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Tattoo parlors for children are just insane


When you think of tattoo parlors, you rarely associate them with children, which is why you are going to find this next story shocking! Sadie Hennessy decided to open up the first tattoo parlor for children in England called My First Tattoo and there have been some INTERESTING responses to the new shop.

There have been looks of horror, but what's most eyebrow raising is that there have been already 10 real requests. What kind of parent would allow their child to get a tattoo?!

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10 Things no one tells you about raising a boy

Yes, traditional gender roles are outdated, and I've never been one to propose that parents abide by these tired standards. Why should the wardrobes of our baby boys be limited to shades of blue? And why would we assume that all girls like butterflies and unicorns? That said, even the most liberal thinker should ultimately admit that there are typically some differences in the experience of raising a little boy. What's truly fascinating, however, are the idiosyncrasies that no parenting book, friend, or relative ever tells you about and which you only discover during on-the-job training. Here are just some of the things I've learned while raising my awesome little boy. 
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5 Apps that are AWESOME at helping plan family activities

Being active as a family is all about learning and having new experiences together, but sometimes figuring out where to start is the hardest part, even more so if you're trying to get out and do something spontaneously. But just as in other areas of our lives, there's an app for that. 

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Kim Kardashian reveals biggest fear for North & it's NOT what you expect


Kim Kardashian is a reality TV star, business woman, but most importantly she is a mother. Her daughter, North, with fiance Kanye West seems to live the perfect lavish life with her Hollywood hotshot parents. However, Kim revealed that there are some concerns she has for North in the future. And they're not at all what you're thinking.

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Here's why you shouldn't be worried about speaking to your kids in Spanish ONLY

Although deep down inside I knew we were doing the right thing, I'm not going to lie, some days, I was truly worried about our decision to speak to our firstborn in Spanish only. I guess it was the part of me that wanted to protect my daughter and make sure she'd be okay in her English-only preschool considering she'd been surrounded by Spanish most of her short life. 

When her teachers told me she was shy, I knew there was something up because that's not an adjective I'd used to describe my little girl. I questioned whether I should've taught her some basic vocabulary in English to help her navigate her new surroundings. But then, I relaxed, confident that learning English was inevitable and would happen faster than I could even imagine.

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4 Ideas to celebrate El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros with your kids

Next Wednesday is one of my favorite children's celebration. Known in Spanish as El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros and observed every April 30 for the last 18 years, the idea behind DÍA is to celebrate children and books. What's not to love about that?

Books are an absolutely excellent way to help your niños become bilingual, so this is the perfect celebration in my home. Every year we do something different and my kids have tons of fun. Here are some ideas you can try with yours:

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5 Easter books in Spanish your bilingual kids will love

Easter is right around the corner and besides making cascarones with my bilingual kids, I also like to take the time to talk to them about what this celebration is all about. One of easiest ways to do this in a fun and understandable way is through children's books in Spanish--especially if you have little ones who are still too young to understand some more difficult concepts. 

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5 Fun videos to teach your kids Spanish

One of the most important tips I always give parents raising bilingual kids is to make sure they make the journey as fun as possible. The minute learning Spanish starts becoming a chore or a burden for your kids, I guarantee you'll run into all kinds of resistance. 

Music and games are a great way to expose them to Spanish in a super fun way, but letting them watch videos online is also an option. Check out some of my kids' favorite ones and you'll be surprised how much vocabulary your niños will pick up without even realizing it just by watching them! 

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WATCH: Dad tries tricking daughter into promising she'll never have a boyfriend


Dads know that when they have a daughter they will do everything in their power to protect them. It also seems that no matter what their age, they will always be daddy's little girl. Fathers are especially hesitant when their daughters show interest in the opposite sex because we all know the only thing on boys brains.

One dad took it upon himself to make sure his daughter promised him she will NEVER have a boyfriend. So does it go according to plan? We'll let you decide...

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Gwyneth Paltrow offends working moms everywhere with ridiculous comparison

I've always kind of liked Gwyneth Paltrow, especially after she teamed up with Mario Batali and Mark Bittman a couple of years ago for the PBS miniseries Spain: A Culinary Road Trip and her subsequent run on Glee. I mean, she's definitely always been that waspy, holier-than-thou celebrity it-girl type that I have pretty much nothing in common with, but I've enjoyed her movies over the years, I like that she's passionate about food, and that she's kept her personal life pretty private.

But OMG, did she just tell E! News that parenting is harder for her than for moms who work 9-to-5?! Yup, it looks like she did, and the general public isn't taking it so well. Mackenzie Dawson, a writer for the New York Post, wrote an open letter to Gwynnie and I agree with every scathing word. Read on to find out what exactly Ms. Paltrow said to spur on such fury.

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