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6 Surprising ways it's better to grow up bilingual

Raising your children bilingual is one of the greatest decisions you can make as a parent. My parents did it with me and now I'm doing the same with my two kids. My reasons are a bit different than my parents', but in the end, it's all about the advantages of being bilingual, which are countless!

My daughter is 8 and she's finally starting to realize the power of bilingualism on her own--and nothing could make me happier! Check out a few of the advantages kids who grow up bilingual enjoy.

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10 Ways to make maracas with your kids

One way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month is by making Hispanic arts & crafts with your kids. Since I'm not very crafty, but my kids love making stuff with their hands, I'm always looking for easy ones. And nothing could be easier and more fun than making maracas!

We've made maracas in the past, as you'll see in the slideshow below, but I imagined there was probably a bunch of different ways of making these fun instruments that all kids love and I was right! Below, you'll find 10 maraca crafts that range from the super easy to the more elaborate. 

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8 Mistakes all parents make when raising bilingual kids

It's tough admitting you've made a parenting mistake, but the earlier you accept it, the better off everyone will be--especially when it comes to raising bilingual children. I've learned a lot from my own mistakes as I've attempted to raise my two kids bilingual the past eight years. But I've also learned a lot from all the parents I've been in touch with thanks to

Allow me to share the most common mistakes and how to fix them:

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10 Children's books by Latino authors your kids should read!

I love Hispanic Heritage Month! Although we celebrate our Latino culture and traditions on a daily basis at home, it's always nice when others around us take a moment, in this case a month, to recognize everything Latinos have contributed to this country.

With that in mind, I've put together a list of children books written by Latino authors that my kids have enjoyed and that I think yours will too!

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5 Cute cartoons to teach your kids Spanish

If you're raising bilingual kids, cartoons are a fun way to expose them to Spanish. Since I don't let my kids watch a lot of TV, I am very selective about the programming I do give them permission to watch. One big rule I've enforced, especially when they were younger, is that whatever they watch must be in Spanish. Here are five cartoons that are perfect for your little ones to learn more Spanish while having fun.

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5 Ways to get your kids to speak to you in Spanish

One of the biggest frustrations parents raising bilingual kids have is that although they speak Spanish to their children all the time, they usually can't get them to respond in the minority language. Most of the times, it has to do with typical and normal rebellion on the part of children who don't want to be different from the rest, but some times it's not that. Some times it's just that speaking English comes more natural for a child, especially if the exposure he or she is receiving to Spanish is minimal. Such is the case with a dear friend of mine who wrote me an email recently asking me for advice. 

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6 Fun videos in Spanish to share with your bilingual kids

I have yet to meet a kid who doesn't like watching YouTube videos. Mine are no exception. And since videos in Spanish are a great option for those of us raising bilingual kids, I'm always on the lookout for good stuff out there. I hope the six I'm sharing here will be useful to you and fun for your kids!

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5 Free apps to help your kids speak Spanish

Although I've written about some great apps out there to help your kids learn Spanish, today I just want to concentrate on those that are completely free. Seems like every time I check on iTunes there's at least a couple new ones. The thing about apps is that it's so normal for kids to use them that they won't even realize they're actually learning Spanish along the way!

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5 Books about summer to share with your bilingual kids

I try to read to my kids every single day, but I must confess that ever since they got out of school for the summer, I haven't been too consistent. With about six weeks left of summer, I figured it'd be a great idea to go around looking for bilingual or Spanish books about this season to get back into the habit of reading to them again. 

Check out the one's I found:

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Back to School!

3 Ways to keep Spanish alive when your kids go back to school

As the mom of a first-grader who's growing up bilingual but goes to an all-English school, this is something that worries me tremendously. Until last year, when she entered kindergarten, my daughter Vanessa was exposed to Spanish the majority of her waking hours. Even though she attended preschool, it was only a few hours a day three times a week and the rest of the time she was home with her Spanish-speaking nanny and, later on, with her Spanish-speaking parents. 

I wasn't too worried about her increased exposure to English (and decreased exposure to Spanish) during kinder because she didn't know how to read or write yet. But now that she does, I feel like I have to work overtime to keep Spanish alive at home.

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