Mother's Day

5 Amazing DIY Mother's Day gifts you might not want to give away


DIY crafty gifts are a Mother's Day staple--preschoolers have been whipping up macaroni necklaces in honor of the holiday, probably since the noodle was first invented. But despite how precious your little baby looks when he presents it to you, that sweet token of his love and appreciation isn't likely to see the year out. I mean you can only hold onto so many never-to-be-worn-out-of-the-house necklaces and rings before it's time to purge your popsicle stick jewelry box. While obviously it's the sentiment that counts, this year, you can help your kids create some gorgeous and meaningful gifts for all of the moms in your life. Just be warned, you may have a hard time parting with some of these gems!

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Valentines Day 2014: 7 cute celebrity Latino couples we love!

It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air--time to grab your main squeeze or loved ones and celebrate! We're ringing in the holiday by honoring a few of our favorite Latino celebrity couples that make our hearts melt. These couples stand out not only in their professional careers, but also in their personal lives. In fact, their relationships are so sweet, we can't help but "Awww" every time we see them!

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Valentine's Day Google Doodle will make your day!

It's Valentine's Day and what better way to kick off the holiday than by checking out the annual love-themed Google Doodle? In honor of the special day, this year's Doodle features a collection of six love stories told through clickable candy hearts. The stories, provided by public radio show This American Life, are so adorable and heartwarming, you're sure to love them, regardless of whether you're single or taken this holiday.

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WATCH women get serenaded in hilarious Valentine's Day surprise

Valentine's Day isn't until tomorrow, but the holiday came early for some students at Brigham Young University in Utah. In a sweet and hilarious love-themed surprise, the college's male a capella group, Vocal Point, performed some sneak-attack serenades for the women on campus. Luckily, it was all captured on tape and the entire thing is so cute and funny, it's guaranteed to melt your heart, no matter how you feel about the holiday!

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WATCH: Miami woman drops F-bomb on live New Years Eve broadcast!

A Fox News reporter—and his nationwide viewers—were taken by surprise on New Years Eve when he gave one clearly intoxicated woman a chance to give the country a shout-out on air and she cursed into the camera instead. Woops! Note to on-air reporters: before you hand a random person a mic on live television, you might want to check to see how much they've been drinking!

"We got five minutes 'til 2014 and we're gonna f*** s*** up!" the woman screams into the camera. Clearly, the anchor wasn't expecting that. The slightly panicked look on his face is priceless!  

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5 Sexy stocking stuffers your freakiest friend will enjoy


Finding gifts for your closest girl friends can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you want to get creative. That's where stocking stuffers are a great option to have on hand. However ... I'm not talking about the same trinkets you would add to your kids stocking.

In fact, I'm talking about the adult kind, that we can all appreciate. Have you guessed what it is yet? The answer: Sex toy stocking stuffers! Yes we're going there and they will be so thankful you did too! Ha!

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3 Ways the holidays can make any mom lose it

The holidays can be a wonderful time, they can also be an extremely stressful time especially for all the mamás out there. We take on a lot all year long and then during the holidays we take on even more. I know we are powerful mujeres and all, but we are only human. I really want you to remind yourself of that this holiday season. Repeat after me, "I am only human." You need rest, you need help, and you also deserve to enjoy the season. Am I right or am I right? I'm right, right?! So let's go over three ways the holidays can make any mom lose it and how we can stay sane instead.

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Holiday Gift Guides

8 Awesome cultural gifts to show your pride

With a culture so rich, tapping into your Latino roots for holiday gift inspiration is an absolute no-brainer. Whether for your abuelo or your gringa boss, there are tons of beautiful and meaningful gifts produced throughout Latin America, many of which will bring you right back to your childhood. With a little digging, I guarantee that you can find gifts tied to your raices for every person on your gift list. 

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The elf on the shelf is ruining Christmas for my family!


Do you elf on the shelf? People are really up in arms about the elf on the shelf. Either you love them or you hate them. There are no other options. With the elf on the shelf comes all the wonder and splendor of holiday magic, without them comes sleep and peace.

Yet, we still have elves (on the shelf and everywhere else in our house). They are running rampant and my girls are giddy with excitement. My husband and I, on the other hand, are losing our ever-loving minds trying to come up with new and exciting things for the elves to be and do. Oh yes, we don't have one but FIVE elves: Rick Astly, Rick (i) James, Herbie Hancock, AnaLee and Ed.

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5 Holiday foods you didn't know burned fat


So many great things come with the holidays, but most especially FOOD. There's always this talk about how many of the things you eat during this time of the year can make you gain weight, but I'm disputing that claim. You can enjoy eating your favorite desserts and meals this season without putting on a pound.

The real solution is making sure to eat the right types of holiday foods!

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