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Here's what Jennifer Lopez really thinks about Marc Anthony's engagement​


When I found out that Marc Anthony is set to marry Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima in the Dominican Republic this November I wondered what Jennifer Lopez thinks about the whole thing. Sure, we've all had time to get used to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony not being a couple anymore. After all, they announced the split in July of 2011 and even though the divorce did not become official until this year, neither Lopez nor Anthony have let cobwebs build up in their romantic lives. It's not that I thought JLo would be jealous or upset about Marc marrying his on-again off-again lady love, it's that JLo and Marc have kids together and that means that JLo gets to have a legitimate opinion about who her ex brings into their children's lives. A poco, ¿no

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6 Reasons being single is better than being mal acompañada

It's been a long time since Jennifer Lopez has been single but this time she's maintaining that status and for good reason. In fact, she recently sat down with Arianna Huffington during an interview with HuffPost Live to discuss her new memoir, True Love, where she opens up about her greatest loves and her biggest heartbreaks. The girl gives us the deets on everything from her emotionally, abusive seven-year marriage to Marc Anthony to her devastating breakup to former fiancé, Ben Affleck. But what really inspired me the most, is how she's finally focused on loving herself first!

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Marc Anthony marrying girlfriend Shannon De Lima this month

Jennifer Lopez might be enjoying her single status, but her ex-husband Marc Anthony is apparently tying the knot for the third time. That's right, the 46-year-old singer who popped the question to his on-again, off-again Venezuelan model girlfriend, Shannon De Lima, plans on walking down the aisle again this month in the Dominican Republic. I wonder how J.Lo feels about that!

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Jennifer Lopez gives the BEST advice for moms


Jennifer Lopez released a new book called True Love this week and revealed that true love doesn't come in the form of a man or a woman or anyone else, true love comes from within. We have to love ourselves unconditionally to be the best we can be and that includes being the best parent and role model for our children.

Many of us think that the way to prove our love for our children is to selflessly give up who we are and become who they deserve but our idea is twisted. They deserve us. The real us. The best us. Not the over exhausted, always wearing yoga pants, never taking care of ourselves-self. That broad's a cop out. Believe me, I used to adhere to this school of logic. But life's too short for martyrdom or mommy guilt.

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Jennifer Lopez says Ben Affleck was the first man to break her heart

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez was as heartbroken as we were when Bennifer split up. Maybe it was the giant pink engagement ring Ben Affleck proposed with back in 2002 or his gallant poses in her "Jenny from the Block" video, but J.Lo was definitely crushed when he called off the wedding two years later. Since promoting her new tell-all book True Love, Jennifer Lopez has gotten painfully real about her self-worth, heart break and new perspective on love. I get that she's trying to sell a book here, but can she stop talking about her exes? 

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7 Signs you're in an emotionally abusive relationship

Jennifer Lopez may seem to have it all but her life has been far from perfect, especially when it comes to men. You'd think a woman as gorgeous and successful as she is would have no problems in the love department but that hasn't been the case. In fact, Jennifer even opened up in her new memoir True Love, about her failed relationships. And for the very first time she shared a surprising admission about an ex who apparently was very abusive. Wait, what? Is J.Lo really a victim of domestic abuse?

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Fashion fail: Jennifer Lopez looks crazy in this horrible pant suit

Jennifer Lopez is known for pretty much being able to pull off any look. But that outfit she was spotted wearing at the Orpheum Theater to judge American Idol's Hollywood Week was NOT working for her. The Bronx diva had on a grass green two-piece that just made absolutely no sense to me. It was literally a cropped blazer with matching trousers that had a really awkward fit. The only thing I liked were those black suede Christian Louboutin cutout booties she accessorized with. You're going to freak when you see the whole look!

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Jennifer Lopez on the EXACT moment she knew marriage to Marc Anthony was over

Marriage is never easy and it's even harder to get out of it when you're a celebrity. Jennifer Lopez's new book True Love is filled with intimate details of her divorce from Marc Anthony. In J.Lo's new book, she highlights the exact moment she realized that her 7-year marriage was falling apart and how she ended up breaking the separation news to her twins Max and Emme

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You have to SEE Jennifer Lopez's new $22 million NYC penthouse!

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There's no place like home, and no one knows that better than Jennifer Lopez. The "Booty" singer just dropped a cool 22 million dollars on a new apartment in her hometown of New York City, and let me tell you, it was worth every single penny. J.Lo will now be living the highlife in one of only four apartments located in the same exclusive prewar Whitman building where Chelsea Clinton and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon have set down roots. Described as a "luxury fortress" by celebrity real estate broker, the luxury penthouse apartment boasts round the clock security, as well as its own gym and private elevators.  And those are just the amenities. Wait until you hear about (and SEE) what the inside of her new abode has to offer. It is absolutely EVERYTHING you would expect the diva would want in a New York City pad.

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Jennifer Lopez's ex posts shocking bloody black eye on Instagram!


What happened to Casper Smart's beautiful little face? Jennifer Lopez's ex posted a shocking pic of his battered and bruised face on Instagram yesterday, and it looks insane. In the pic, captioned, "Rough Day!! Shoulda seen the other guy," Smart is sporting a swollen and bloodied eye, along with a still somewhat sexy grimace. Jeez! So who's responsible for breaking Casper's money maker? Sorry to disappoint you, but it wasn't one of J.Lo's booty-obsessed exes. The reason for Casper's black eye is actually a lot more shocking than that.  

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