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How Jennifer Lopez REALLY feels about Ben Affleck & P. Diddy


I'm so used to seeing Jennifer Lopez do generic, media-friendly interviews that this latest video shocked me because she was so REAL! The Boricua was interviewed by radio host Big Boy and she showed a side to herself that I'd never seen before!

She talked about her big butt, crazy rumors, her serious potty mouth, getting into physical fights and ex-boyfriends P. Diddy and Ben Affleck. Yep, Jenny from the Block talked about her former beaus and let's just say, she told us how she REALLY feels about them.

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Jennifer Lopez shows off her moves on 'American Idol'

Anyone that saw American Idol last night knows it was ALL about Jennifer Lopez, from the music to the moves. Contestant Emily Piriz was brave enough to choose to sing J.Lo's "Let's Get Loud" single and I have to admit--it could have been a lot better! So was Jennifer even impressed? She seemed to like it, but demonstrated exactly how to oomph things up with a sexy hair flip. She was working that white mini skirt too!

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5 Ways we are ALL just like Kim Kardashian


When I watch TMZ or watch religiously happen to stumble onto an episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians, I often think to myself, "This is not reality." Well, not any reality this Latina's ever known. It's so unrelateable to my everyday life that, it often feels like they might be from another planet. Then I started thinking about it and you and I are just like Kim Kardashian in lots of ways. She gets up every morning, kisses her baby girl, has mommy duties and probably a touch of the mommy brain. She has all the tedious relationship drama the rest of us do, only ours isn't on Twitter or E Television and she has stylists who help her look better doing it.

If you don't believe that we are just like Kim Kardashian, check out these five ways that I know we are just alike!

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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin sex it up in new Wisin video "Adrenalina"

Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin have known each other for years--that's what happens when you're two of the biggest Latin superstars in the world--but the two get very up close and personal in their latest music video for Puerto Rican rapper Wisin's new song "Adrenalina."

In the clip, all three artists show off their moves to the upbeat track, which is the lead single off Wisin's upcoming solo album El Regreso del Sobreviviente. But things between Lopez and Martin get especially hot and heavy, as the two dance up a storm AND even almost share a kiss. Check it out below!

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Jennifer Lopez shocks us with tacky crop top disaster


When it comes to fashion, Jennifer Lopez is definitely full of surprises and unfortunately not all of those surprises are good. She wowed me earlier this week with that sexy black cutout dress by Cushnie Et Ochs. In fact, I'm still trying to find a similar version in my size and price range. But what in world was she wearing last night on American Idol? Homegirl showed up in the craziest lace outfit known to man. You have to see this thing!

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Jennifer Lopez wows in a sexy black cutout dress

I have a confession to make: I watch American Idol ... but not for the music, for Jennifer Lopez. I totally watch it just to see what she's wearing and I'm not afraid to admit it. Oh come on, you know you do it too! Seriously, did you see what she wore last night to the American Idol after-party? She showed up in a sexy, Cushnie Et Ochs LBD that featured a number of cutouts. I never even liked this trend until now!

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Jennifer Lopez espera nuevo bebé y no es lo que te imaginas


Como si nuestra querida Jennifer López no tuviese ya suficientes cosas en su plato, se acaba de revelar que la incansable artista está en espera, pero en espera de lanzarse en un nuevo emocionate proyecto que ha firmado en colaboración con la compañía de producción de Ryan Seacrest. Para decirte la verdad, no puedo esperar para ver los frutos de su trabajo esta vez porque sin duda representa un gran reto para la polifacética estrella. Será interesante ver cómo lo enfrenta. Sigue leyendo y te cuento de qué se trata...

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Jennifer Lopez got this woman locked up

As much as I love Jennifer Lopez, I definitely wouldn't go to jail for her--that's for sure! But apparently one 27-year-old woman from South Carolina loves herself some J.Lo, because homegirl was recently arrested for failing to return a VHS of the Jennifer Lopez movie, Monster In Law that she's had for over 9 years. Did you notice I said VHS as in video cassette, not DVD? Who the heck was still watching VHS movies nine years ago?

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Marc Anthony says he doesn't mind J.Lo's boy toys & the reason is gross

If you're wondering why Marc Anthony doesn't have a problem with Jennifer Lopez's boy toy, Casper Smart the answer is pretty simple. The singer opened up about his relationship with his ex-wife on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday and revealed that not only is he good friends with J.Lo, but actually likes Casper too! 

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Rosie Perez opens up about bitter Jennifer Lopez feud

It looks like Rosie Perez and Jennifer Lopez have some unresolved beef. Rosie recently released her new memoir, Handbook for an Unpredictable Life (which hits stands on February 25), where she opens up about her long-lasting feud with J.Lo. Apparently their issues go back to their days on In Living Color. Based on what Perez reveals in her book, I think it's safe to assume that Lopez has always been a diva--and I don't mean that in a good way!

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