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Pregnant school girl mannequins are taking over Venezuela

Pregnant school girl mannequins may be the last thing you would expect to bump into at your local mall, but in Venezuela the plastic dolls are way too real. With nearly 30 million people living in Venezuela, the statistics on teen pregnancy is scary with one girl getting pregnant every three minutes. 

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Washington school shooting claims third victim


The shootings in a Washington State high school claimed their third victim. This is just so very sad. In case you missed the backstory, a community in Washington State was left reeling when an armed teenager gunned down five students at a local high school before turning the .40-caliber pistol on himself. The gunman was Jaylen Fryberg, a 14-year-old student at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, where the murderous melee occurred. According to witnesses, Jaylen walked into the cafeteria on Friday walked into the cafeteria at Marysiville-Pilchuck High School Friday, and opened fire on a group of students that included two of his own cousins, as well as a young girl who he was rumored to have had a crush on.

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Teacher sends kids to firing squad for chewing gum​


A Washington state high school chemistry teacher, Kem Petteson, who used a "wheel of misfortune" to punish a sophomore girl for chewing gum by making the girl stand in front of a "koosh firing squad" will continue to be employed by Stevenson High School. You read that right. Ms. Petteson employs a "wheel of misfortune" in her classroom as a way of determining a punishment for students who misbehave.

What would you do if your child's teacher humiliated your child in front of the entire classroom, as a means of teaching the child in question a lesson? Me, I'd be out for blood. That teacher would be feeling the full wrath of my reach, especially when the punishment didn't fit the crime and by the way, an adult humiliating a teen or child in front of their peers is NEVER okay. Not even in the case of these crazy parents who put their kids on the street or Facebook with humiliating sandwich boards with messages of their misdoings. 

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Catholic school teacher who had sex with student is pregnant with his baby​


It's no secret that news of a high school pregnancy travels fast. However, when the person pregnant happens to be a Catholic school teacher and the baby daddy happens to be a student, you'd better believe that kind of news travels at light speed! Oh, my gosh! The bonchinche that must have started!

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Teachers busted for having threesome with student & it was all caught on video

I thought teachers were supposed to be somewhat smart, but these days far too many of them are proving to be anything but! Take Louisiana high school teachers Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess for example. The Destrehan High School educators were busted this week for having sex with the same male student. Oh, and get this: they were having sex with him at the same dang time! Yeah, you would think that one of the two would have second guessed their decision and hauled the other out of there. But they didn't. Instead they decided to videotape their illegal ménage à trois!

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Girl has 4kg hair ball blocking her gut - SEE the photo

If you thought the hairballs your pet spits up are bad--think again. An 18-year-old girl from Kyrgyzstan had an emergency surgery to remove a nine pound hairball from her digestive system. How exactly did this massive hair tumor take over her stomach? The teen girl named Ayperi Alekseeva was addicted to chewing her hair and eating wool from her carpet at home. The image of the hairball is too disgusting to even bear…

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HIV-positive teacher had unprotected sex with student & that's not the worst part!

What on earth is wrong with people? You really never know who is teaching in your child's school. An HIV-positive music teacher was charged with sexual assault after being caught trying to sneak out of a 15-year-old student's home in Texas. The teen's mom noticed Roger Kessler trying to leave her house from the backyard and called the cops thinking she was reporting a burglary. What she didn't know then was that the 43-year-old man allegedly had unprotected sex with her son.  

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Idiot calls cops on little Latino's "illegal" lemonade stand


There's nothing more refreshing than watching a young Latino kid run a wildly successful lemonade stand--that is, of course, unless you're a cranky old sourpuss who lives next door to said stand.

Doug Wilkey of Dunedin, Florida has been campaigning to have his 12-year-old T.J. Guerrero's lemonade stand shut down for the last two years, because, get this, it's too popular. Wilkey has contends that the middle schooler's "illegal" lemonade stand has caused excessive traffic, noise, trash, illegal parking and other problems that reduce his property values.

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Student suspended from school for saying "bless you"

Saying "God bless you" could end up getting you in deep trouble in this Tennessee high school. Kendra Turner did the polite thing by saying "bless you" after one of her peers from Dyer County High School sneezed. The crazy thing is that Turner ended up getting suspended for it. The 18-year-old claims she was thrown out of class for "Godly speak," which her teacher had a strict rule against. Things got even worse for the teen when she tried to defend using the common expression. 

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Mother arrested after helping son burn himself alive for Facebook challenge


Janie Talley was arrested in North Carolina after she helped her teenage son set himself on fire. The 41-year-old mother recorded the home video which shows her 16-year-old take on "The Fire Challenge." Obviously the dangerously stupid prank went wrong and the boy was rushed to the hospital with severe burns. Moments after the video was uploaded to Facebook, police officers arrested Talley and charged this crazy mom with delinquency.

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