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Rosie Rivera reveals 6 signs that a child is being sexually abused (EXCLUSIVE)

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Rosie Rivera knows what she is talking about, unfortunately. The youngest of the Rivera siblings has been open about her years of being abused by her sister Jenni Rivera's husband. But it's never been as detailed and heartfelt like in her book My Broken PiecesIn her quest to help those in a similar situation, particularly children, she tells us what you need to do if you suspect that a child is a victim of sexual--or any kind--of abuse.

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Mom lets son who sexually abused her daughter stay in her home


Carl Sumner and his estranged wife Danielle Rowe don't agree on much these days, but they both agree on one thing: their now 8-year-old daughter was in fact sexually abused by Rowe's son in 2010. That's pretty much where their consensus starts and ends. In the four years since, Sumner and Rowe have fought tooth and nail over whether or not their daughter's sexually abusive half-brother should be able to visit with their daughter. Sumner says the boy shouldn't be allowed to spend time with his sister, and Rowe says he… should. What?

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10-year-old says baby sitter had sex with him while mom was giving birth​


In August, Marybeth Rataic of Connecticut was staying overnight at her friend's house watching her friend's kids because the friend was giving birth at the time. Now, Rataic is accused of having sex with one of the children she was supposed to be babysitting, a 10-year-old boy. The accusations came after the mother of the child saw a hickey on her son's neck and probed.

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Lawyer hypnotized his clients to have sex with them


To be honest, I'm sick and tired of con artists and I'm glad this one didn't get away. 57 year old Michael Fine, is an attorney from Ohio who hypnotized his female clients and forced them to perform sex acts. He took advantage of the vulnerable emotional state of his clients and abused them. A woman identified as "Jane Doe" alerted the police after she had a meeting with Fine and her clothes were out of place and her vagina was wet. Fine, who calls himself "the world's greatest lover" is facing charges and will have his license revoked.

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Mother chases down & catches molester who fondled her son


A10-year-old boy at a Dave & Buster's restaurant told his mother that some creep had fondled him in the bathroom. A grown man molested a 10 year old in the bathroom of a mall restaurant you guys! When the alleged molester, 31-year-old Kwan Chen, came out of the bathroom the mother and restaurant managers took off after him through the mall as he tried to run away. Good news is, he didn't get very far!

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Mom rapes 15-year-old her son set her up with

Most teens would be grossed out if their mother was crushing on one of their peers, but apparently not in this bizarre case. Molly Shattuck is being charged with two counts of third-degree rape after having sexual relations with a teen boy that attended her son's high school in Delaware. In a strange twist, the 47-year-old mom's son actually encouraged the inappropriate sexual relationship. According to police documents, Shattuck's son noticed that his mom was stalking the kid on Instagram and texted him "my mom is obsessed with you." The divorced mom reportedly started hooking up with the teen this past summer and got caught in the most inappropriate way.

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Teacher has threesome with student then tattoos her face & name on her body!


Another day, another idiot teacher stands accused of having an affair with a student. This time, the bad apple maestra is Michelle Smith White, a 37-year-old married woman from North Carolina who allegedly had a threesome with a 15-year-old student and her husband. Pretty crazy, huh? Well, it gets even crazier. According to investigators, White was so obsessed with the student that she went ahead and got the girl's name and likeness tattooed onto her body. Wow, if this is true, then she excels at being a complete and utter moron.

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Girl blogged about sexual abuse for years before her grandfather finally killed her

Though Terrell Cowherd hadn't seen his estranged 11-year-old daughter Anahlia Cowherd in years, something told him to Google her name Tuesday morning. A search for Anahlia's name turned up a series of disturbing blog posts written by the young girl, the last had gone up Monday evening and was titled, "Help…Me…" In it, the preteen reveals her grandfather threatened to take her life. "He actually threatened to KILL my family," she writes. "Right now I'm in my mom's room, the door locked, my dog close, my brother here, my Grandpa somewhere, my Grandma is not home. My mom is coming…I'm so scared." Confused and disturbed, Cowherd contacted the Seattle Police Department to tell them of his findings. However, it appeared they had their own piece of troubling news to share with him. Anahlia was dead. Her grandfather killed her.

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Teacher says she was "groped in the vagina" by 5-year-old, calls cops


A teacher at Daughtrey Elementary School in Bradenton, Florida, called the police on October 9th after being groped " in the vagina" by a student. The problem: her so-called assailant was all of five years old. 

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Substitute teacher has sex with student who FILMS it!

Being a teacher's pet has a whole new meaning nowadays. A substitute teacher from Washington, DC is under hot water for allegedly having sex with one of her student's on her first day at the job. Talk about not leaving any time for procrastination. Symone Green is now being charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a minor for carrying on a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old football player student.

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