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Is there anything wrong with forcing your child to kiss strangers?

Until recently, my answer to that question was yes. I was one of those Latina moms who practically forced her children to say hello by giving everybody a kiss. I mean, I'm not talking complete strangers here, but I do mean my friends, the (Latino) parents of their friends and definitely our family members. But lately I've been thinking that this is not such a hot idea. Even though it's the way I was raised and it's a completely cultural thing, upon further reflection, I have to say that I'm simply not okay with forcing my kids to do something they don't want to do. 

Now, there's a big difference between being a brat with no manners and simply not feeling comfortable giving someone they don't really know a kiss. Truly, what worries me the most is sending mix signals to my children. In other words, I'm constantly telling them that they should never ever let anyone touch them and yet I'm forcing them to kiss people they barely know? How confusing is that?

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Do you sing Happy Birthday or Las Mañanitas?

I love summer. It's the time both my children were born. In about a month, we'll be celebrating my daughter's 6th birthday. And a month later, it'll be her brother's turn. He turns 3 at the end of August. Since we've always celebrated their birthdays in our backyard, we don't have a huge party. But all the parties we've had have always reflected our bicultural way of life.

What does that mean? Well, simply put, we incorporate the best of both our worlds and we have a blast! One of my favorite parts is when the time comes to sign Happy Birthday because in my household it's not only sang in two languages, but also in its many versions. 

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¿Dejarías que tu hija de 15 años tome pastillas anticonceptivas?

Esta semana se ha revelado que una de las hermanas de las famosas Kardashians está tomando anticonceptivos.  A raíz de esta noticia, los medios de comunicación se han encargado de criticar tanto a la joven como a su madre. Aseguran que el que la madre permita a la joven tomar las píldoras anticonceptivas de manera indirecta es como si estuviera promoviendo o apoyando que tenga relaciones sexuales.  Pero seamos realistas, como madres no podemos tapar el cielo con un dedo, es nuestra responsabilidad ver las cosas como son, nos guste o no.

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Happy Fathers Day: 5 ways my dad has shown me Latinos make the best fathers!

My dad is very much a Latino man. And what I mean by that, in case you couldn't guess, is that almost everything he does is a clear reflection of his Salvadorian roots. From his accent (vastly improved over time but still there nonetheless…at least so my friends tell me), to his complete reliance on my mother for most meals to his makes-you-roll-your-eyes machismo (yup, even fathers have it!), he is the epitome of a stereotypical Hispanic dad.


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Mark Consuelos' daughter goes CRAZY after he buys her a cell phone! (VIDEO)

These days, even kids still in elementary school are carrying cell phones--so those who actually are made to wait until they're a little older before receiving one often act as if it's a torturous punishment only carried out by evil parents.  That's why it was so hilarious seeing this video, in which Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelo's middle-school aged daughter absolutely FREAKS OUT when she gets her first cell phone.

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J.R. Martinez's newborn baby is such an adorable little Latina!

New dad, J.R. Martinez, is formally introducing his beautiful baby daughter, Lauryn Annabelle, to the world! The former Dancing with the Stars winner and his girlfriend, Diana Gonzalez-Jones welcomed their first child together in early May and by the looks of this precious photo the adorable little girl is already embracing her Latina style!

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PARENTAL WARNING: Facebook may allow access to kids under 13!

Who doesn't use Facebook? At this point, finding someone who doesn't have a profile on the social media site is extremely rare and almost impossible to find. Whether you love it or hate it, the vast majority of people are users or at least, have been at some point in their lives. In fact, it seems like the only people not caught up in the Facebook phenomenon are pre-teens, who technically are not allowed to sign up until they become 13 (although many do anyway). But now, that's about to change.

In what I consider to be Facebook's worst move ever (the timeline profile wasn't my fave and their public IPO isn't exactly working out as they planned but this takes the cake!), the company is now planning to let kids under 13 sign up for their site for the first time ever. Seriously?!

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Why watching TV is bad for your child's self-esteem

Most parents have heard about all of the bad side effects TV can potentially have on your kids, from hurting their eyes and rotting their brains to dilling their minds with all of the inappropriate behavior that is applauded and rewarded on reality shows these days.

Though there is still some debate over the truth behind those claims, a new study has confirmed that there is one surefire con to spending hours in front of the tube: Watching too much television leads to a decrease in the self-esteem of young girls and black boys.

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The 14 cutest Latino kids on the internet (this week)!


Here at MamásLatinas, we love learning about your kids. So when a bunch of you uploaded pictures of your children, we loved them so much that we just couldn't resist sharing some of our favorites! They range from silly and goofy to more formal but all are downright adorable.

Below, our picks for the 14 photos all sent in by you. Enjoy--and thanks for sharing! 

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6 Super Latino habits you don't know you're imposing on your kids

Every parent does it--transfers customs from their childhood or culture on to their kids. The problem is, some of the more old-school traditions just don't fly in this day and age and some of the very culture-specific ones also don't translate in to the general public.

Having grown up in a pretty traditional Hispanic family, I know firsthand what this is like. My parents, who were born and spent the first two decades of their lives in El Salvador, would established habits in our household that were super Latino…which my sister and I didn't even truly realize until they were either mortifyingly pointed out to us or we somehow came to the conclusion on our own once we were older.

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