8 Crazy sex laws you'll never believe exist

If you're going on a cross-country trip anytime soon and have any ideas about getting lucky, you might want to read up on the places you're visiting. Why? It turns out that some state laws go way past traffic regulations and right into your bedroom.

That's right...there are sex laws out there and some of them are downright weird.

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SEE: Pornostagram, the XXX social network

'Twas only a matter of time before someone took the idea of Instagram and gave it a porn makeover. I'm actually surprised at myself for being surprised that Pornostagram exists. Yes my loves, Pornostagram is a thing, a real thing on the internet. Specifically, it is a XXX social network for adults who want to overshare to the max. Think selfies gone wild.

I'm talkin naked! People sharing naughty naked selfies of themselves with hipster filters applied to the pics! Because you gotta have the hipster filter otherwise what's the point? Hahaha...I'm not gonna lie, for the purpose of research, I took a peek and what did I see?

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This is what it looks like when girls act like guys


As women we are used to getting hit on by men left and right that we just let it go over our heads. The other day at the club I heard some of the most ridiculous things that it shocks me as to how desperate some guys can be. I don't even remember the last time I heard pick-up lines that bad!

However, have you ever wondered what it would be like if we switched roles with them? This latest video shows you just that and let's just say I doubt I'd be as cheesy as half of these guys!

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Mimi & Nikko's sex tape sparks shower sex craze, here's how to do it right!

Love & Hip Hop stars Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith's recently dropped a sex tape and rumor has it that there is some seriously acrobatic sex moves happening using a certain industrial strength shower rod. Everyone's been, um, really excited about the prospect of trying it at home and there's been a huge surge in demand for super-strength shower rods!  But listen up chicas, you need more than a super strong shower rod to make shower sex as steamy as Mimi & Nikko...

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5 Ways anal sex is actually bad for you

Not to be all Judge Judy or anything, but I've never understood how some chicks enjoy anal sex. I've always found it painful, awkward and unnecessary. But some women I know really do dig it. In fact, I have one girlfriend who loves it almost as much (if not more) than vaginal sex. But she recently admitted to me that she thinks it's possibly giving her some colon problems. Could anal sex be harmful?

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The coolest way to to get hot: Viagra Ice Cream!

These days, it seems like there's a drug for every possible sex affliction you could possibly have and many of them come in various forms, from nasal sprays to pills. But the latest form of erectile dysfunction medicine will probably come as surprise to most people: ice cream. That's right…there is now such a thing as Viagra ice cream. Can you believe it?!

But don't run out to the supermarket though—it's not available to everyone just yet. In fact, the only reason it was created in the first place is because an A-list celebrity apparently specifically requested it! So who was it?! And how exactly does this work? Read on to find out more!

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WATCH: Find out what guys REALLY think about during sex & so much more


The only times I've ever wished I had a penis was when it was attached to a particular person that I wanted to have my way with (wink, wink) and let's be honest men are pretty generous when it comes to letting you borrow theirs for your pleasure. Even though I don't believe in the whole penis envy thing, I do have what could be considered penis curiosity and I'm sure I'm not alone. Penis curiosity has more to do with wanting to understand how a penis works and how it affects the male who owns it.

Buzzfeed created a video that may have answered pretty much everything I've ever wanted to know about being a guy. For example, I now know what makes a girl good in bed and you can too. In less than two minutes, you my darlin' can become the expert that I now believe myself to be. Find out what guys really think about during sex

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The 10 Worst things about sex that no one enjoys


Everyone is always talkin' about sex, how great it is, how to have more of it, how to make it even greater than it already is, but can we be honest here for a moment? Not everything having to do with sex is awesome sauce. Just like every cloud has a silver lining, every rose has its thorn. You know it's true. Let's talk about some of the horny thorns of sex, shall we?

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Lupillo Rivera caught in racy porno photo scandal!


Lupillo Rivera, El Toro del Corrido and Jenni Rivera's little brother, is being blackmailed and I have to say I totally feel for him and his whole family. It's pretty awful. Someone or a group of someones broke into his home and, among other things, stole some unedited music recordings and intimate pictures he took with his wife. It sucks that the music recordings were stolen, but it sucks even more that the pictures were taken because now whoever did the stealing is demanding that Rivera pay up or the photos will be leaked.

ARGHHHHH! Can you imagine? Just how naughty and explicit are the pictures?

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The Hook-Up Truck wants to replace back seats & seedy motel rooms for doing the deed!


I recently told you about the Love Cloud, the plane that allows you to have sex privately (more or less) with all the perfect amenities. This time I'm letting you know about "The Hook-Up Truck." The idea came to life thanks to artist Spy Emerson who used an ordinary truck to create a love den on wheels for couples.

You're probably wondering who hooks in cars, let alone trucks besides teens? Well, according to Emerson, A LOT of people still do!

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