Christina Milian's sister Danielle mourns her baby's death hours after birth & her message will make you cry


Christina Milian's sister, Danielle, suffered the devastating loss of her newborn son, Richie, hours after giving birth on Tuesday. In March, her unborn baby was diagnosed with omphalocele, a birth defect in which the abdominal organs grow outside of the body. Doctors urged Danielle to terminate the pregnancy, but she refused, hoping that her baby would survive. She recently posted a sad message mourning her son. 

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Jenni Rivera's plane crash tied to drug cartel + 9 other eerie facts surrounding her death

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New cryptic details are emerging of Jenni Rivera's tragic death in 2012. Although the state investigation related to the plane crash in Mexico is no longer active, the DEA continues to hold a case against kingpin Christian Eduardo Esquino Núñez. The businessman was arrested in December 2012 and served 24 months in prison for falsifying plane records and counterfeiting government inspection paperwork. During their investigation, the DEA recently spoke to a key witness named "Jennifer," who is now a part of the witness protection program. She is making dark claims related to Rivera's untimely death and the singer's true relationship with Núñez. Uncover the details along with other crazy facts about La Diva De La Banda's death. 

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Thalia confessed to wanting to die at one point


My heart truly weighed so heavy when Thalia opened up about her depression after losing her mother, Yolanda Miranda, four years ago. On the outside, it seemed like the Mexican star was gracefully dealing with her loss and even published her self-help and memoir book, Growing Stronger. What fans didn't know what that Thalia was deeply struggling with the death of her best friend and confidant. Her mother was her everything and in her recent sit-down interview with Barbara Bermudo she makes a shocking confession yet.

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Dad throws toddler daughter over bridge to her death


When I first heard about this tragic story out of St. Petersburg, Florida, my heart just broke. I couldn't believe that a parent could be so careless over the life of a child they helped bring into this world. A 25-year-old father, John Jonchuck Jr., was stopped by a cop at a Tampa Bay bridge in Florida when he rushed over to the passenger side of his car, pulled out his 5-year-old daughter and then threw her over the bridge without a second thought. And then he just fled the scene!

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Monica Spear's daughter has a wish that will break your heart


It angers me that this beautiful child is now orphaned because of some low lives. Monica Spear's daughter Maya recently mourned her parents on the one year anniversary since their tragic and violent murder in Venezuela. Little Maya was able to survive the heartless crime, but Monica and her partner, Thomas Berry, were brutally robbed and shot to death in Caracas, Venezuela. Now, the 6-year-old lives with her maternal grandparents in Florida and they're revealing their granddaughter's mental state. Her number one wish in life will seriously make you cry and want the death penalty for her killers.

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Jencarlos Canela's tribute to Monica Spear will make you cry


I can't believe it has been a year since Monica Spear was violently murdered in her home country of Venezuela. The most tragic part of the story was that her daughter, Maya, witnessed her parents being killed and managed to survive the fatal shooting. In the midst of all of that horror, Monica deserves to be remembered for her talent and beautiful spirit. For the year anniversary of her tragic death, Jencarlos Canela wrote and sang a heartfelt dedication to Monica titled, "Amiga." The song brought tears to my eyes. 

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Ricky Martin is NOT dead, shares awesome message via social media


If you fell for Ricky Martin's death hoax then you can finally breathe easy. I have to admit, this is probably the meanest thing anyone has done to me in 2015 so far. A fake YouTube video recently surfaced showing images of the Puerto Rican pop star killed in a car crash in San Francisco. The video was so convincing that lots of fans started expressing their condolences on social media. No, Ricky loves "Living La Vida Loca," but not crazy enough to get into a deadly accident on the freeway! Not my Ricky anyway. He responded to the ridiculous news in the best way possible. 

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Little girl survives plane crash that killed her entire family & walks to get help


A small plane crashed in Lyon County, Kentucky on Friday night and sadly killed four people, but left only one survivor. Mom, 45-year-old Kimberly Gutzler, dad, 49-year-old Marty Gutzler, their daughter, 9-year-old Piper and their cousin, 14-year-old Sierra Walder, died in the horrific crash that occurred after engine failure when the family was traveling back to Nashville, Illinois from their Key West, Florida New Years vacation. The only survivor? The Gutzlers' 7-year-old daughter, whose name is not being released out of respect for the family.

But the little girl was not only faced with the worst thing anyone could ever experience: seeing the dead bodies of her parents, big sister and cousin, she was forced to act. And act she did.

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Mom who refused cancer treatment to save unborn baby dies


New Year's Eve was a somber day for this Utah family who made headlines back in September. Kathy Taylor, the woman who refused cancer treatment while pregnant with her sixth child, lost her battle with terminal cancer. The 34-year-old mother was diagnosed with melanoma six months into her pregnancy and did everything she could to make sure her unborn son was given a chance to live. It's so heartbreaking that baby Luke couldn't make it. He was born two weeks premature and passed away from an infection two weeks later on September 27. I don't know how this family is able to survive in the face of so much tragedy. Taylor's husband, Nathan, opened up about her death and his words will make you cry.

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2-year-old shoots his mom to death by accident

Veronica Rutledge, a 29-year-old mother from Idaho, was shot to death in a Walmart by her 2-year-old son. The mother was carrying a concealed weapon in her purse and at some point her son, who was in a shopping cart, managed to get the gun out of her purse and accidentally shoot his mother to death. I shouldn't even really have to say "accidentally" because at 2 years old there is no way that child could have shot his mother on purpose or with malicious intent.

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