Demi Lovato devastated over her dog's death + 11 Latino celebs who love their pets


We all know pets are members of the familia. Demi Lovato is mourning the loss of her dear puppy, Buddy, who passed away "in a tragic accident." The pop star has asked fans to give her privacy at this time.

I know firsthand that losing a pet is devastating. Wait until you read her emotional message about her dear pup and check out eleven other celebrity dog lovers. May Buddy rest in peace. 

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WATCH: Baby plays with giant snake & her parents are CRAZY


Jamie Guarino is the dad of three beautiful children on a mission to change the views of snakes. He's a professional snake handler and loves them as much as he loves his children. He always has a couple of giant pythons in his home and he says they are loving creatures. To prove his point he let his infant play on the floor with the enormous reptile and he said his baby wasn't in any danger whatsoever. The snake was only interested in playing with his baby and had no intentions of biting of strangling his child. This video is going to make your skin crawl!

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Crazy couple has 145 exotic pets living with their kids

Couple Jamie and Michelle Mintram and their two children, Chloe and Josh are an average family, the only difference is that they share their home with 145 pets. That's right! This very particular family has an arsenal of animals of different species living with them at their Norfolk home in England. I'm not talking about a bunch of cats, some puppies and tons of birds, nope. I'm talking about chinchillas, a boa constrictor called "Big Mamma" and a baby crocodile.

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Teen under fire for killing endangered animals


Kendall Jones is a 19-year-old Texas cheerleader, who like most girls her age, enjoys sharing selfies on Facebook. The only thing is, most of the pics featured on Jones public Facebook page show the teen smiling beside (or atop or besides) the carcasses of animals she shot herself. Endagered animals, may I add. Ugh!

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WATCH: Awesome dog teaches his family's baby how to crawl & you're going to melt

One of the biggest milestones for parents of young kids is when their babies start crawling. For some kids, it's almost second-nature while others skip the crawling all together in favor of walking. So when 7-month-old Allie recently needed a little motivation, her mom decided to recruit help from the family's dog, Buddy.

As can be seen in the clip below, Buddy tries to teach his little owner how to crawl by showing her how it's done himself. Luckily, Ali's mom, Valeria, was nearby to capture the whole thing on tape. Watch it below--trust me, it's so cute that once you watch it once, you'll want to watch it again and again!

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Couple finds horrifying surprise in their couch

A Long Island couple got the shock of a lifetime recently when they cleaned out a couch in their new basement apartment in Holbrook on Monday and found a three-foot-long python hidden inside! Oh my gosh! Can you imagine?

Peter Wang and his wife probably figured they'd come across some loose change underneath their couches. Instead, they discovered that they'd been sitting on top of a huge snake ... literally! This seriously makes me never want to sit on an unfamiliar couch ever again.

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WATCH: Mama bear saves her cub from traffic & proves animals are most amazing parents


It is my belief that any mamá worthy of the title has a mama bear buried not all that deep inside of her. By that I mean that if our child is in danger we will go all animal kingdom instinctual and do what needs to be done to save our baby! Right?

You gotta figure that the whole mama bear term came from actually observing mama bears being protective with their cubs. A mama bear will not let you eff with her babies. I get that and I've seen examples of it before, but never like the one I'm about to share with you of a black bear saving her cub from traffic on a highway. It's amazing and so sweet.

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Crocodile decapitates and eats 11-year-old boy fishing with family


An 11-year-old boy who was on an outing with his parents faced an unspeakable death that can happen to anyone. The incident unfolded in Papua, New Guinea as Melas Mero was fishing with his family when a 13-foot crocodile came and attacked him.

The defenseless child had no chance to fight the animal off as his parents could do nothing but look on as the croc ate their son. Oh my god! The horror!

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HUGE python interrupts woman sitting on toilet


Imagine going to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, and the next thing you know you get bitten by an unidentified animal. The thought of it would make anyone freak out, but for one woman in Singapore it became a reality. The 34-year-old housewife, Madam Noraslinda Asat, remembers sitting on her toilet in her master bedroom's bathroom when she felt something bite her on the back of her leg.

When she looked down she saw a SIX FOOT python hanging from her right thigh! How scary is that?!

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SEE: Did this Texas family just catch the Chupacabra?


Wether you believe in the existence of el Chupacabra or not, you've probably heard of it. I grew up being terrified of tales of it as a child. It was described to me as some sort of gruesome creature that feeds off the blood of goats and cows. Yikes! Thank goodness none of my neighbors were goats or cows.

Throughout the years I've heard of chupacabra sightings, but now a family in Ratcliffe, Texas say they have captured what everyone thought was a mythical creature and they have the critter locked up in a cage and are keeping it alive. Jackie Stock and Arlen Parma caught the creature they believe to be a baby chupacabra on Sunday night. Ready to take a look.

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