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Caffeine powder kills: Here's everything you need to know about terrifying teen trend


Have you heard about caffeine powder? I hadn't until I learned Logan Steiner, an 18-year-old from Ohio who died because of it just days before his graduation. This is such a tragedy ... he was and excellent student and athlete headed to college on a full academic scholarship. But then he died from a caffeine overdose. A bag of caffeine powder was found in his room and family members think he might have been using it as part of his pre-workout routine, which apparently isn't all that uncommon.

So what is caffeine powder and what do you need to know about it to protect your kids?

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10 Trabajos perfectos para que tu adolescente aproveche el verano

Si tienes hijos adolescentes te darás cuenta que cada vez es más difícil mantenerlos ocupados durante las vacaciones de verano, y al mismo tiempo no quieres que sólo anden con los amigos o sin hacer nada. Alentar a nuestros adolescentes a que busque un  trabajo es una manera de mantenerlos activos y fomentar su sentido de responsabilidad, así cómo empezar a hacer un historial laboral.

No hay nada que se compare con recibir tu primer cheque después de una dura semana de trabajo. Con esto, nuestros hijos reconocen el valor del dinero. Muchos de los más exitosos hombres y mujeres de este país aprendieron las bases del trabajo duro mientras embolsaban artículos en el supermercado, volteaban hamburguesas, o vigilaban una alberca como salvavidas.

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College preparedness

Cómo hacer de tu hijo un "súper estudiante" de High School

Cuando pienso en mis años en high school, no solo recuerdo el tiempo con los amigos, también una frase que repetían, con total convicción, mis abuelos y los profesores del colegio: "estudie porque esto es muy importante para ser alguien en la vida".

Y así lo hice. Estudié con dedicación y responsabilidad, porque era consciente de la repercusión que esos últimos años de escuela tendrían en mi futuro. Hoy, aunque agradezco su interés por hacer de mí una buena estudiante, me parece increíble que no me explicaran la forma de lograrlo. Sí, esa es la verdad. Todos querían que destacara en el colegio, pero nadie se tomó el tiempo de hablar conmigo sobre las habilidades necesarias para hacerlo.

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Eraser Challenge + other dangerous teen trends you need to know about


Derek Muharem, the principal at Bethel Middle School in Connecticut, recently sent home a letter to parents warning them about the ABC Eraser Challenge game that about a dozen students at the school have participated it. Students dare each other to take this challenge, then they basically mutilate themselves with a pencil eraser and compare the wounds. It's absurd and way more dangerous than you would think. Oh and Bethel Middle School is NOT the only school where it is happening. A simple online search for "eraser challenge" will bring up tons of videos.

So why are teens doing it and why is it so dangerous?

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College preparedness

An open letter to every mamá Latina sending her daughter off to school

The time has come for a new generation of mamás Latinas to let go and to be the first to send our babies off to college. We hope to have played an instrumental role in helping create the character and to instill the values and moral foundation that our daughters need to continue to make the right choices and to succeed. As a Latina who straddles two cultures that at times seem to collide, raising a daughter in America hasn't always been easy. It's been hard to strike the perfect balance of my two cultures and between my career aspirations and being a mom.

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The most dangerous teen trends you need to know about


Teens seem to come up with more and more stupid things to do all the time. The latest craze is called NekNomination, a drinking game that originated in Australia and it has spread like wildfire thanks to social media. In essence, teens are given a crazy drinking dare and once they complete it they get to nominate someone else. 

Like Kieren Hunter, whose dare involved filming himself downing what could have been a fatal combination of whisky, vodka, rum, Southern Comfort and sherry. His mom found him passed out with vomit all over himself and thought he was dead. 


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My Gringa daughter has reconnected with her Chilean roots

My gringo husband, my children and I have been in Chile for the last two weeks visiting my family. My daughter Carolina, who is 18, has been doing wonderfully here. When I've asked her about the main differences between teens' lives here in Chile when compared to the United States she has said, "I love how everyone here greets you with hugs and kisses. Even when you meet a person for the first time she hugs and kisses on the cheek."

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A pesar de parecer "fastidiosas", las mamás lo único que quieren es estar cerca de sus hijos

Cuando vi este video, no pude evitar reírme como niña y acordarme de mi mamá. Fue hace apenas un años o 2, que la pobre entendió cómo usar Facebook.

Pero cuando aprendió, no deje de burlarme de los mensajes que le ponía a mi hermano, tales como: "Mauricio, no me has hablado", "Mauricio, ¿dónde estás?", "Mauricio, repórtate con tu madre", o la clásica de clásicas: "Mauricio, ¿qué comiste?"...

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Raising an introvert when you're anything but

A colleague recommended that I read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain, after telling her that I was having a tough time understanding whether my 16-year-old son has "issues" socializing because of his hear impairment or because of his introverted personality. Unlike my daughter, my son would rather stay home on the weekends playing video games, reading a book, watching a movie or just hanging with my husband and me rather than being out with friends. When my daughter was his age, I hardly saw her!

My son is most similar to my husband who is an introvert. My daughter and I are definitely extroverts.

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Why I hate raising kids in this iWorld


Recently, I watched Comedian Louis C.K. discussing children today and the effects of technology. You would think that with the advancement of technology, society would be evolving into a better place, but instead, too much technology has become a crutch and is hurting more than helping our children. Technology is castrating our children's humanity.

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