bonito ¡y Fácil!

10 Increíbles tips para que tu baño esté LIMPIO e impecable

El baño usualmente siempre guarda humedad lo que hace que la suciedad quede atrapada por todos lados y sea difícil deshacerse de ella después.

Te dejo algunos tips que son súper útiles para tener un baño hecho un sueño de limpieza, justo como lo queremos ver…

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5 Ways to banish adult acne

This past summer I was shocked to find myself breaking out every few weeks. I didn't even have acne as a teenager, and there I was battling massive pimples at 29. What the heck?! Not only is adult acne gross, but it's totally embarassing. Apparently, acne is pretty common among women approaching their thirties due to changing hormones, but honestly that doesn't make it any less frustrating. Keep reading to find out how to nip it in the bud.

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10 Ways to burn more calories without exercising

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Exercise is GREAT for you and I am never ever going to suggest that you should not do it, but that doesn't mean I can't be all for finding ways to burn more calories without exercise. Think of it, if you find more ways to burn calories without exercising, then SCORE because you can still exercise for all the wonderful health benefits plus even more calorie burning. Also, let's face the fact that it has gotten to the point where many of us lead sedentary lives and it makes sense that regardless of our exercise routines we find a way to be more active and burn more calories even when we aren't exercising.

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7 Rituales fáciles para recibir el 2015 con salud, armonía y prosperidad

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Cada año tienes el potencial de renovar las energías que te rodean en todos los ámbitos. El 2015 será un período de incontables retos. Es el año de la oveja o cabra de madera en el horóscopo chino. Debes iniciarlo con tus espacios limpios y ordenados, tu mente y corazón despejados y toda la buena vibra del mundo.

Te doy algunas ideas de rituales novedosos para que practiques este primero de enero. ¡Conviértete en un imán poderoso para atraer lo positivo!

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