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5 Free apps to help your kids speak Spanish

Although I've written about some great apps out there to help your kids learn Spanish, today I just want to concentrate on those that are completely free. Seems like every time I check on iTunes there's at least a couple new ones. The thing about apps is that it's so normal for kids to use them that they won't even realize they're actually learning Spanish along the way!

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Back to School!

3 Ways to keep Spanish alive when your kids go back to school

As the mom of a first-grader who's growing up bilingual but goes to an all-English school, this is something that worries me tremendously. Until last year, when she entered kindergarten, my daughter Vanessa was exposed to Spanish the majority of her waking hours. Even though she attended preschool, it was only a few hours a day three times a week and the rest of the time she was home with her Spanish-speaking nanny and, later on, with her Spanish-speaking parents. 

I wasn't too worried about her increased exposure to English (and decreased exposure to Spanish) during kinder because she didn't know how to read or write yet. But now that she does, I feel like I have to work overtime to keep Spanish alive at home.

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4 Ways to expose your kids to Spanish in your own neighborhood

The most important thing you can do if you're raising bilingual kids is expose them to as much Spanish as possible as often as possible. The truth is that the more they hear the language, the more they'll pick up new vocabulary and pronunciation. While you may think that's only possible at home or at school, there are a few things you can do in your own neighborhood to expose your children to even more Spanish.

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Bilingual bebés on board: Fun ways to teach your kids basic Spanish

Children learn through play. There's no question about it! The more fun they're having, the more they will learn without even noticing. If you're just starting out in your bilingualism journey with your kids, here are some great ideas to help them learn basic vocabulary in Spanish through play. 

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Truth be told: My girls need to know what it means to be Mexican


Recently, I spent a few days at a press event with a group of Latinos and it was the first time in a very long time that I have been with a group filled predominantly with only Latinos. I was born in the United States. We all came here at some point and we assimilated. Eventually, we all begin to look alike and sound alike and who even knows what race is anymore? Who cares? We are all Americans. Only it does matter, in some ways.

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Bilingual bebés on board: 10 simple things your kids can do to practice their Spanish

When people ask me for advice in exposing their children to Spanish, I always start with the most obvious thing: You need to speak to them in Spanish as much as possible. 

Here are 10 fun and simple things you can do to expose your kids to Spanish at home:

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Bilingual bebés on board: 5 more apps to get your kids into Spanish!

I don't like my kids being on my iPad or iPhone for hours on end, but I can't deny it makes me real happy to see more and more apps being developed that are perfect for those of us raising bilingual children. Whenever they play with these apps, I feel that at least they're reinforcing their Spanish language skills and not just wasting their time.

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5 Ways being a mami makes you want to reconnect with your cultura

Procter & Gamble (P&G) hosted a "Thank you, mom" panel to discuss the ever changing roles of parenting in today's society. One of P&G's panelists was MamásLatinas co-founder Lucia Ballas-Traynor who, along with the other speakers, expressed their thoughts on parenting in their respective households.  

But Lucia brought to light the one thing the majority of moms have in common: the need to be in touch with their culture.  

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Bilingual bebés on board: 5 Kids' clothes that celebrate our heritage

Four years ago, when my best friend and I launched SpanglishBaby, a blog for parents raising bilingual children, we had a hard time finding any kind of products that would help us raise them proud of their heritage too. Since then, it seems like the market for this type of products has exploded. From apparel to toys and even decor for their rooms, there is now a plethora of choices to choose from.

Today, I wanted to share my favorite online boutiques that cater to parents like you and I who are raising proud bicultural children.

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My big, fat multicultural Thanksgiving!

Every year I jokingly say that my family has THE most unique Thanksgiving dinner on the planet. With my mom being Russian, my dad being Cuban, and us taking on American traditions ever since we came here in the early '90s, it might actually be pretty true. Every year, when we sit down at our dinner table, surrounded by friends and family, I can't help but smile at the varied array of dishes we have collected and added to our big, fat multicultural Thanksgiving.

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