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'50 Shades of Grey' for kids!? 6th graders' steamy summer reading gets parents all worked up!

I've never understood the concept of banning certain books. I love reading, and I think books are an excellent way to explore the world without having to leave the comfort of your own home. That's why the story of how some parents in a Queens school managed to get a "racy" book off their kids' summer reading list caught my attention.

The award-winning book in question is called The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and parents of incoming 6th graders were outraged because it discusses masturbation.

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Parents of disabled girls want to sterilize them & I agree

I've always been super grateful that both my kids were born healthy because the last thing a parent wants is to see their children suffering. It is precisely to avoid their intellectually disabled daughters from suffering that some parents are turning to sterilization. Sounds pretty cruel, right? But I guess you have to be in those parents' shoes to understand their point of view.

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What your kids are posting online could come back to haunt them--and you!

During her interview with Diane Sawyer, Amanda Knox, the American college student studying abroad who served four years in an Italian prison for murdering her roommate, said that "everything she ever posted online, every boyfriend in her life, came back to haunt her." The stories she shared with "friends" on social media about her feeling "proud" about her one-night stands and marijuana "vice" further reinforced the images that the Italian press were creating, branding her a "seductress" and "a sexual thrill-seeker." She said that she wants "to be reconsidered as a person."

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Turns out porn isn't that bad for teens

According to a study published online in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, pornography might not be as harmful to teens as protective parents fear. We all know that pornography does not necessarily depict the healthiest of relationships, there is violence on occasion and let's face it over-tipping the pizza guy with sex is not exactly realistic. I certainly don't want my daughters growing up with warped views about themselves and their sexuality because of poorly produced-products of the adult-film industry.

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We love Pitbull, but is his music right for our kids? (VIDEO)

Armando Perez became the superstar known as Pitbull thanks to his irresistible rhythms and to his musical ties to Jennifer López, Enrique Iglesias, and Shakira. I enjoy his music, but ever since my kids started learning certain words, I change the radio station when he comes on!

I respect the Cuban American's musical genius and Pitbull's business skills as head of his empire. His vision for continually giving people what they want is admirable, and it's almost heroic how he's been successful at introducing bilingualism into the American and pop culture psyche. That said, I don't think Pitbull's music is appropriate for children. And, ladies, that is exactly what is happening. From Michelle Obama to Nickelodeon, they want our children to pay attention to Pitbull. 

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Mamás Latinas debate: How to handle bratty kids in restaurants?

When my first child was a baby, my husband and I had no problems taking her out to dinner with us. I mean, we never took her to fancy restaurants, but we didn't think twice about taking her to some of the family restaurants near our home. I don't remember us having major issues and, for the most part, we'd leave her in her car seat while she slept and we had dinner like two normal adults. But as she got older and we had another child, we started cutting down on our eating out practice in order to avoid meltdowns and tantrums--which we all know is super mortifying for both parents and other patrons.

Well two days ago, we wrote a post about a waiter who had given a discount to a family for having well-behaved kids... and a whole discussion about kids in restaurants ensued. So we figured it was a great topic for our very first ever MamásLatinas Google Hangout. 

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What's so wrong with bribing my kids?

Ok, I'm sure those against it can come up with a million reasons why it's bad parenting to resort to bribery to get your kids to listen to you and do what you want them to do. I guess, then, you must be much better parents than I am because bribing my kids has gotten me through so many situations that could have turned into real disasters. And so, I have absolutely no shame admitting that I bribe my kids and it works wonders.

Then again, they're also only 3 and 6 years old, so the stuff I bribe them with is pretty simple. A lollipop for my stubborn 3-year-old if he gets in his car seat quickly and let's me buckle him in without acting as if I'm trying to tie him down to execute him or something. Five minutes on the iPad for my 6-year-old if she lets me talk on the phone without interrupting every second. Stuff like that...

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My kids are OK, yours are terrible

Admit it, you think your kids are better than mine. They're smarter, better behaved, more talented, healthier... and the list goes on. I know because I feel the same way. After all, it's only natural for parents to be anything but objective when it comes to their children. And a recent study on families by the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture proves it too. Researchers were surprised to see that most parents thought their kids were doing fine, specifically when it came to trying alcohol, being overweight, having sex and getting good grades in school--even when statistics say otherwise. But, in most parents' views, those numbers refer to other kids, not theirs. 

Having unrealistic views of our children, however, is not good for our society as a whole because it makes us less empathetic--less able to put ourselves in other people's shoes and quicker to judge. 

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Would you hire a drug-sniffing dog to search your teen's bedroom? (VIDEO)

Some parents will go through great lengths to make sure their kids are not doing drugs, but hiring a drug-sniffing dog seems like a tad too much. Some parents, however, see nothing wrong with it and are paying up to $500 to have a canine come to their homes to search for drugs. According to Kristen Maurer, owner of Confido Searches, her white German Shepard, Roxy, can find drugs where parents can't find them. And that's because Maurer says parents don't think to search for drugs in places such as air-conditioning vents, for example. 

Once Roxy alerts Maurer that she can smell an illegal substance, the dog owner lets parents know where to look.

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Hunters find 2 bodies believed to be Iowa cousins missing since the summer

Do you remember Lyric Cook and her cousin Elizabeth Collins? They are the two Iowa girls who've been missing since July when they vanished while riding their bikes. Well, it looks like their bodies were found by hunters in a wooded area yesterday. Although they're awaiting confirmation from the medical examiner's office in charge of identifying the bodies, the families of the girls seem to think they belong to their daughters. Last night, Elizabeth's mother posted this on her Facebook page:

This was (not) the outcome we wanted but we know that they are up in Heaven with our Savior and our nightmare of where they are and what is happening to them has been answered.

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