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8 Signs your health is being affected by news & the nation's tragedies

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Bad news. Terrible news. Hatred and violence. It's too much. I feel this way today: Overwhelmed by the latest news coming from Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and Dallas. I'm sad and scared for my growing boys. I know obsessing about it doesn't help, but it's hard not to. I found some things we can do to reduce the stress.

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8 Signs you or a loved one need professional help to cope with terrorism news

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The recent episodes of violence in Belgium and in the U.S. have left my family unsettled, and we are not alone. According to the Mental Health Services Administration, "incidents of mass violence and terrorism are human-caused tragedies that can impact whole communities and the country at large." Most people recover quickly, but here are signs you might need help. 

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Mom eats a roll of toilet paper a day & can't stop


There's nothing worse than addictions and addictive personalities because the damage is often too great to overcome. Jade Sylvester is a stay-home mom of five who can't stop the urge of eating toilet paper. The 25-year-old mom developed the bizarre craving when she was pregnant with her youngest and thought it was due to a hormonal imbalance. Now that her son is 15 months old, Jade is still eating one roll of toilet paper a day and she loves the texture and the taste of the personal hygiene product.

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5 Signs you are depressed & NEED to see a doctor


Let's talk about depression, amigas. I'm on a mission to destigmatize mental health issues especially among Latinas where certain issues like depression are dismissed with comments like, its just nervios or it's just a bajón, pray and you'll feel better. As a matter of fact did you know that Latinas experience depression at twice the rate of Latinos and we are also more prone to experiencing depression than African American or Caucasian women?

Depression, clinical depression, is not something to be ignored, nor is it something to be ashamed of. I think the big mistake we make is separating mental health from health in general. The truth is that mental health is simply another aspect of HEALTH in general and if we have diabetes we go see a doctor, if we break our arm, we go see a doctor, SO if we are depressed or have anxiety or any other number of mental health issues, WE SHOULD GO SEE A DOCTOR, not pray about it, not suffer through it and NOT BE ASHAMED of it. 

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5 Shocking reasons why parents kill their children


The internet has opened my eyes to horrors I never could have imagined. One of the most shocking to me is that there are parents out there who willingly kill their children. It seems so contrary to human nature, so unbelievably wrong, and yet it happens all the time. In fact USA Today examined FBI data and found that on average 450 children are killed by their parents every single year. That's more than one child a day you guys.

What drives parents to kill their own children?

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Keep your kids' health on track with these 6 tips

Despite the perpetual image of so-called soccer moms carting their over-scheduled kids from soccer to ballet to basketball and back, most children live a rather sedentary life--spending all day in the classroom, followed by hours sitting at a table doing homework and then parked in front of the televison or computer munching on chips and soda. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 more than one third of children and adolescents in the United States were classified as either overweight or obese. But there are steps you can take to make sure you keep your kids' health on track!

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12 Celebs who have battled depression like Robin Williams


Actor and comedian Robin Williams died yesterday from an apparent suicide, leaving many wondering how a man who brought us so much joy could ever feel so depressed and hopeless as to take his own life.

According to Williams' rep, the 63-year-old actor was battling severe depression, a mental illness that has plagued him for much of his career. The Good Will Hunting star was also thought to have suffered with bipolar disorder, and yet many of us fans were none the wiser. But we should have been. Williams opened up about his battle with substance abuse and manic mood swings on several occasions, proving that his sense of humor and celebrity status did not make him immune to mental illness or depression.

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5 Simple things you can every day that will make you happier

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Who doesn't want to be happy or happier? It seems to be a universal quest, this quest to be happy, to raise happy children. For me happiness comes and goes. Life presents me with many things to be happy about, I focus on them and my happiness multiplies. Then things get messy, I trip over obstacles thrown my way, without noticing I somehow start focusing on all the nasty little annoyances that are conspiring to make me miserable and I want to smack anyone who tells me to look on the bright side and be grateful for all that I have because things could be so much worse. I mean I know they are right, but SHUT UP!

And then a ray of sunshine finds its way into the darkness of my mood and I remember that oh yeah, there is a bright side. Time to focus on the things that make me happy because happiness begets more happiness. Happiness is a muscle, it needs to be exercised or it will atrophy.

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High school student commits suicide after posting about it on YouTube


Maddie Yates, a student at Louisville Male High School in Kentucky, committed suicide shortly after posting a heart-wrenching video on YouTube explaining why she was taking her life. The video went up on Monday at around  6 p.m. and garnered quite a bit of attention before it was taken down the next day.

Maddie's suicide happened almost exactly one year to the date after her friend, Brianna Berrier, committed suicide.

I am so sorry that Yates took her own life. It breaks my heart because Yates was struggling with depression and anxiety and didn't see a way out. She didn't think that anyone could help her. She thought she was a "bad" person, she thought she was doing the whole world a "favor" by taking her life—she was incredibly WRONG.

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Mom slit daughter's throat & tried to cook her in oven for most insane reason ever


Susannah Birch was 2 years old in January 1989 when her mother Linda Andrew cut her throat and prepared to roast her in the kitchen oven of their home in Australia. It was all a part of some kind of Old Testament ritual sacrifice. Linda and Birch's dad, John, were Seventh Day Adventists and Linda was losing her mind. On the day that Birch was savagely attacked by her mother, John was out of the home at work. He had noticed that his wife Linda had been praying more as of late, but he had no idea that she was about to have her first psychotic episode and nearly kill their only daughter. How did this little girl not only survive, but live to tell her story?

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