7 Girls are pregnant after going on a school trip


Seven teenage girls brought back souvenirs from their high school trip to their nation's capital--and it wasn't a key chain. The students, between the ages of 13 and 15, all came back pregnant after their five-day school trip to Bosnia's capital. I get one rebellious girl getting knocked up during a school trip, but seven?! Was the curriculum really that boring that they decided to take it laying down? Well, as you can imagine the parents are pretty pissed at the school and are fighting for answers.

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10 Things that can mess with your man's erection

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There's nothing funny about erectile dysfunction. It sucks, and helping your partner overcome it can be hard difficult. However, if you work together (team work will make his peen work!), you two can totally overcome this sexual bump in the road. But first, you need to figure out what exactly is causing his equipment failure.

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Honey Boo Boo's mom offered $1 million for sex tape


Here comes more disturbing Honey Boo Boo rumors. Word on the street has it noted sex tape peddlers Vivid Entertainment has offered Honey Boo Boo matriarch June Shannon $1 million to make a sex tape with her baby daddy Sugar Bear. Ordinarily, such ridiculous stirrings would make me laugh. But now isn't one of those times. It's been a little while since TLC canceled the family's lucrative show amidst rumors regarding an unrelated sex scandal, meaning the family is probably hard up for a little extra cash. But are they so desperate as to consider making a sex tape?

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Woman's boyfriend finds sex toy hidden in her vagina for months

I'm always so astonished whenever I hear these stories about women who get items stuck up their vaginas. How does that happen exactly? Take this woman on Reddit, for instance. She was right in the middle of having sex with her boyfriend when he suddenly noticed something wasn't quite right. The boyfriend felt a strange opening that apparently came from a sex toy that had been lodged in her vagina for months. Seriously? How the hell does that happen?

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Woman signs boyfriend's penis so he won't cheat


Okay, amiga, let's get real honest up in here! Tell me how far would you go to make sure that your man is not cheating on you when he goes out on his own? Would you simply take it for granted that you are together and he will respect your relationship, would you spy on him or would you go as far as writing on his penis to claim it as your own? Yup, you read that last part right. I'm asking if you would tag your man's ding-a-ling with your name! Why? Because that's exactly what this loca who went on the Steve Harvey Show has been doing to her boyfriend for the last four years and she needed to ask professionals if signing her man's penis is weird. You are not going to believe this nonsense and the responses she got are hilarious and on point!

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WATCH: Women catcalling men will make you laugh your pompis off!


Have you seen this video that has been making the internet rounds about what it would be like if women were the ones doing the catcalling? It's funny and actually something I've thought about a lot before. In fact, in March I wrote a post here about the very same thing called, 8 Catcalls for women who want to give men a taste of their own medicine. It's interesting because I think we all know that if women were the ones doing the catcalling, the catcalls would be nowhere near as obscene, disgusting, demeaning and sometimes downright threatening as the catcalls some men throw women's way.

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Kanye West refuses to have sex with Kim Kardashian

You'd think someone as sexy as Kim Kardashian wouldn't have a problem getting her own husband, Kanye West, to sleep with her, but according to reports, she has had some trouble lately. Kim has become one of the most lusted over women on this planet, especially after that nude photoshoot she did with Paper magazine. I don't even want to know how many men jerked off to that oiled-up booty pic. So why is she having such a hard time getting her man to have sex with her?

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QUIZ: What kind of gift should you get your man?


You've made your list and checked it twice, only to realize you've forgotten to get something for the man in your life. Oops! No worries. Whether you've been together for years or are just starting out, we can help you find the perfect gift for your hombre. Take the quiz below to find out what kind of gift will perfectly reflect your his unique interests, while capturing precisely how you feel about him. Consider this our gift to you!



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Miss BumBum wants to do something crazy to her vagina!


Out of all of the plastic surgery Miss BumBum Brazil, Indianara Carvalho, has gotten, she still has one item she needs to check off her wish list. The 22-year-old pageant winner reportedly wants to undergo vaginal rejuvenation surgery to "get her virginity back." I guess no one ever told her that once it's gone it's gone forever, but maybe a fake hymen will be as good as the real thing for her. I mean, people do treat fake boobs and butts as real, don't they? Carvalho says she wants her virginity restored so she can give it up to "someone special," but that's not the only reason.

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6 Sex fetishes too weird to be true


When it comes to sex and pleasure, most things are welcome and many couples are willing to try new positions, toys and games to spice things up. Sex fantasies and fetishes are always part of the experience and though some are more risqué than others, very few are just horrifying. Remember the guy the three friends from the movie Horrible Bosses hired? I'm talking about the guy that urinated on men for a living. Well, that's one of the types of fetish I'm going to talk to you about ... but be warned: some of the others are even worse!

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