Mom trades diamond ring for son's tuition and you won't believe what happened

I've heard of giving the shirt off your back for your children's education, but the ring off your finger? Well, that's a new one.

But that's exactly what one Ohio mom said she had to do in order to get her son into summer school. Tamika Hamilton's son needed to go to summer school if he was going to be promoted from 7th to 8th grade, but she could not pay the $400 tuition bill up front. According to Hamilton, Superintendent Charles Keenan offered her a solution: she could let the school district hold something that was worth $400 as collateral until she was able to pay off the tuition bill. That sounds sort of shady, doesn't it?

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Fifth-grader banned from using lip balm in school for stupidest reason ever

Is it me or are schools coming out with the craziest rules these days? Remember when that 9-year-old Colorado girl was kicked out of school after shaving off all of her hair to support a friend undergoing chemotherapy treatment? Or that poor teen who was publicly shamed by school administrators just for wearing a skirt that supposedly was a little too short? Well, now I'm hearing about a fifth-grader who was banned from using lip balm at school. Can you believe this nonsense?

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Mystery Illness:Thousands of kids across 10 states are sick


A mysterious respiratory illness has affected more than 1,000 in over 10 states in the Midwest, and doctors suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg!

At present, all health officials seem to know about the illness is that it may be related to a rare virus called human enterovirus 68 (HEV68) and it's incredibly dangerous. Because the virus affects the human respiratory system, doctors warn it may become life threatening if left untreated. 

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Mom blames attack at school for daughter's gruesome injuries


I'm baffled by a situation that is going on involving a beautiful little girl being referred to on social media as AvaLynn. This little girl was on the playground at Arlington Elementary in Mississippi and she got hurt something bad. I will share photographs with you below of her injuries, but please be warned that they are severe and upsetting. What's strange to me about the situation other than the severity of this little girl's injuries is that the child's mother and parents seem to have different stories about what happened at the playground.

It's all very disconcerting, especially since it involves a young child and happened on a playground that you would assume was supervised.

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Back to School!

6 Ways to cope with a crier on his first day of school

Some children (and parents) have a very difficult time being separated from their parents when it's time to start school, whether it's their first time ever attending, or they've gotten a little too used to being at home with their families during the summer. This can mean tears and meltdowns come the first day of school, which is undoubtedly stressful on everyone. It can probaly seem like a hopeless and awful situation to be in, but if you know that your child is introverted, shy or perhaps just very attached, you can prepare for the situation to try and make it go as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

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Girl forced to eat out of the trash at school

Imagine having your kid come back from school and say she was served school lunch out of a trash can. That is exactly what happened to Utah student Sierra Prince, who claims that she asked a kitchen employee for pizza, but there wasn't any left. The gross solution another school lunch worker found was to dig up a toss pizza--straight out of the trash can! Now this is the perfect example that some people just aren't meant to work with kids and belong in a freaking prison yard instead. Now Sierra's mom is fighting back and has some strong words for school officials.  

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Principal fired for trying to make all students "speak English"


Texas is one of the states with the strongest anti-immigration views in the country. Due to their proximity to Mexico, the state has lots of second generation immigrant children in their school system. When Amy Lacey, the principal of Hempstead Middle School, tried to ban Spanish from the classrooms, students and parents were outraged. The school board of directors understood the severity of the situation and revoked Lacey's contract.

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Nude selfie of teacher accidentally e-mailed to student body


When I was in school, it was strange to learn that my teachers had their own personal lives and were regular people. So I can't even imagine how John Muir High School teacher Richard Rosa felt when his nude selfies were sent to his students' e-mails. If that wasn't bad enough, Rosa didn't intend on sending those private pictures and in fact the reason this whole fiasco occurred is because his e-mail was hacked.

Wow, talk about embarrassing!

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Teacher having sex with student threatened to do WHAT if he ended it?

Is high school teacher the profession of choice for sex offenders in the making? It definitely feels that way! The latest incident of a professor becoming overly cozy with a student involves 32-year-old Danielle Watkins of Norwalk, Connecticut, an English teacher at the nearby Stamford High School. Watkins turned herself into authorities on Thursday. Police officers had put out an arrest warrant on the grounds that she engaged in a sexual relationship with a now 18-year-old student from September 2012 to June 2014, sent him naked photos of herself and lewd text messages, and provided both him and a 15-year-old friend with marijuana. But there's more ... and it's even WORSE!

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Mom says her baby got herpes from day care teacher!


In today's WTF-worthy news, an Oklahoma City mother claims her 1-year-old daughter contracted the herpes virus from her day care worker.

"She started getting blisters all around her mouth," explained Consuela Smith in an interview with local news station KFOR 4. Confused and concern, Smith said she took her daughter to the hospital, where she learned her daughter had contracted a terrible venerial disease. 

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