6 Things you didn't know about the penis

What's not to love about the penis? It provides pleasure and keeps our population count to a healthy level--sometimes too healthy. Sure, its power to get us pregnant has always been a love and hate thing, but that debate is never-ending. Argue with me if you want, but the penis is a really amazing part of the male body. We are counting down strange and awesome facts you may not know about the penis. Can you guess any of them?

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Christian swingers swap Bible verses & sex partners​ in the name of God


Oh my gatos I feel like such a prude right now, I'm SHOCKED, absolutely shocked, by Dean and Cristy Parave, a married devoutly Christian couple that swings. I'm not shocked that they are Christians or that they are swingers, I'm shocked that they are both and not only that, but Dean sees their swinging lifestyle as a way to help spread God's word. Come again?! HA! You see what I did there?

How exactly do they use swinging to spread the word of God? Check it out!

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5 Wonderful benefits of orgasms during pregnancy


First of all, I hope you already know that unless your doctor tells you not to, there is no reason why you should stop having sex or orgasms while pregnant. No, it won't hurt the baby and yes, you are still smokin' hot and desirable! Oh, and there are even benefits to having orgasms while pregnant and you know that you want to do what's best while pregnant, so find out why you should go get you some.

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Poor man suffers from 100 orgasms a day!


Talk about too much of a good thing. Two years ago, a 37-year-old man developed persistent genital arousal syndrome and has been having nonstop orgasms ever since! What was once a fun and enjoyable sensation is now a "disgusting and horrendous" experience that's affecting his life, marriage, and ability to integrate in society. If you think this doesn't sound so terrible, wait until you read about the embarrassing and very public situations in which he's had a spontaneous orgasm.

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This is what sex really looks like


We all have our fair share of crazy hookup stories, but most of ours probably pale in comparison to a couples' who, in the name of science, got their freak on inside of an MRI machine. 

A video clip of the unidentified freaky-deeks surfaced online over the weekend as part of a larger compilation of clips shared by Vox. The video, appropriately titled "Life looks really different through an MRI machine," also features people doing any number of things, from giving birth to casually drinking pineapple juice, inside of an MRI machine. 

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5 Things women need to stop doing during sex

We all know not every sex encounter with our partner ends up being magically orgasmic or 50 Shades of Grey-worthy. The truth is, sometimes the entire event falls short from our expectations. This may be due to some common little mistakes we tend to make during sex. Find out what they are so you can make sure to avoid them for next time. Wink. 

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Parents share their REAL tricks on how to sneak in sex


Sex after having babies is difficult at best. Mostly it turns grown adults into teenagers. We find ourselves sneaking around like we don't pay the mortgage. The little people run the joint. After 9 years of parenthood, the Big Guy and I have become sort of sex ninjas. We co-slept for years, and even then our lovemaking was not put on life support. We simply employed military-like tactics to get the deed done in other parts of the house. They say necessity is the mother of ingenuity and boy, is that true.

But children don't have to kill intimacy, you just have to get creative and use your imagination and the rest of the house. Honestly, I think all the sneaking around has added some spice. Sure, we may not be afforded the luxury of rolling over every night and having missionary sex but don't underestimate the power of playing the ultimate game of hide and seek… from your kids.

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Woman sues man for $5K for taking her virginity


If I had a dollar for every man who ever lied to me, I'd be a very rich woman. But, really, who even has time to track all of those guys down? It seems a lot easier to just track down the one who's told me the biggest lie, and sue the shorts off of him!

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5 Reasons masturbating is good for you

Female pleasure is a mystery and will continue to be, as long as our secret garden remains hidden. Kidding! We are luckily when it comes to sex because we are not as straightforward as men. Masturbation is quite simple for guys, all they need is some lubricant and their hand. For us, masturbation is always different and varies with our mood. It's all about the clitoris and how it gets stimulated.

Masturbation is good for your sexual and mental health. These are some of the reasons why you should masturbate more often.

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6 Things you should NEVER do during phone sex


Let's talk about good old fashioned phone sex shall we? Do people even have it anymore? I know people get their kink on over the computer or send each other sexts or have X-rated FaceTime or Skype sessions with each other, but does anyone still have good old fashioned phones sex where it's just you, your lover, your phones and you use your voice and words to get it on when you can't be in the same place together?

I'm all for old fashioned phone sex because it's safe, there's no visual evidence of it after the fact and why the heck not? But wait, before you go and heat up your phone line, there are certain things you should NEVER do when having phone sex.

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