4 Ways to turn your sex fantasies into a reality

When it comes to sex and pleasure very few rules are in place as long as you and your partner are comfortable doing it. Experimenting with new sex positions, toys and places are always fun and exciting. We all have sex fantasies, some kinkier than others, but they are all important for the health of our sex life. Some couples perform all their sex fantasies in the bedroom and leave nothing to the imagination. If you are on the shy side, we are going to tell you how to live out your fantasy.

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11 Bisexual celebrities who don't care what you think

More and more celebs have been coming out as bisexual and we can't seem to get enough! Total Divas star Rosa Mendes is the latest star to reveal her bisexuality for the world to love or hate on. On last night's episode, Mendes made out with a girl and confessed, "I'm more into guys, but I've been with girls before." Do your thing, girl! Well, she isn't the only one. 

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The 5 Best Kama Sutra positions that will blow your mind

Kama sutra may be one of the oldest ways to have sex, but it has been around for centuries for a reason. Tantric sex is considered one of the best ways to reach an orgasm and increase intimacy with your partner. No wonder it has been around since about 400 BC. If you are looking for ways to switch up the standard missionary position, this is the way to go. 

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15 Latin celebrities share their naughtiest sex secrets

Zoe Saldana is one of my favorite celebrities right now. Not only is she rocking it out at the box office, but the mujer is on top of the world right now! She has a handsome hubby, a couple of babies on the way, and a crazy good sex life. Hmm, I'm sure that last part has something to do with how she got the first two. I bet you want to know how. Well...

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Couple gets stuck together while having sex in the ocean


Darlings, I think an adventurous sex life is wonderful and I highly encourage it, but CUIDADO if you have any plans for doing it in the ocean because you may never be able to stop. No, I'm serious. Let me tell you the tale of a couple who got stuck together while having sex in the ocean. I am not making this up, it totally happened, there are even witnesses and if you don't read on, it could happen to you!

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Real people try out Cosmo sex tips & it's hilarious


Sex can be fun, messy and downright awkward, especially when you're trying out a crazy new position. Take it from Cosmopolitan magazine. The ladies mag, best known for their wild and crazy sex tips and tricks, released a trio of videos proving that sex may not always very sexy, but it is always incredibly entertaining. You have to see them for yourself! 

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The worst sex advice you've ever seen


Breaking news: women's orgasms are ruining sex! Well, at least according to some of the "sexperts" quoted in a recent Australian Men's Health article.

According to the lad mag, women have been doing this whole sex thing all wrong ever since a good number of them became feminists and decided that they wanted to get off, también. Oh, the nerve of them. But have no fear. Men's Health has 15 quick and easy tips for men to help turn a "good [feminist] girl bad," and make her great in bed "without her even noticing."

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6 Easy tips to keep your lingerie looking & feeling sexy!


Sexy starts from within, and I'm not talking about you but your lingerie. I know its expensive, delicate and hard to take care of. But lingerie is also beautiful and has the power to make us feel gorgeous and sexy! Satin, lace, sheer and silk are tough fabrics to handle because they wear and tear easily.

You probably have a couple of really nice and expensive lingerie pieces that you hardly ever wear because you don't know how to take care of them. You are in luck! Keep on reading because we are going to tell you how to keep your favorite lingerie looking and feeling sexy!

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Bride cheats on groom with dwarf stripper and has his baby


What happens at your bachelorette party, stays…in your womb? Okay, not typically, but that happens to be the case for a Spanish woman who recently gave birth to a baby that looks nothing like her new hubby, but bears a striking genetic resemblance to a little person stripper she hooked up with the eve of her bachelorette party. Ooooh, she's got some serious 'splaining to do!

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8 Dangers of sex you should watch out for

Sex is amazing! It's one of the best things you can do to improve and maintain optimum health. Its physical and mental benefits are many and we can thank sex for helping us lose weight, change our posture and lower stress levels. Too much of a good thing? Probably! Not everything is great about the sexy act and if you don't watch out you could end up having these issues.

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