Girl blogged about sexual abuse for years before her grandfather finally killed her

Though Terrell Cowherd hadn't seen his estranged 11-year-old daughter Anahlia Cowherd in years, something told him to Google her name Tuesday morning. A search for Anahlia's name turned up a series of disturbing blog posts written by the young girl, the last had gone up Monday evening and was titled, "Help…Me…" In it, the preteen reveals her grandfather threatened to take her life. "He actually threatened to KILL my family," she writes. "Right now I'm in my mom's room, the door locked, my dog close, my brother here, my Grandpa somewhere, my Grandma is not home. My mom is coming…I'm so scared." Confused and disturbed, Cowherd contacted the Seattle Police Department to tell them of his findings. However, it appeared they had their own piece of troubling news to share with him. Anahlia was dead. Her grandfather killed her.

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Toddler shot & killed while playing gun tag​


A 26-year-old man from Montana is accused of shooting and killing a 3-year-old boy while they played "gun tag." The 3 year old, Lonato Moran-Allen, had a toy gun that he was using to pretend to shoot Galen Hawk. Hawk, on the other hand, had a loaded 380 handgun. Hawk who had been drinking didn't realize the gun was loaded, he pointed it at Moran-Allen, the gun went off and the little boy was shot. I'm sorry, but who uses a real gun to play with a child?

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Dozens of women FREAK OUT at funeral after finding out their shared lover had AIDS


Dozens of women were shocked and outraged when they found out that Daniel Decu, the local Lothario whose funeral they were attending, had been playing them dirty on multiple levels. A coroner's report made public in the wake of Decu's death revealed that the 24-year-old man had AIDS! This was news to the countless women he'd had sex with in his town. Incredibly, there were several people in Decu's life who knew about his diagnosis and could have warned his lovers, but either decided to remain mum or were prohibited from spreading the word. That's so messed up!

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Dad dies leaving behind a boxful of letters for his baby girl


What parent hasn't considered what they would do if they suddenly found out that they were dying? All the things we would miss. All those important moments in life that we wouldn't be present for our children, the moments that they needed us the most. We'd miss seeing them grow up and they would miss having us there to give them advice, support and love and that is the true tragedy of it all. What could you do?

Recently, a 26-year-old husband and father, Mitchell Whisenhunt, lost his battle with Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the body's connective tissue, which holds together the body's organs, cells and tissue. But before he died, he found a way to bring continual comfort to his wife, Ashley Whisenhunt, 22, and his beloved daughter, Brynleigh, by writing a trove of letters that he designated to be opened on certain dates throughout her life.

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Elizabeth Peña's shocking cause of death revealed​


Of course when I found out that the beloved Latina actress Elizabeth Peña died on October 14 at only 55 years old, I wanted to know what the cause was, didn't you? You always want an explanation when someone who isn't advanced in years and seems healthy dies, but no real explanation was given. The only reason stated at the time was that she had passed away after a brief illness. Well, now the cause of her death has been revealed. She died from cirrhosis of the liver "due to alcohol." Not only that, but her death certificate leads one to believe that she suffered greatly in her last hours.

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Girl literally scared to death in haunted house

I don't think I'll ever use the phrase "scared to death" lightly again. A 16-year-old girl from Ohio recently died while walking through a Halloween-themed, haunted house. Apparently the poor thing got so scared, she passed out and died. Can you believe this? I know what you're probably thinking. What in the hell was going on in that haunted house that led to a girl's death?

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Legendary Latino designer Oscar de la Renta has died


My friends we have lost a great and inspiring Latino legend: Oscar de la Renta. Designer extraordinaire Oscar de la Renta died Monday evening at 82-years-old. Born in 1932 in Santo Domingo the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic, de la Renta was the only boy of seven children. When he was 18 years old he went to Spain to study painting and ended up falling in love with fashion design. He apprenticed with Cristóbal Balenciaga, who became his mentor, worked with Lanvin and soon moved to New York. In 1965 he launched his own label and managed to become one of the best known fashion designers the world has ever known.

Throughout his long and illustrious career, de la Renta somehow managed to always be classic while remaining relevant. Just last month he designed Amal Clooney's much admired wedding dress.

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Family of man who killed toddler for pooping her pants claims he's "not a monster"

If murdering a toddler for accidentally pooping her pants isn't evil and cruel than I don't know what is. The family of a man who reportedly beat and tortured 3-year-old Jeida Torres is talking to the media and claiming he is "not a monster." Twenty-year-old Kelsey Smith ran away to a homeless shelter after leaving the toddler's lifeless body in his wife Kimberly Torres's Brooklyn, New York apartment while she was at work over the weekend. His 5-year-old stepson Andrew Torres spoke to police about what he witnessed and the abuse was pretty horrifying. 

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Monster avoids life sentence after admitting to killing baby in her care

Remember 3-year-old Autumn Elgersma? She died last year at the hands of her caregiver in Orange City, Iowa when the woman pushed her to the floor and factured her skull. The killer, Rochelle Sapp, ran a day care at her home and confessed to violently throwing the poor Autumn to the ground because she was having trouble taking her coat off. You would think that after confessing to a such cold blooded crime that woman would rot in jail, right? Wrong! The Iowa court has just announced its verdict and you will NOT believe what they decided. 

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Woman sent a text message to her dead grandmother's phone & got a reply from beyond

Sheri Emerson from England, buried her beloved grandmother in 2011 after she lost her battle to bowel cancer. The grandmother loved her family and always wanted to stay in contact with them. She enjoyed sending text messages to all of them throughout the day and when she died, she was buried with her cell phone. For the past three years all the members of the family had been texting grandma and Sheri was shocked when she received a reply from the dead.

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