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18 Celebrity kids who are growing up bilingual

I'm not going to lie, I always get real happy when I find out someone is growing up in a bilingual household. I feel like the more the merrier and I love to see how there seem to be more and more families who are realizing the benefits of bilingualism. It also helps to see how many celebrity kids are growing up bilingual because I think it makes this way of raising kids even more mainstream. So check out our list of celebrity kids that are growing up with more than one language. 

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World Cup 2014: 8 bilingual books about soccer your kids will love

The World Cup 2014 starts tomorrow! Like in many latino households, my kids and I will be watching and cheering for our favorite teams. Fútbol has always been a part of my life and even though my Puerto Rican husband is not a huge fan, I want my kids to enjoy the next few weeks like I used to as a child back in Peru. 

I'll never forget the 1986 World Cup, for example, when Argentina won and my family and I took to the streets to celebrate. Although we're not Argentinian, we lived there for a couple of years and have always felt a strong connection to the beautiful country. Plus, when a team from another country from Latin America wins, most Latin Americans rejoice!

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7 Latino celebrities on Sesame Street that will teach your kids Spanish

Although I didn't grow up watching Sesame Street, I always knew I wanted to expose my kids to the wonderful, entertaining and educational program. Nothing made me happier than finding out that they were going to add an additional Latino character to their regular cast last fall and Mando has not disappointed.

But I've also been very grateful to see many Latino celebrity guests on Sesame Street, especially the ones that I can play over and over again to help my children with their Spanish. Check out the videos below and be ready to be surprised by some old school ones, including the one with Ricky Martin as a teen!

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5 Key tips to raise bilingual kids

My husband and I have been raising our kids bilingual since our first child was born eight years ago. Today, we're lucky enough to be able to say that they're both fully bilingual in English and Spanish. So, whenever people ask for advice on how to do the same with their kids, I like to share the following five key tips with them...

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Here's why you shouldn't be worried about speaking to your kids in Spanish ONLY

Although deep down inside I knew we were doing the right thing, I'm not going to lie, some days, I was truly worried about our decision to speak to our firstborn in Spanish only. I guess it was the part of me that wanted to protect my daughter and make sure she'd be okay in her English-only preschool considering she'd been surrounded by Spanish most of her short life. 

When her teachers told me she was shy, I knew there was something up because that's not an adjective I'd used to describe my little girl. I questioned whether I should've taught her some basic vocabulary in English to help her navigate her new surroundings. But then, I relaxed, confident that learning English was inevitable and would happen faster than I could even imagine.

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4 Ideas to celebrate El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros with your kids

Next Wednesday is one of my favorite children's celebration. Known in Spanish as El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros and observed every April 30 for the last 18 years, the idea behind DÍA is to celebrate children and books. What's not to love about that?

Books are an absolutely excellent way to help your niños become bilingual, so this is the perfect celebration in my home. Every year we do something different and my kids have tons of fun. Here are some ideas you can try with yours:

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5 Easter books in Spanish your bilingual kids will love

Easter is right around the corner and besides making cascarones with my bilingual kids, I also like to take the time to talk to them about what this celebration is all about. One of easiest ways to do this in a fun and understandable way is through children's books in Spanish--especially if you have little ones who are still too young to understand some more difficult concepts. 

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5 Fun videos to teach your kids Spanish

One of the most important tips I always give parents raising bilingual kids is to make sure they make the journey as fun as possible. The minute learning Spanish starts becoming a chore or a burden for your kids, I guarantee you'll run into all kinds of resistance. 

Music and games are a great way to expose them to Spanish in a super fun way, but letting them watch videos online is also an option. Check out some of my kids' favorite ones and you'll be surprised how much vocabulary your niños will pick up without even realizing it just by watching them! 

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6 Reasons why every child should be bilingual

Being bilingual has been a real blessing in my life. It has opened the door to so many opportunities that would've been unthinkable had I been monolingual. Although my reasons for raising bilingual kids have more to do with heritage than anything else, I'm not going to deny that the added benefits that you'll find below don't make me extremely happy that my kids speak both English and Spanish.

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College preparedness

Latinos are now largest minority group in college campuses nationwide

Finally, some good news regarding Latinos and higher education. The Pew Hispanic Center has just released some very encouraging numbers for 2011 and they basically show that for the first time, more than 2 million Hispanics ages 18 to 24 were enrolled in college. This means that Latinos are now the largest minority group with a record 16.5 percent enrollment share in the country's four-year college campuses. 

When it comes to two-year colleges, Latinos now account for one quarter (or 25.2 percent) of the 18- to 24-year-olds enrolled. 

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