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College preparedness

Latinos are now largest minority group in college campuses nationwide

Finally, some good news regarding Latinos and higher education. The Pew Hispanic Center has just released some very encouraging numbers for 2011 and they basically show that for the first time, more than 2 million Hispanics ages 18 to 24 were enrolled in college. This means that Latinos are now the largest minority group with a record 16.5 percent enrollment share in the country's four-year college campuses. 

When it comes to two-year colleges, Latinos now account for one quarter (or 25.2 percent) of the 18- to 24-year-olds enrolled. 

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10 Beautiful bilingual baby names we love

A few weeks ago, the annual list of top baby names was released and as usual it was filled with lots of goodies. I know some people try to avoid names that are on these lists altogether, but if you're trying that, you're probably making things a lot more difficult for yourself. Especially since as Latinas we have another factor to consider--whether some of our  family members will be able to properly pronounce the names we choose! I mean, my grandmother is fluent in English and Spanish and I still can't imagine names like Asher and Avery rolling off her tongue so easily (sorry, Nana!). But taking a look at this year's names, there are quite a few that should be top contenders for bilingual families. Check out my top picks for boys and girls, perfect for our bilingual world.

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4 Ways to raise thankful children


Thanksgiving is Thursday and I am so thankful for so much this year. Mostly, I am thankful for the people in my life. Everything else is icing on the cake. Like many parents, I have spent a lot of time and money trying to make sure that my children have everything I didn't. That was important to me because I know what it is like to go without. I grew up poor and we didn't have much. Everything we did have, we were thankful for because we knew what going without felt like. I overcorrected and I spoiled my children.

They are not bratty but they are not as thankful as they should be; not as thankful as I would have been. To truly appreciate the things you have, you need to experience going without. I am trying to teach my daughters to be thankful for what they have and to know that every person, thing and day is a gift.

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Bilingual bebés on board: 4 Ideas to celebrate Día de Muertos with your kids

Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead, as it's called in English, is one of my favorite Latino celebrations. I love the idea of celebrating those who are no longer with us. Dia de Muertos gives me the opportunity to talk to my kids about death in a way that's not super sad or scary and it allows me to teach them even more about my beloved father, who left us way before they were born. 

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Hispanic Heritage Month

8 Crafts to make your kids proud of their Latino heritage

Although I think we should celebrate our Latino heritage all year long, there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of Hispanic Heritage Month to help your children be proud of their roots. I'm not the expert when it comes to crafts, but my kids love them, so I make an attempt to do these with them whenever possible.

Here we share eight easy and fun Hispanic Heritage Month crafts to do with your kids so they can be even more proud of their heritage!

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Let these traditional rhymes inspire your kids to learn while having fun! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Some of my happiest memories are of jumping rope outside with my friends, singing little songs to help us keep the rhythm. That's what I love about this short and simple video. It reminds me of the rhymes we sang as kids! I still love to jump rope, although now I mostly do it at the gym. But maybe now I will remember the cool rhymes that made jumping rope feel so effortless. This is a great video to share with kids.

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Bilingual bebés on board: 6 great blogs for moms raising bilingual kids

Crafts are not my thing, but my kids love them and I've noticed how much fun they have when we do then, so I'm always on the lookout for those that manage to include culture or language. Luckily, there's an ever-growing list of blogs where you can find tons of activities & crafts that will make your kids' bilingual journey a lot more enjoyable. 

Here are six of my favorite ones:

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5 Ways being a mami makes you want to reconnect with your cultura

Procter & Gamble (P&G) hosted a "Thank you, mom" panel to discuss the ever changing roles of parenting in today's society. One of P&G's panelists was MamásLatinas co-founder Lucia Ballas-Traynor who, along with the other speakers, expressed their thoughts on parenting in their respective households.  

But Lucia brought to light the one thing the majority of moms have in common: the need to be in touch with their culture.  

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Truth Be Told: Being Latina is more than just the color of your skin


My entire life, it's been very important to me that I establish my place as a Latina. The reason it's been so important is because I've always been the girl with the light skin, brown hair, and tawny eyes and I wasn't quite dark enough to be immediately recognizable as a Latina, but I was also not blonde haired with blue eyed. I've always felt like I'm caught somewhere in the middle. No one ever really can quite place me. I've always felt like I have no defined place in the world and like I've always had to prove who I was. I don't want that for my girls.

A lot of my Latino friends have told me that I am lucky because I don't understand what it's like to be judged on the color of my skin. This is true. I may not be immediately pigeonholed and discriminated against for being Latina. However, I can't even count how many times someone has shared a Mexican joke or derogatory remark with me, only to be horrified when I explain that I AM Mexican.

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The best gifts for babies this holiday season

With the holidays here, moms just want to do their Christmas shopping as quickly and painlessly as possible...especially when shopping for our babies! While shopping for a baby can be relatively easy because you know they'll hopefully like whatever you give them (as long as it's bright and colorful!), you don't want to overdo it on toys or clothes. Honestly, you want the gift you give your little one to have significance. Even if it's not your baby, you also want the gift to be unique (so that not every other kid has the same thing!), right?

Which is why we've assembled a group of the best gifts for babies we found that are special, personal, and with a little bit of our Latino flair! You can make that little guy or gal in your life happy while showcasing your pride--and your baby's!--in our culture.



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