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Parents lose custody of their kids for the stupidest reason ever & it could happen to you too!

A California couple is suing city and county officials in San Diego because they claim they lost custody of their two little kids for no reason at all. Gulf War vet Michael Lewis admits he uses medical marijuana to ease the pain of the severe migraines he gets as a result of exposure to chemical weapons, but he has a doctor's prescription and has made it clear he never smokes in front of his kids. Despite any proof of abuse on the part of Lewis or his wife, Lauren Taylor, welfare officials deemed their boys were in danger and took them away to an emergency shelter for neglected children.

That's when the couple's nightmare got started...

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SEE the CRAZIEST nude breastfeeding picture ever (GRAPHIC)

I have no problem with breastfeeding, but I do think some people take it to a whole new level--like this yoga mom making headlines. Amy Woodruff of Hawaii lives in a clothing-optional area and by the looks of it she's comfortable in her own skin enough to multi-task by breastfeeding her kid naked and doing yoga at the same time.

If this sounds slightly bizarre to you, then wait till you see the ACTUAL picture!

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Court orders baby Messiah's name changed to Martin because of Jesus

A couple went to court because they couldn't agree on their son's surname, but they never imagined that the judge would force them to change his first name too. You see, the little boy's name is Messiah, but according to Tennessee judge Lu Ann Ballew, that "is a title and it's a title that has only been earned by one person and that person is Jesus Christ," as she told a reporter for WBIR News.

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'50 Shades of Grey' for kids!? 6th graders' steamy summer reading gets parents all worked up!

I've never understood the concept of banning certain books. I love reading, and I think books are an excellent way to explore the world without having to leave the comfort of your own home. That's why the story of how some parents in a Queens school managed to get a "racy" book off their kids' summer reading list caught my attention.

The award-winning book in question is called The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and parents of incoming 6th graders were outraged because it discusses masturbation.

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Mom who found abandoned baby in gas station bathroom & now wants to adopt him is true hero

Joia Hukill was so high on crystal meth last Saturday that when she left a bathroom at a gas station in Vallejo, California, she totally forgot she'd gone in with her 15-month-old son Charles. It wasn't until an hour later that another mother, Cameron Johnson, came into the bathroom and discovered that the baby had been abandoned. The cops were called and Hukill, who claims the drugs are to blame, was arrested. Now the baby is in the custody of child protective services while authorities figure out with whom to place him.

In the meantime, Johnson has made a remarkable offer ...

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The 5 craziest things people have said to me now that I'm a mom

I realize that for some moms, the glaring judgements and unsolicited advice starts before the baby is even born, but I honestly never had to deal with any of that when I was pregnant. However, in the year since my son's birth people--both strangers and good friends (don't worry I'm not holding it against you)--have said some pretty crazy things to me.

I'm not one to care much about people's opinions about my choices, so it generally doesn't bother me, but sometimes I can't help but throw out a side-eye. I mean, would anyone have dared criticize where I choose to live before my son was born? I think not. Here are five of the most ridiculous things people have said to me since I became a mom:

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Toddler ripped away from her adoptive parents & you'll never believe why

Oh what a difficult decision the Supreme Court justices have to make in the case of a Baby Veronica! The adoptive parents of the 3-year-old girl were ordered to return her to her biological father, Dusten Brown, who gave up his parental right when she was born, but later said he was tricked into doing so. Understandably, her adoptive parents want her back and now it's up to the Supreme Court to decide who'll raise the little girl.

But before you take sides, you have to understand that this is an extremely difficult case because Baby Veronica's dad is Native American. And there's a strong law, known as the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) enacted to maintain Native American families together and to prevent adoptions outside tribes which appears to support Brown's parental rights.

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Idiotic politician doesn't support breast-feeding in public because "women need to be modest"

Texas Republican State Representative Debbie Riddle has inflamed potential voters after making a statement against a proposed bill that could allow women in the state to file suit against individuals who interfere with their attempts to breastfeed in public. Riddle posted on her Facebook page that she believes "women need to be modest" and insinuated that nursing in a public place is inappropriate. More than 1,000 commenters defended babies' right to eat when they're hungry.

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Little girl in Florida officially has 3 parents on her birth certificate

It looks like we're really on our way to recognizing the power of family--a modern family, that is. A judge in Florida has approved that a 22-month-old baby girl will have all three of her parents on her birth certificate, a married lesbian couple and a gay man. This is all after a two-year paternity battle between the couple and their friend who donated his sperm but then wanted a larger role in the baby girl's life.

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Dad FINALLY reunited with daughter given up for adoption without his consent

I love stories with a happy ending--and this one couldn't get any better! Not sure if you remember, but last month I wrote about a mom who'd given her baby daughter up for adoption without her Army husband's consent while he was stationed in another state. When she finally confessed to the dad, Terry Achane, he immediately called the adoption agency to voice his disapproval, but he was completely ignored. Achane fought back and even though his legal battle lasted almost two years, he finally got his daughter back when a judge ruled the little girl belonged with her dad. 

Father and daughter were just reunited and spent their first weekend together since she was born 22 months ago. Just thinking about that reunion makes me want to cry. 

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