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5 Ways being a mami makes you want to reconnect with your cultura

Procter & Gamble (P&G) hosted a "Thank you, mom" panel to discuss the ever changing roles of parenting in today's society. One of P&G's panelists was MamásLatinas co-founder Lucia Ballas-Traynor who, along with the other speakers, expressed their thoughts on parenting in their respective households.  

But Lucia brought to light the one thing the majority of moms have in common: the need to be in touch with their culture.  

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Truth Be Told: Being Latina is more than just the color of your skin


My entire life, it's been very important to me that I establish my place as a Latina. The reason it's been so important is because I've always been the girl with the light skin, brown hair, and tawny eyes and I wasn't quite dark enough to be immediately recognizable as a Latina, but I was also not blonde haired with blue eyed. I've always felt like I'm caught somewhere in the middle. No one ever really can quite place me. I've always felt like I have no defined place in the world and like I've always had to prove who I was. I don't want that for my girls.

A lot of my Latino friends have told me that I am lucky because I don't understand what it's like to be judged on the color of my skin. This is true. I may not be immediately pigeonholed and discriminated against for being Latina. However, I can't even count how many times someone has shared a Mexican joke or derogatory remark with me, only to be horrified when I explain that I AM Mexican.

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The best gifts for babies this holiday season


With the holidays here, moms just want to do their Christmas shopping as quickly and painlessly as possible...especially when shopping for our babies! While shopping for a baby can be relatively easy because you know they'll hopefully like whatever you give them (as long as it's bright and colorful!), you don't want to overdo it on toys or clothes. Honestly, you want the gift you give your little one to have significance. Even if it's not your baby, you also want the gift to be unique (so that not every other kid has the same thing!), right?

Which is why we've assembled a group of the best gifts for babies we found that are special, personal, and with a little bit of our Latino flair! You can make that little guy or gal in your life happy while showcasing your pride--and your baby's!--in our culture.



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Mom who took daughter with leukemia from hospital has finally been found!

Most parents want to keep their kids as safe and healthy as possible, so I can't even imagine how hard it is to have a child battling a disease as serious as leukemia. But I also can't understand why a mother would ever force her extremely ill child leave the hospital, like 33-year-old Arizona mom Norma Bracamontes, did to her 11-year-old daughter, Emily.

Emily underwent a month of chemotherapy and had to have her right arm amputated after suffering complications. Yet last week, for some unknown reason, Bracamontes unhooked her daughter from her tubes of medicine, dressed her, and walked her out of the hospital without telling anybody! After police led to a frantic search to find the mother-daughter duo before the young girl dies from infection, her dad finally revealed that she is being cared for in a hospital in Mexico.

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Cómo las mentiras piadosas nos ayudan en la crianza de nuestros hijos

¡Ahhhhh! Las mentiras blancas que les decimos las mamás y los papás a nuestros hijos… A mí, mi mamá me decía que había un país (Finlandia) donde hacía tanto, pero tanto frío, que los helados eran calientes. Como me lo decía mi mamá, pues me lo creí hasta que tuve como 12 años y recuerdo que ya una mujer hecha y derecha, caminando por las calles de Helsinki en el verano de 1998, no paraba de reír pensando en las ocurrencias de mi mamá y en mi inocencia de niña.

Lo que sí no me hizo mucha gracia, fue que también mi mamá, quien era estrictísima y nos daba unos jarabes de lengua interminables para inculcarnos el valor de la honestidad, me mintiera —y durante siete largos años—, con la historia de los regalos de Navidad y el Niño Jesús.

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¿Cómo enseñarles a nuestros hijos a entender las consecuencias de un desastre natural?

Desafortunadamente el huracán Sandy ha dejado muchos daños y hasta muertos a su paso.  Por más preparados que estemos en casa, prevenir los daños que puede causar un fenómeno natural no está en nuestras manos.  La tensión que se siente al prepararnos nos afecta a todos; los preparativos en la casa, las idas al supermercado y ver las hileras totalmente vacías, ver la ciudad totalmente en silencio, el ser evacuados de sus hogares, una pérdida de alguien cercano, y cómo nos recuperamos, son sólo algunos de los cambios. Y como es de esperarse, los niños pueden sentirse asustados y hasta cambiar su comportamiento antes, durante y después de la catástrofe. 

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Truth be told: What to do if someone bullies your child


How would you react if you found out that someone was bullying your child? Has your child ever been bullied? Both of mine have and it breaks my heart. Bullying is not something that I ever went through, unless you count my little brother holding me down and letting his saliva dangle over my face. Don't pretend that you don't know what I am talking about, you know you do!

Honestly, the entire concept is foreign to me. I'd never experienced it until it happened to my children and I have to say, I would have much rather preferred that it happened to me.

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You'll never guess what political event left this little guy crying hysterically!

We all know about the Venezuelan presidential election earlier this week which ended...well, for lack of a better word, crappily. Hugo Chavez was re-elected for a third time as president and not only were many Venezuelans unhappy by this outcome, but others took to expressing their disappointment in the results--including our very own Senior Editor, Vicglamar Torres' son who cried and asked: ¿Por qué se quedó el malo? Y ahora ¿qué vamos a hacer? (Why did the evil one stay? What are we going to do now?)

It looks like he wasn't the only baby crying over this presidential election, though. My favorite reaction has to be little Esteban who throws a tantrum after finding out that Chavez is president again.
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Talking about sex with teens STILL seems to be a challenge for parents

A national survey showed that 50 percent of parents are still uneasy speaking to their teen about sex, compared to 82 percent of teens not willing to talk to their parents about the topic. Everyone knows that the sex talk is…well, rather uncomfortable. So I wasn't surprised to hear about this new survey showing that teens still aren't talking to their parents about sex--even though parents are more willing to do so. 

At least 1 in 6 teens have never spoken to their parents about sex, but even if they are comfortable talking about it, addressing sex still brings parents anxiety and their good intentions go unnoticed by their teens. So how can we fix that?

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Las mamás debemos hacerle la guerra a la obesidad infantil

Desafortunadamente no podemos tapar el cielo con una mano. Actualmente la realidad es que la obesidad entre los niños en este país ha llegado a unas cifras nunca antes vistas. Sin olvidarnos de que la obesidad en los niños y adolescentes en nuestra comunidad hispana se ha triplicado en las últimas décadas. Este problema, o quizás debería decir epidemia, ya está identificado y analizado, pero la pregunta es porqué no hacemos nada para cambiar esta realidad, sabiendo los efectos colaterales que acarrea, puesto que lasconsecuencias físicas y emocionales de ser obeso son muchas.

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