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WATCH: Cab driver attacks mom, throws 3 kids from car!

Jaw dropping surveillance video footage of a woman with her three children being sexually assaulted by some monster claiming to a livery taxi driver in Queens, New York has been released as cops are searching for this man. The 26-year-old mother along with her kids, who are 1, 3 and 5 years old, were picked up by this man who drove them to the back of the Pan American Hotel on Queens Blvd. in Elmhurst where he cornered the woman and tried to get her to perform a sexual act in the backseat with her 1-year-old on her lap!

This mother fought and did what she could to get herself and her kids out of danger because this son of a gun went off on her kids too. It's all caught on the video below and it's beyond upsetting.

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Couple repeatedly rape teen to get her pregnant & steal her baby


I'm beginning to lose all faith in humanity. An Alabama couple who wanted a baby repeatedly raped a mentally incapacitated teen in a bid to get her pregnant and steal her baby.

Court records reveal Jeremy Swann raped the unidentified teen multiple times in the hopes of using the woman as an unwilling surrogate. At one point, a bone-chilling report reveals the 29-year-old even gagged the victim with a ball to keep her from screaming as he sexually assaulted her. But, it turns out, he needn't have worried about the young woman's cries for help disturbing anyone in the household. 

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Mom arrested after 12-year-old daughter gets pregnant


Tina M. Durant, a mother from Newton, Iowa, is facing the law after she ignored the sexual abuse complaints from her 12-year-old daughter who is now pregnant. Durant was charged with child endangerment and neglect because she didn't pay attention and acted when her child told her she was being sexually abused by 24-year-old Jacob White. According to authorities, White slept in the child's bed and the mother knew about it.

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Disgusting mom had sex with her 12-year-old son & that's not the worst part


A 39-year-old woman in Bristol, England, has been sentenced to three years and three months in prison for having sex with her own 12-year-old son--and that's only part of this sordid, degenerate tale. You'll never believe to what nastiness this woman devolved ...

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Woman cuts off excorsist's penis after he raped her


A woman in a village in India did the unthinkable to a man that she thought would help her heal. Apparently, the woman fell ill and was suffering hallucinations and many other things that prevented her from getting sleep and having a normal life. Somehow the answer to all her health problems came in the form of an exorcist. I'm sure you are picturing Father Merrin from the famous movie, but you are wrong. This exorcist was just a crook of a healer in the town of Bihar. Basically the creep was a family member who bragged about his powers to get rid of demons, but in reality he was a rapist.

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Vanessa Williams talks about sexual abuse she suffered when she was 10


Vanessa Williams' whole life changed the summer before she entered the fifth grade. The actress and former Miss America opened up in a segment of Oprah's Master Class about how she was molested by an 18-year-old woman when she was only 10 and had gone away on vacation with some friends, without her parents. 

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16-year-old gets raped & the internet thinks it's a joke


I'm so disgusted with humanity right now because of the horrors that a 16-year-old girl from Texas who was raped is going through. Her name is Jada and although she is a  minor her name is out because she has the courage to speak out about what happened and is happening to her.

About a month ago, Jada, was invited to a party and when she got there she was handed a drink by the teenage boy that was hosting. Jada believes the drink was spiked because she passed out and doesn't remember what happened to her the rest of the night. What happened to her that night made it's way onto social media. She was raped. Pictures and videos of her passed out limp body, naked from the waist down were being shared as texts and via social media posts. I'm sorry to say her abuse has not ended.

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She found out her home was serial killer's torture chamber!

It's the fear of every woman who lives alone. A Missouri woman recently discovered that the house she was renting was the scene of horrendous crimes committed by a suspected serial killer. 

Catrina McGhaw rented the house and claims she didn't know that women were tortured and killed in the basement--possibly as many as 12 to 20. The suspected killer, Maury Travis, was never convicted of the crimes, but videos were found of him doing horrible things to women and killing at least one, according to news reports. 

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Woman forgives her rapists & I could never do the same

In 2008, Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout experienced every woman's worst nightmare. While on assignment with photographer Nigel Brennan in Somalia, she was kidnapped and repeatedly raped by a group of Islamic fundamentalists over the course of 460 days. 

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Mom stripped, pepper sprayed & thrown in jail cell for fighting with her husband

A 31-year-old mom from Indiana is suing Floyd Country jail for mistreatment and sexual humiliation. Tabitha Gentry was arrested at her home on March 30 for disorderly conduct just because she was having a dispute with her estranged husband. Mind you, her husband wasn't arrested. You are NOT going to believe the kind of crap these officers did to her!

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