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Gael Garcia Bernal's wife smokes weed in front of kids


Most celebrity moms would probably shy away from talking publicly about their affinity for weed…but not Gael Garcia Bernal's wife, Dolores Fonzi. New reports claim that the Argentinean actress and mom of two recently told the magazine THC that she's been smoking marijuana for two decades and even does it in front of her children!

"I've been smoking for 20 years," the 35-year-old said, according to El Mundo. "At the time, I used it to open up and as this has already happened, now I use it to relax. It's like a glass of wine that we taste."  And that's not all she admitted to!

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SEE: Mariah Carey shares adorable Easter photos of dem babies!

Easter Sunday is over, but it seems Mariah Carey just couldn't let the holiday go by without documenting it for all of her fans! In typical Carey fashion, the singer took to Twitter to share a few photos of her celebrating with husband Nick Cannon and her adorable twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

As can be seen in the heartwarming family snapshots, the whole gang (with the exception of Cannon) dons bunny ears for the occasion--and you just have to see the pics! 'Roe and 'Roc are seriously too cute for words!

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Sofia Vergara talks about her first threesome

Sofia Vergara is one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood and her latest role is in the raunchy film Fading Gigolo as a  client. You would think that someone with as much sex appeal as Sofia would be a natural when it comes to filming sex scenes, but in the latest Woody Allen movie, she reveals that she was shy!

In fact, Sofia stars in a very steamy threesome scene with legendary actress, Sharon Stone who showed her the ropes!

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'The Voice': Can Shakira go all the way with team girl power?

It's night two of the playoffs with Shakira and Adam's five remaining singers competing for three spots on the live stage. No steals or second chances remain, it's "go live or go home," as Carson Daly reminds us. Both Shakira and Adam's teams are very impressive and the contestants must prove they have what it takes to be "The Voice."  Shakira sticks to her proud Latina roots, choosing an all-female team to take to the live stage. 

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15 Signs you're turning into your mami


I can't tell you the number of times I've had arguments with my mom and each time it turned out she was right. As annoying as that may be I have to admit that it has also molded me into the woman I am today (in a good way). In fact, the other day I found myself uttering words I never thought I would say.

That's when I realized I was becoming my mother!

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Jessica Alba slammed for daughter's "grown-up" style & everyone needs to CALM down

When it comes to dressing their kids, every mom has their own preferences. But as Jessica Alba recently pointed out, some children start developing their own sense of style early on! In an interview with People magazine, the 32-year-old actress said that her 5-year-old daughter Honor is ALREADY a mini-fashionista--so much so that Alba confessed she sometimes wishes that the little girl would dress more her age!

"Honor likes wearing heels and dresses," she told the magazine of her older daughter. "I'm like, 'No! [Don't you want to] climb a tree?' "

Well, I'm personally not too surprised, considering Alba herself is such a style inspiration for many. Like mother, like daughter, right? But it seems not everyone agrees, as some parents are actually criticizing Alba for allowing Honor to dress too "adult." So are they right?

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Snooki's new project: Mommy blogger!

It looks like Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi wants to help connect all moms together--virtually, anyway. The former Jersey Shore star and proud mom to 1-year-old son Lorenzo has just started her very own mommy blog!

Wow! I have to admit, I never thought I'd see the day where others would be taking parenting advice from Snooki. But since welcoming her little guy, she has done a total 180, become a really dedicated mom and one of the few celebs out there who has never held back when it comes to sharing photos and stories of her son with her fans. It's actually hard to believe she was ever one of reality TV's most infamous party girls. Motherhood really does work wonders!

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Shakira reveals super special secret!

Shakira's new self-titled album is out later this month and it's clear that this one will be very different from the rest--largely because she's now a mom! In a recent interview with Latina magazine for their April 2014 cover, the Colombian singer opens up about how parenthood has influenced her music and even revealed that her 1-year-old son, Milan, will appear on one of the songs! Aww, talk about adorable!

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Shakira & Milan visit Colombia together for first time!


Shakira has just experienced another big milestone with her 1-year-old son, Milan! This week, the singer and her little guy took their first-ever trip to Colombia together, the country where she herself grew up and first kicked off her career. Aww ... looks like little Milan is about to get the cultural experience of a lifetime!

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Christina Aguilera confirms pregnancy!

A HUGE congrats are in order for Christina Aguilera! Just days after she took to Twitter to announce her Valentine's Day engagement to boyfriend Matt Rutler, US Weekly is reporting that the singer is also pregnant with her second child. WOW, talk about a life-changing time!

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