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We can tell you how to get to Sesame Street!


Ever since we were kids, we've been asking for directions to Sesame Street, but never actually stopped to consider where is this famous spot? The show's producers have dropped hints and recognizable scenes in its settings, but they've never come out and said where the curious can go for a stroll down Sesame Street. While clues gathered from watching the show place the fictional neighborhood in New York City, the Huffington Post has a gathered a few of the likely locations for this muppet wonderland.

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5 Ideas for building your own indoor camping tents

If you want to help your kids keep boredom at bay and get their creative juices flowing during rainy summer days, setting up an indoor tent provides opportunity for hours and hours of imaginative fun, family bonding and relaxation. There are so many ways you can do this--homemade or not, theme or no theme, individual or group, etc.

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5 Best apps for toddlers

We know the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends zero screen time for kids under 2 years old, and I totally respect that -- though I admit to not always following that rule ourselves -- electronics can be a a great tool for parents who need a few undistracted minutes to get something important done or for just about anyone traveling more than a couple of hours with a child in tow.

Personally, as a work-at-home mom to a two-year-old, there have been many instances in which I wouldn't have met deadline without breaking out the iPad. That said, I do try to limit usage to a maximum of twice a week and never for more than an hour at a time, and I try to stick with really high-quality apps that have an educational component. 

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4 Fun scavenger hunt ideas for the perfect outdoors adventure

Still desperate for ways to keep your kiddos occupied during the last long, muggy days of summer? Not to worry, we still have some awesome ideas for outdoor fun to share with you. Today, we're talking scavenger hunts. And if that sounds too exhausting, feel free to pour yourslef up a nice glass of lemonade and while the children search the backyard (or even the neighborhood) high and low. 

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SEE: 5 Outdoor games to keep your kids busy this summer

As mid-summer rolls around, you're probably starting to run out of ideas for keeping your kids busy and entertained each and every day during their school break. And I'm willing to bet you're already hearing cries of boredom. Instead of relinquishing them to the television, computer or video games for the next month, I say kick them outside. Of course we know that just sending them out the back door won't do much, so below you'll find video instructions for five fun outdoor activities and games to keep your kids active this summer.

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Beach sports you can play with the whole family

If you and your crew are the active types, laying around on the beach for hours at a clip may be a little too mellow for your taste. But instead of skipping the beach altogether, you can still join your family and friends at the shore. After logging in some time in the sea and chilling out under your umbrella for awhile, why not bring your favorite sports to the sand? There are actually quite a few family-friendly sports that you can play right on the beach as long as you steer clear of the most crowded areas. Check them out below.

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DIY Projects

5 Tips to get gardening with your kids!

Gardening is a wonderful learning opportunity for children, but it can also serve many other purposes. Planting and tending to a garden is an awesome way to spend quality time together as a family, it can be a great workout that gets you and your kids away from the TV and laptop and it will very likely get your kids more interested in eating their veggies. But it can also be quite a tedious and laborious task, especially for young children with short attention spans. So how can you get and keep your kids out in the garden? Read on for our tips.

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This easy beach game will keep your kids active & entertained all day long!

A few days ago, I wrote to you about beach bowling--a really fun, free and easy game for kids of all ages to play at the beach, and while it's certainly an awesome option, I figured you'd need at least one more time-consuming and active game for your next beach day. After all, they can only build so many sand castle before getting bored. So today, I'm bringing you an idea that involves even less hands-on time for you and quite possibly a bit more for your kids. That means you'll probably get to enjoy your seaside day as much as the kiddos enjoy theirs. Check out this awesome beach game below.

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Try this no-fuss beach game for kids of all ages!

Pre-kids, a day at the beach meant hours of relaxing in the sun, reading a trashy paperback and maybe dipping your toes in the sand. But anyone who has taken a child of any age--toddler to pre-teen--down the shore knows that those days are long gone. Still, it is possible to buy a few minutes of down time if you arrive prepared with plenty of food and some ideas to kick start their little imaginations between swim sessions. But in the interest of not lugging even more gear from the car to the sand, I've dug up a great no-fuss beach game that should cost you no extra-money, no trunk space and very little time--and will help keep your kids active and entertained for hours! Check it out below.

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How to plan a family field day the whole team will love

Do you remember back in middle school when everyone got to skip out on classes and participate in field day, usually sometime during the last week of school? I do! In fact, I will probably never forget how much fun we had and how we all looked forward to it every year. But did you ever consider planning your own family field day? It's actually not something I ever would have imagined, but it would be an awesome summer event to put together for your kids and their friends or even in lieu of a family reunion. Of course, your event needs to be cool enough to live up to everyone's expectations--young and old--and that could be a big undertaking. Luckily for you, we've got some tips and ideas to get you started. 

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