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Mariah Carey flashes underwear in revealing dress! (PHOTOS)

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Mariah Carey is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions! The legendary songstress fell victim to yet another pesky slip up while leaving her hotel room in Paris, France over the weekend. I can just picture her taking a moment and saying, "Darling, things happen!" Carey was photographed in a see-through black dress that revealed her underwear entirely. The photo isn't pretty and we have more where that came from! 

But Mariah's latest malfunction is NOTHING. Check out some of the worst (and most memorable) wardrobe malfunctions EVER, and click all the way to the end to see Mariah's latest. Warning: You're going to get to know these celebrities very intimately!

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Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey divorce, all the juicy details

Nick Cannon has officially filed for divorce from Mariah Carey, his wife of six years. Much to the surprise of their fans, the couple, who has three-year-old twins together, separated last summer and have since kept very quiet about the details of their split. Apparently their pre-nup includes a confidentiality clause with steep penalties. Carey's career has arguably been unraveling alongside her relationship, but that's no surprise. The singer has a history of losing her voice when under stress. Afterall, she is human.

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Mariah Carey's plastic surgery transformation


I don't know what Mariah Carey is doing to her face these days, but someone needs to tell her to STOP! The 44-year-old diva has been posting pictures to Instagram that have me seriously concerned. In one photo Mariah's forehead looks crazy tight, like she just had a facelift or something. I could hardly recognize her. It sort of has me wondering if she's gone under the knife lately. If you really think hard about it, Mariah looks absolutely nothing like how she used to when her career first started. Everything looks different--from her boobs, to her nose, even her face shape! What the hell is she doing?

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SEE inside Mariah Carey's $2 million dollar, 2-level tour trailer!

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Mariah Carey had one busy 2014. Between her Elusive Chanteuse shows in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, All I Want for Christmas shows in the States, a highly publicized divorce from hubby of six years Nick Cannon and being a full-time mom to 3-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, the diva had her hands full. But even though she started 2015 relatively low-key, "Cooking for friends and family on New Year's Eve," she shared on Instagram (though I kinda doubt the diva was doing any of the cooking), word is, Jennifer Lopez isn't taking residency in Las Vegas after all, but she'll be replaced by Mimi instead. I can totally see Mariah headlining a resident concert series in Vegas!

Appropriately enough, HGTV show Great American Country recently released insider video of Mariah's tour trailer (no, not tour bus), which she'll probably be using a little less if she's a resident in Vegas. And let me just tell you, it's ginormous. Take an exclusive look inside after the break!

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10 Biggest Latino celebrity breakups of 2014

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Forget gluten-free diets and kabbalah: Consciously uncoupling was the thing to do in Hollywood this year. I swear, I haven't been able to go online or open a magazine without reading something about yet another celebrity couple break up. Though some of these splits were a long time coming, others just took us all by surprise. Then there are those few that just keep coming back from the dead, like zombies. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Selena and Justin!

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10 Embarrassing celebrity wardrobe malfunctions we all want to forget


Someone needs to tell Mariah Carey to sit her butt down for a second. The pop diva has been a hot mess ever since her split from ex-husband, Nick Cannon. I'm sure you already heard about how she shouted out his cheating ways while singing Billie Holiday's "Don't Explain" during a live performance in Tokyo, Japan. Talk about embarrassing! But I was even more mortified for her when I saw photos of her underwear from a recent show. The chick unknowingly flashed her nude panties while hitting the stage. But who told her to sport a beaded corset with a skirt that short?

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Mariah Carey's ugly gold dress is a fashion faux pas!


Ay, pobre Mariah Carey! Things have been rough for the diva over the last few months. In addition to dealing with what I'm sure is a tumultuous divorce from her estranged husband Nick Cannon, the woman has been giving some of the worst live performances of her career. This weekend was no different. During a rain-soaked concert in Perth, Australia, the 44-year-old singer suffered her biggest performance faux pas so far, strutting the stage looking a hot, sloppy mess, and telling the audience a little TMI about the state of her current love life. Ay, chica!

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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon in bitter custody battle over their dogs

Things are starting to get real ugly between Mariah Carey and her ex-husband Nick Cannon. The two are currently in the middle of a messy divorce and apparently are fighting over custody of their dogs. And I'm not talking two or three dogs, girl. The couple had eight dogs together and are starting to get pretty bitter about who's going to have legal guardianship over their furry friends. Um, that's just crazy. If things are getting this out of line over pets, could you imagine how bad things could get over their twins, Monroe and Moroccan?

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Mariah Carey flashes underwear at concert

Mariah Carey is clearly not taking her split from her ex-husband, Nick Cannon very well. First she shouted out his cheating ways while singing Billie Holiday's "Don't Explain" during a live performance in Tokyo. And now I'm hearing that she flashed her panties at one of her shows in China. Um ... how the hell did that happen? Poor Mimi!

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Nick Cannon willing to hurt himself physically over Mariah Carey breakup

A few days ago I told you about how Nick Cannon covered up his Mariah Carey tattoo with a new one of Jesus on a winged cross. The thing is huge and covers most of his back. Then Mariah Carey was in Tokyo singing Billie Holiday's "Don't Explain" and she changed the lyrics to "I know you cheated, mother-effer." Only she didn't say "effer" she said you know what. DRAMA!!! It's pretty certain these two are not getting back together anytime soon. Not with one getting a tribute tatt covered up and the other name calling. Despite all of it, Nick is doing his best to stay respectful of his ex and says, "I just wish her nothing but the best..."

No doubt Cannon and Carey are both going through emotional pain, but I bet you the physical pain that Cannon is going through because of the split is much bigger than what Carey is going through. Why? Because of that dang tattoo. Oh yeah, it's not even done.

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