3 Simple ways to get rid of his penis odor


Countless products are available for the health and well being of our vagina. Anything from powders, lotions and products to keep it refreshed and well scented. We know exactly what to do when our lady is not feeling up to the party. But what about men? I'm sure you have  wondered about that if you've ever experienced something smelly under your man's pants. Like us, they need to take care of the bacteria growing in the groin area. Read these tips so you can take care of the problem without saying a word. At the end of the day, the two of you will be happier because you will enjoy oral sex even more.

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Sex & your sign: Your naughty horoscope for September!


This month the stars want to teach you how to set limits to negative relationships, how to control those impulses that don't help you grow and how to be more honest with yourself. The stars wish that you have a beautiful and different view of life so you can learn how to manage your sexual energy with more power and authority. 

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9 Reasons to say NO to anal sex


Sex should be fun, full of passion and enjoyed by the parties involved. In the case of young lovers, they like to experiment with sex and are more willing to try different things while they are at the peak of their hormonal levels. But a recent study about anal sex conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine revealed otherwise. The study showed that girls are being coerced by their boyfriends to have anal sex and they feel terrible because it's not fun for them.

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5 Taboo sex questions your doctor wishes you would ask

Research claims that between 40 to 75 percent of women have concerns about sexual health. Next time you visit the Ob-gyn, be sure to outline your questions and reserve your shyness for the dentist. Here are some concerns you should voice during your next doctor's visit. 

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5 Things you do that make you great in bed

Believe it or not, you don't need sex advice to make you good in bed. Let's face the facts--most women don't get complaints about their skills in the bedroom. Why? Because we freaking rock. Being a great sex partner is an art form that you have conquered naturally. Here are five things you are already doing that make you amazing in bed.

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Everything you know about the G-spot & orgasms is totally WRONG!

Sorry to break it to you, ladies, but scientists just confirmed the oh-so-mythical G-spot is about as real as Bigfoot and mermaids. I guess that means we've been sending men on a wild G-spot chase all these years. Oopsie.

Luckily, all hope isn't lost. It turns out women's erogenous zone isn't limited to a tiny, hard to find spot; it's a lot more complex than that. According to a group of Italian doctors who've made it their business to study ... er, our business, women have a much larger "intimate area" than they'd originally thought.

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Parents turn teen daughter in to the police for sexting older boys


Terrified parents freaked out after they discovered nude photos and mature content of their 13-year-old daughter on her phone and tablet. The parents were so alarmed that they turned their adolescent daughter and her devices in to the Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office in Virginia. The sexting exchanges on her phone were too risqué for her age and her parents were afraid for their daughter since they found text messages from high school seniors asking her for sex.

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What it's like having sex for the first time after having a baby...


It seems to be one of those things that you learn by osmosis, that you can have sex approximately six weeks after giving birth. I don't know why so many people are familiar with that bit of postpartum knowledge, but I have a feeling it has to do with men. Men really seem to care about this, so it's out there, it's well known and horny partners keep an eye on the calendar waiting for that magical "it's okay to have sex date" to arrive. The thing is that women aren't alarm clocks. At the six week mark our vaginas don't start ringing and laying out a welcome mat, it's a little more complicated than that.

So what it's really like to have sex for the first time after having a baby?

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7 Myths about orgasms that you need to know


It's stunning to me that with so much information at our fingertips, there is still so much misinformation circulating about the female orgasm. The female orgasm still seems to be a mysterious mythical subject. It could be because we don't talk about it enough or because when we do see it portrayed in movies of an R rated or X rated nature it still is anything but realistic. It's always like the most amazing thing ever and so easy to get to, right? You don't really ever see a sex scene in a movie where the couple really really likes each other and they are totally hot and bothered and they have awesome sex, but the woman does not have an orgasm.

So let's discuss some of the biggest lies we've been told about orgasms.

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Nicky Minaj drops "Anaconda" video, tops our list of raunchiest videos of all time

Nicki Minaj is giving a whole new meaning to the 90's term "jungle fever." The Queens rapper is properly depicted as the Queen of the jungle in her "Anaconda" video, which makes Jennifer Lopez's tropical-themed "Waiting For Tonight" video look tame as hell. Director Colin Tilley starts us off with a peaceful prelude of birds chirping in a rainforest before smacking you in the face with slow motion booty poppin' and bananas spinning on turntables. No, I'm not making this stuff up.

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