Cómo elegir la base de maquillaje más apropiada para ti


La base es el primer componente del maquillaje, y la salvadora de muchas pieles maltratadas por efectos como las marcas de acné, las manchas ocasionadas por el sol, los poros abiertos y otros tantos defectos que se van acumulando con el transcurrir de los años. Ese lienzo que queremos luzca perfecto, se pincela mejor adquiriendo la base adecuada de acuerdo a factores como tu tipo de piel y tus preferencias ¡Conoce cómo escoger la base correcta y aprende a aplicarla!

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10 Ways to pamper yourself during pregnancy​


Are you pregnant? If you are then I urge you to pamper yourself like crazy. Especially if this is your first pregnancy. You deserve to pamper yourself while pregnant no matter what, but if this is your first pregnancy and you have no other children to take care of at the moment then you REALLY need to take advantage of these precious moments in your life. First pregnancy or not promise me you will treat yourself nice, okay? I've even got a great list of things I want you to do for yourself.

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Chop onions the right way once and for all


Do you know how to chop an onion the right way? I do because my beloved tía, may she rest in peace, taught me how in the kitchen of her home in León, Guanjuato many, many years ago. I was 10 years old at the time and had flown to visit my tía all by myself from California. My tía loved me something powerful. I couldn't be in the same room with her without feeling the force of her love. She made everything that we did together feel special and blessed even teaching me how to chop onions the right way was a beautiful experience that I will never forget.

Sadly, my tía is no longer here to teach you how to cut onions, but I found a great video tutorial that shows you how to cut onions just the way my tía taught me.

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7 Tips para usar tacones sin que te destruyan los pies

Todas adoramos subirnos a unos buenos tacones, pero si los usamos por varias horas probablemente se conviertan en una angustia para nuestros pies. Te doy algunos tips para que evites esas molestias ¡y seas la reina de la noche!

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8 Consejos para que siempre seas una súper mamá


Ser madre es una de las tareas más exigentes, ya que requiere de nuestro tiempo, dedicación y esfuerzo. Especialmente en estos tiempos acelerados que vivimos, en los que la mujer es miembro activo de una sociedad que cada vez le exige más.

Somos profesionales, amas de casa, esposas, mamás, hijas y amigas. Sin embargo, no nos rendimos sino que al contrario, tratamos de ser cada vez más eficientes en absolutamente todo lo que hacemos. 

Según señalan expertos, hay una serie de hábitos que debemos adoptar para entrenar nuestra mente, con el propósito de cumplir mejor el importante rol de madres ¡Pasemos lista!

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7 Usos del cloro en el hogar que seguro desconoces

El cloro o lejía es un producto infaltable en el hogar que hace maravillas en la limpieza de tus espacios,  por ser un poderoso desinfectante. Además, tiene usos insospechados que una vez que los descubras lo emplearás para infinidad de funciones. Desde eliminar el terrible moho hasta conservar las flores de tus materos por más tiempo. ¡Sigue estos tips y verás! 

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5 Surprising ways to protect your family from a cold​


Cariños, it's time to brace ourselves for cold season. And I'm sure you have a few tried and true tricks up your sleeve for keeping yourself and your family healthy, but it never hurts to learn a few more. Especially some that are a little less conventional than say, washing your hands regularly. You'd be surprised at some of the ways you can protect your family from getting colds.

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8 Surprising benefits of hydrogen peroxide


Of all the remedies we have in the house, you could say we have found the most effective and economical one. Yes! Hydrogen peroxide is responsible for dozens of "miracles"; it not only makes your life easier, but also disinfects it at the same time. I did not believe it but after trying it, I assure you that H2O2 will become the best friend of working women ... and of those who want to be blonde no matter what! 

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Keep your avocado from turning brown with this simple trick!


Get ready to have your avocado-loving mind blown. Yes, BLOWN! But why you say? Because I just came across a GENIUS tip for keeping a cut avocado from brown, which we all know ain't pretty but happens all the time. The reason I'm so excited about this tip is that I have never ever heard of it before and trust me I eat avocados all the time. I can't tell you how many times I've cut an avocado in half and done my best to store the other half in a way that won't make the lovely green flesh turn brown. I've tried leaving the pit in, using water or lemon, wrapping it tightly with plastic wrap AND putting it in an airtight container. Those methods work with some success, but not like the one I'm about to share with you!

Are you ready for the SECRET to keeping your avocado from browning?

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5 Rules for the BEST guacamole ever


Happy National Guacamole day! As a lover of avocados, I'm pretty passionate when it comes to what makes a good guacamole. As far as I am concerned the star of the show is the avocado. Everything else is there for support, right?

There are certain things that I personally consider crimes against guacamole like the addition of mayonnaise ... EEK! Still, I do realize that there is more than one way to make delicious guacamole. Even so there are some rules you must follow in order to make the best guac on the block.

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