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7 Unique baby products that will make traveling a breeze

For lots of families, traveling with kids is a complicated ordeal. Cross-country treks, multi-hour car trips and overnight stays in not-so-familiar places, like the ones that many had to go through during the holidays that just passed are not only crazy, they can be impossible. Traveling may have all been fairly easy before baby arrived, but the addition of a little one can make it a little more complicated. In no way am I suggesting you should shy away from it--in fact, I consider myself a champion of family travel. But you do have to realize that these trips will require more time, more planning and a whole lot more luggage. Thankfully, there are a ton of unique and useful products on the market to help your adventures go as smoothly as possible. Here are seven of our favorite baby travel gear items that will ease your travel woes so you can make traveling more part of the new year!

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Holiday Gift Guides

7 Ways to make holidays extra special for your kids

Kids are almost always excited about the approaching holidays, but a lot of the time all of the focus is on one day. Our seven awesome ideas will keep the festivities going from Thanksgiving all the way through to Christmas morning. From small unexpected gifts to fabulous family outings, you'll find ways to celebrate each and every week of the holiday season.

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4 Baby-friendly activities for chilly days

When your kids are climbing up the walls and about to drive you nuts, corraling them for a walk or a trip to the park is a great way to decompress--and tire them out! But what's a mom to do when the temperatures are near freezing and the great outdoors is no longer so appealing? Well, you can hide in a corner until bedtime, or you can come up with a few fun ways to kill all that time spent indoors. Here are some of my favorites to get you started:

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6 Free (or almost free!) cold-weather outings for the whole family

As the days get colder and the air chillier, it can be quite the task to figure out how to stimulate your child's adventurous spirit. Long walks around town, half-day playground sessions, and picnics in the park aren't so practical during the colder months, especially when you have small children, but that doesn't mean you're destined to spend every day behind the four walls of your home. There are actually quite a few outings you can embark on that will keep you at least mostly sheltered from the elements. And with the gift-giving season approaching, an added bonus is that most of them won't cost you anything at all. Here are six great free or dirt-cheap family-friendly outings:

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New Mami 101

20 Signs that you were raised by Latino parents

Growing up Latino is a point of pride for us--and we wouldn't change that experience for the world. I always knew there was something different about my parents (you either pick up on it early on or later, when you meet people who were not raised by Latino parents).

We may roll our eyes at some of the things our parents did (and do), but you have to admit, growing up Latino is an amazing experience. So check out our list of ways to tell if you were raised Latino.

If you recognize three or more of the following scenarios, you were undoubtedly raised by Latino parents:

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6 Fun beach games to play with your kids before summer ends!

The summer's almost over--so make sure you grab your family and head out to enjoy some sand and surf in the sun before it's fall! But though your idea of a perfect beach day might be relaxing on your blanket with a good book, chances are your kids want to run around and stay active.

No worries! We've come up with some fun activities the whole family will enjoy at the beach!

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5 Ways to make the most of the last month of summer!

Is it me or has summer just flown right by? Seriously,  it seems like I blink and another month has gone. I can't believe it's August already! But just because the season is starting to wind down doesn't mean you can't enjoy the remainder of this beautiful weather and sunny days.

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Fall Sports & Family Fun guide

6 Amazing benefits of being active together as a family

As your kids approach their teens and grow more and more independent, it can be a challenge to find common ground. But when your kiddos no longer want to play on the swingset and cuddle on the couch with you, it doesn't mean that they no longer need your influence. The challenge is to find a way to reestablish yourself as not just an authority figure, but as a mentor and source of inspiration.

A fun and productive way to do just that is to take on a project together, one that involves setting goals and working together to reach them. Getting and staying healthy fits the bill perfectly.

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Fun Family Activities

How my family learned to make fun time active

When I was growing up, every summer, my sister and I could always be found running around outside, roller skating, or hitting a tennis ball against the wall in our backyard. Now years later, I have two daughters who are also very active and have always made fun time active time. It's a family lifestyle that we all really enjoy.

I grew up with a priority to be active, and I have always tried to impart that to my own daughters. It's something that is not only beneficial, but has bonded us as a family.

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7 Genius tricks for a stress-free theme park day with your kids! (PHOTOS)

Summer is the perfect time to take your kids to the amusement park they've been dying to go to all year long. The only problem? Between the crowded parking lot and the long lines, those outings can sometimes be stressful.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can plan ahead to ensure that your trip will be fun for both you and your family! Read on for some genius tips and tricks that can help you have a fun day!

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