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Por qué Mariah Carey NO es inspiración para las mamás reales

No es secreto que Hollywood siempre nos pinta pajaritos cuando se trata de las celebridades. Pero esto es el colmo del asunto: Mariah Carey –quien se ha ganado el título de la reina del Photoshop— ha generado controversias gracias a las últimas fotos que realizó con Terry Richardson para la revista Wonderland. En ellas se puede ver a una Mariah real. Esa que la misma cantante y los medios quieren esconder por completo. ¡Yo misma no podía creer las fotos cuando las vi!

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Mariah Carey's Photoshop disaster is one of the worst EVER


Mariah Carey is the latest celebrity to be subjected to the photoshop of horrors, this time at the hands of American sleaze artist extraordinaire, Terry Richardson.

Jezebel leaked before and after photos of the 44-year-old diva taken by the Richardson for Wonderland magazine, taking care to point out each and every alternation made to Mariah's before pics. And there were a lot.

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Mariah Carey & Courtney Love + 6 other bizarre celebrity friendships

Mariah Carey definitely isn't known being a super approachable and friendly celebrity. In fact--let's just say it, right?--she has quite the rep for being an outright diva, even among other famous A-listers like herself (I'm talking about you, J.Lo and Nicki Minaj). So color me surprised when I saw this photo of her and Courtney Love, of all people, looking BFFs! What the heck is going on here?

The picture was posted to Love's Instagram this week and of course, has everyone speculating what these two are doing together. Carey looking buddy-buddy with anyone but her husband is kind of rare and weird, but see her with Love is extra strange. You have to admit, they're a very unlikely pair! So what are these two up to?!

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5 Ways to be OK with getting older

Mariah Carey seriously cracks me up, homegirl really thinks she's slick. Okay, so you know how she's constantly posting selfies and pictures of herself with the kids? Well, she recently posted a new one in the form of a collage that includes a photo of Moroccan getting his hair washed, Monroe smiling while showing off her gorgeous curls, a picture of the kids playing and then a picture of herself looking younger than ever. For a second I thought wow, she looks a lot like the Mariah Carey I knew back in the 90s. Well that's because it is a picture from the 90s that she was trying to pass for recent. Who does that?

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10 Ways to know you're a diva mom like Mariah Carey


There are divas and there are DIVAS ... and then there's Mariah Carey, she takes divahood to a whole other level. Even when it comes to being a mother, Mariah can not for one second hide her diva-ness. It's not like she's trying to hide it, she actually puts it all out there on social media for everyone to see.

Today I saw a picture on Mariah's Instagram feed of her with her kids at the park that made me do an involuntary eye roll because who goes to the playground dressed like that? Only Mariah, that's who!

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SEE Mariah Carey's latest diva stunt is just so Mimi!

Mariah Carey recently pulled off her most hilariously absurd diva stunt yet, riding the subway in New York on Friday while wearing an outfit that she probably thinks is low-key and casual: a sky-blue, floor-length, glitzy gown. 'Cause, obviously, what else would you wear on the subway?

The singer took to Twitter to share photos of the silly incident and I couldn't help but snort when I saw them. It's just such a typical Mimi move!

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Nick Cannon shares the truth about Mariah Carey divorce rumors

Mariah Carey is gearing up to drop a new album, but much of the buzz surrounding her lately has actually concerned her marriage, not her music. Rumors that she and husband Nick Cannon's relationship is on the rocks have been swirling for the past few weeks, despite that the two just celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary last month. But now, as Carey stays busy promoting her new CD, Cannon himself has taken it upon himself to slam any divorce speculation.

So what exactly did he have to say about all of the gossip?

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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's marriage may really be on the rocks

Chisme alert! It looks like there's trouble in paradise for Mariah Carey and her hubby, Nick Canon. Rumor has it these two might be heading towards divorce. According to reports, Mariah feels like Nick Cannon is wrecking her image, especially after he promoted that disastrous album, "White People Party Music" by painting himself in white face. Seriously, what was he thinking?

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Mariah Carey says daughter Monroe "outdivas" her & we find that hard to believe!

Are Mariah Carey's twins becoming little troublemakers?  While making an appearance on The Late Show last night, the singer told host David Letterman what dem babies are up to these days and it seems both recently experienced a case of the toddler terrors!

During the interview, Carey, who was rocking some major cleavage in a long dramatic, black gown (seriously, she looks like she's going to a ball, not a talk show), told Letterman that her 3-year-old's Monroe and Moroccan have already developed some pretty strong personalities. Hmm…I wonder who they possibly could've gotten THAT from.

So what exactly did she say they were doing?

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3-year-old Latina battling cancer still helping others


Aubrey Castro is 3 years old and says that when she grows up, she wants to be an artist. The truth is that she's already an artist and she's using her art to raise thousands of dollars for cancer research by selling homemade Mother's Day cards. You see, pediatric cancer research is close to her heart because she has been battling leukemia since last May. "Ever since she's been going through treatment, she'll paint or color with crayons or makers," Her mother Vanessa Castro says. "Even when she was at home and on steroids. She had an easel, it was painting and coloring ... that's how the cards evolved."

This kid is my newest hero and I bet you she's about to become yours too!

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