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5 Bilingual board games your whole family will enjoy


Did you know that one of the best ways to make sure your bilingual kids don't end up hating Spanish is to try to make it as fun as possible? A great way to do that is by playing good, old board games--like when we were little. You may think your kids won't be interested, but if you start playing them early on and you make it a special event every time, I bet you they'll have a lot of fun! Take a look at my family's favorite bilingual board games.

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'Tis the season for familia

9 Bilingual holiday books to share with your niños


I love reading to my kids. Books have always helped me explain certain concepts and traditions to them and Christmas is no exception. Although we don't own a bunch of bilingual books about the holidays, we do have a couple of really good ones and, through the years, I've found several more at our local library. 

Check out my list of recommendations:

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3 Tips that will guarantee your child's success

A recent study revealed that Latino kids are "half as likely to have family members read to them, and a third less likely to be sung to or have stories told to" compared to their white, non-Latino peers. This basically means that Latino kids are starting kindergarten with a clear disadvantage over non-Latino kids who are also more likely to attend preschool!

When my son was diagnosed deaf, his speech therapist gave me three tips that I credit for my son's success. He is now 17.  He is profoundly deaf but uses a cochlear implant to "hear" and he ranks among the top 5% in his high school. I promise you that if you and your family implement these tips from birth through Kindergarten, it will pay off for the rest of their lives!

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6 Fun activities you can do to build your family team

The weather is finally starting to warm up, the sun is shining brighter and summer is just around the corner! So what better way to ring in the season than by grabbing your family and heading outdoors? There's no better way to entertain your kids while still keeping them active. Plus, it'll give you and your loved ones a chance to take a break from your busy lives and just spend some good quality time together!

Check out six fun activities you can do to build your family team below:

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WATCH: Mean dad caught kicking son off skateboard ramp!

A Florida father is in hot water after he was caught on tape kicking his son down a skateboard ramp at local skate park.

The footage, recorded by another skater, shows the child (who looks to be about 6 years old) standing at the top of the ramp with his skateboard, seemingly trying to talk himself to bite the bullet and skate down. But his father apparently gets impatient with the boy's hesitation and just shoves him over the edge with his foot. Wow…real nice, dad. The clip has since gone viral online and elicited tons of angry responses--and once you watch the disturbing video, you'll see why!

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6 myths about fatherhood, debunked!

Most men and women have a certain idea of what it's like to a good father. But the truth is, adapting to parenthood is different for everyone and there's no one on right way to do so. Unfortunately, there are tons of misconceptions out there about how guys adjust to having babies. Check out a few myths about men and fatherhood you need to know below: 

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SEE: Baby girl greets army dad for first time with HILARIOUS sign

Whenever I watch one of those videos of a child reuniting with a parent who's been on deployment, I always end up dissolving into a sobbing mess of happy tears. But one mom's recent method of introducing her baby to her army dad for the first time ever might just be my absolute favorite.

Nebraska woman Logan Tesar gave birth to her and husband Cole's baby girl, Harper, while he was still overseas and the father-daughter duo had never been together in person.  So when they went to pick up Cole after his 9-month-old deployment to Afghanistan came to an end, Logan decided to create a special sign for the occasion—and it's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. Check it out after the jump!

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This shocking video will change you as a parent, guaranteed

Having a child is a huge responsibility. I know that's a big (and obvious) understatement, but it's also something that's easy to forget in between work, chores, and the general day-to-day craziness of your life. But now, a shocking new video is here to remind every parent just how huge an impact they have on their kids.

The eye-opening clip, created by child abuse prevention organization NAPCAN, is only 60 seconds long, but it carries one very powerful message: "Children see, children do."  Watch it below--trust me, by the end, it'll have you thinking of parenthood a whole different way!

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5 Surprising things you didn't know about breast milk

At this point, I'm pretty sure everyone knows that breast milk is the healthiest choice for babies--your obstetrician, your pediatrician, your best friend, your third cousin, have probably all spouted the virtues.

Before I became a mother, I had no intention of ever breastfeeding, but once pregnant, the evidence of the greatness of breast milk was just too convincing to ignore. So of course, I gave it a whirl and my son was lucky to get 13 months of the good stuff. He hardly ever got sick during that time, turned into a fabulous eater of solid foods afterwards, and has always been ahead of the curve developmentally. The benefits of breastfeeding are awesome, but the milk itself is even more fascinating than most of us realize. Here are five cool facts about breast milk you might not have heard:

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Are you a Gringa mommy or a mamá Latina?

My gringa friends have been raised much more independent thinking than so many Latinas whose identities and self-worth are largely defined by the collective experience and success of their familia.

Today my youngest sister and her family are relocating to Miami and leaving Chile (where my mom, dad, abuela and extended family all live) because her husband got a better job there. My youngest sister is the last one of my siblings to leave Chile. My other sister lives in South Africa. Only now do I truly understand what it's like for a mamá Latina to let go of her pollitos as they grow older and pursue their own dreams no matter where they may take them.

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