Nebraska school gives students TERRIBLE advice on how to deal with bullies


My jaw hit the ground after reading a list of 9 "rules"on how to deal with bullying that was sent home with fifth grade students from Zeman Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska. The "rules" are so absurdly inappropriate they have sparked outrage among parents and gone viral, much to the chagrin of the school I'm sure.

What makes the "rules" so awful is that they read more like a how to be the perfect victim and enable bullies to get away with their abuse tip list than anything else. I have a feeling you are going to be as shocked by them as I was. Hold on to your jaw because it is about to hit the floor.

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BREAKING NEWS: 20 students injured in stabbing spree at Pennsylvania high school

As many as 20 people were injured in a scary stabbing spree that took place on Wednesday morning at a Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.

According to authorities, the suspect (who has not been publicly identified yet) began randomly stabbing people throughout multiple classrooms in the science wing of the building, this morning before classes had started for the day. The suspect is now in custody and police say they are "in the process of interviewing him" to try and find out what could've spurred the vicious attack.

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Yale threatens to kick out student because she's too skinny


Women are used to being fat shamed, but we forget that thin women also get attacked. In fact, prestigious Ivy league Yale is in hot water for almost kicking out one of their students for being too thin. The 20-year-old woman, Frances Chan, claims in a personal essay written for The Huffington Post that the school nurse conducts monthly weigh-ins on her because they believe she has an eating disorder.

Not only does their conduct sound unprofessional, but the bigger issue is that Chan claims that her whole family including herself are naturally very thin people.

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WATCH: Aquinas College professor duped in BEST pregnancy April Fools prank ever!


An Aquinas College professor in Michigan is newly famous after a video of him falling victim to the ultimate April Fool's joke went viral.The unnamed instructor takes his macroeconomics class so seriously that he has a strict cellphone policy. If a student receives a call, they are required to answer it on speakerphone for the class to hear.

His plan backfires when one female student receives an embarrassing and awkward phone call. You have to see it, it's amazing.

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Dangerous sex education classes could be putting your child at risk!


I thought I'd heard every term out there to describe abstinence in sex ed classes, but I was wrong. It wasn't until now that I learned about how some schools in Mississippi are comparing women who have sex to pieces of dirty chocolate or gum. What the hell?

Not only is this an absurd comparison but it's completely ignorant. Wait till you hear what teachers did in the classroom to prove their point. It might leave you dumbfounded!

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Teen's nose detached from his FACE during savage school fight & no one did anything!


I was utterly disgusted to hear about what happened to 16-year-old David Egan after a school fight that practically left him disfigured. The teen was the victim of a savage beating by a classmate at their Atlanta school which was all caught on surveillance tape. The attacker is not being named due to his age, but the harm he caused Egan will last him forever.

You see, the boy was beaten so badly that his WHOLE nose became detached from his skull!

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Band teacher suspended for using duct tape in an INSANE way


Duct tape is pretty darned useful. You can use it for all sorts of things, but I wouldn't recommend using it on a child. Nope, not a good idea...EVER! Not even if that child is a teenager with bad posture. I promise you will get in trouble.

Just ask Brian Sullivan the band teacher at Jefferson High School in Monroe, Michigan. He's on paid administrative leave right now because he allegedly duct-taped a student's ankles to her chair. But wait, it's not as bad as it sounds, he was just trying to help her. Actually, scratch is as bad as it sounds.

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Crazy school says girl isn't girly enough & sends her home!


Sunnie Kahle is an 8-year-old girl and until very recently she was a student Timberlake Christian School, a private school in Virginia. She parted ways with the school because the school doesn't seem to think that Sunnie acts girly enough. What?! Oh yeah and they even put it in writing. The elementary principal, Becky Bowman, sent home a letter to Sunnie's great grandmother and legal guardian, Doris Thompson, last month and you are not going to believe what that letter says.

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9-year-old girl banned from school for most RIDICULOUS reason yet!

A 9-year-old Colorado girl was kicked out of class on Monday after shaving off all of her hair in solidarity with a friend undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

School officials apparently told the student, identified only as Kamryn, that she couldn't come back to class without a wig or until her hair grew back because her shaved head violates the school's dress code. Really? A 9-year-old has the guts to make this incredibly brave and compassionate gesture and that's the response she gets? Unbelievable.

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Principal who told students not to speak Spanish is fired, YAY!

A Texas middle school principal that refused to let her students speak Spanish in class has been fired from her job after the school board decided that her actions weren't in line with the district's values.

Amy Lacey first made headlines last year after she allegedly took to the loudspeaker to tell her students--more than 50 percent of whom are reportedly Hispanic--that they were no longer allowed to the language on campus. The move caused tons of public backlash and spurred school officials to take further disciplinary measures.

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