Woman's shocking makeup transformations are almost hard to believe


Lucia Pittalis is an Italy-based freelance makeup artist and portrait painter who is so talented she can pretty much paint a portrait of anyone you want over your face or her own. What she creates with makeup are complete and total mind-blowing transformations. You will not believe your eyes.

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The 10 best concealers for Latinas with dark skin

For Latinas with medium or dark skin, one of the hardest beauty products to shop for is concealer. I'm talking even harder than foundation. Unlike foundation, concealer shouldn't perfectly match your skin tone. You need it to be just one or two shades lighter in order to properly conceal dark spots, circles, manchas, or hyperpigmentation. But finding that perfect color can be a serious challenge. So what are the best brands and formulas you ask?

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10 Everyday beauty and style looks inspired by el Dia de los Muertos

Is it weird that I'm kind of jealous of el Dia de los Muertos' Catrina's makeup skills? For a skeleton, the mujer has style. Well, at least the real life women who imitate her on the Day of the Dead do. I love how they let their imaginations run wild. Every year, their sugar skulls and Catrina masks become more over the top, and their trajes and hair are wilder and more beautiful. It's all so very beautiful, but also so very fleeting. It's too bad we can't always do our hair and makeup like La Catrina's every day of the year. Or can we?


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12 Dia de los Muertos looks to die for


I've never really celebrated el Dia de Los Muertos, but that's all about to change. Ever since I saw Fergie sporting a to-die-for Catrina costume last year, it's safe to say I've become completely obsessed. I've literally been flipping through hundreds of sugar skull makeup tutorials since April, and I'm nowhere near narrowing it down. But you really can't blame me. There are so many beautiful and unique looks to choose from. Mujeres the world over have come up with some seriously sick designs, all ranging from creatively creepy to ghoulish but gorgeous. And yet, despite their differences, they're all drop dead gorgeous!  You really have to see them to believe 'em.

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11 Mindblowing Halloween lip art designs


Lip art?! Lip art?! I think I've just had my mind blown by the lip art of Eva Senín Pernas. She is a ridiculously talented makeup artist from Spain and of course she doesn't only do lips, but it is her lip art that's really got me intrigued. I didn't even know there was such a thing as lip art, did you?

I really think I'm going to use some of her designs as inspiration this Halloween. I haven't been into dressing up since I had kids because I have such a blast watching them be the center of attention and also because I'm too freakin' tired to bother, BUT I can totally do something with my lips this Halloween to get in the spirit.

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SEE: Dad does celebrity makeup transformations that will blow your mind!

A little talent and a whole lot of makeup can really go a long way. I've seen some crazy good transformations before, but none of them come close to the contoured and celebrity-inspired looks Philipino actor, TV host and dad Paolo Ballesteros has created. This man has some serious skills and I'm really not just tooting his horn. With the help of a few wigs, concealer, highlighter and falsies, Ballesteros has been able to turn himself into famous faces like Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks and even Rihanna. Can you believe this? Wait until you see these makeover pictures!

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SEE: 7 Unbelievable makeup transformations that will amaze you​


Belinda Maines is all of 21 years old and what she can do with makeup will blow your mind. Yes, this makeup artist from England can do a fierce cat eyeliner, she can also use makeup to make herself look exactly like a cat or a lion if that's what she wants. Her Instagram feed is full of examples of her work on her own face and her boyfriend's face as well.

She's basically a fine artist whose medium is makeup and her canvases are faces. What makes her work even more impressive is that she's self taught.

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7 Latina beauty hacks that save time & money

If YouTube existed when our mothers were growing up, I'm pretty sure most of them would have been successful beauty bloggers. Think about it. If your madre was anything like mine, chances are she never dreamed of spending her hard earned money on expensive beauty items from MAC or Sephora. 'Stas loca? No, our mothers--and their mothers before them--had a million beauty hacks up their sleeves, many of which required the use of cheapo, dollar store beauty products. And that's not even the best part! Aside from saving you time, money, and counter space, most of mami's beauty hacks produced better results than name brand items. Wow, I guess that means mami really does know best!

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SEE: Chiquis Rivera takes a no makeup selfie

Chiquis Marín is often glammed up and in full makeup, but Jenni Rivera's eldest daughter recently snapped a no makeup selfie that is screaming, "I woke up like this." The Latina celeb also posted a natural shot earlier this summer, but this one is way more shocking. She definitely did not use a filter or photo editing tricks to enhance her beauty. Chiquis is looking all natural in this one and we doubt she cares one bit what the haters think…

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7 Drugstore foundations we love under $20

I tend to expect a lot from foundation, which is I why I used to break the bank every time I bought a new one. A good formula should perfectly match your skin tone, give you natural-looking coverage, hide manchas and basically make you look flawless. But that doesn't necessarily mean it needs to cost you a ton either.

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