SEE: Did this Texas family just catch the Chupacabra?


Wether you believe in the existence of el Chupacabra or not, you've probably heard of it. I grew up being terrified of tales of it as a child. It was described to me as some sort of gruesome creature that feeds off the blood of goats and cows. Yikes! Thank goodness none of my neighbors were goats or cows.

Throughout the years I've heard of chupacabra sightings, but now a family in Ratcliffe, Texas say they have captured what everyone thought was a mythical creature and they have the critter locked up in a cage and are keeping it alive. Jackie Stock and Arlen Parma caught the creature they believe to be a baby chupacabra on Sunday night. Ready to take a look.

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Tiger rips off woman's arm at Oklahoma zoo

A female employee at G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynewood, Oklahoma was attacked by a tiger when she made the mistake of putting her arm inside the tiger cage earlier today. The woman, who hasn't been identified, is undergoing surgery and deputies of the Garvin County Sheriff's Office believe she has lost her arm. According to the owner of the park, the woman violated safety protocol by sticking her arm in the cage and despite the outcome, the tiger won't be put down. 

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WATCH hero dog save baby from crawling into ocean in amazing viral video

Dogs are amazing for so many reasons. If you've ever had the pleasure of being befriended by a canine, you know exactly what I mean. An awesome dog can turn a cat-lover into a dog fan with a look and a wag of the tail. As wonderful as I know that dogs are, it never occurred to me that they could save a baby's life until I saw this viral video of a dog in Turkey stopping a baby from crawling into the the water at a beach.

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Mom of toddler viciously killed in wild dog zoo attack is completely at fault in his death

Taking your kids to the zoo should be a fun learning experience, but for one mom it resulted in the death of her 2-year-old son. Jason and Elizabeth Derkosh took their son Maddox last year to the Pittsburg Zoo & PPG Aquarium when tragedy struck as their son fell into a wild African dogs exhibit. Elizabeth had propped him up above the four-foot railing to help the boy get a better look at the animals when he fell in and was mauled to death.

His parents filed a lawsuit against the zoo, but zoo officials are now saying that the person to blame for the boy's death is his mother. And I have to agree with them on this...

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Baby elephant cries for 5 hours after being rejected by his mom, breaks everyone's heart

Oh my goodness, I have never wanted to hug an elephant as much as I do right now. The mamá in me just wants to hightail it over to the Shendiaoshan Wild Animal Reserve in Rong-cheng, China and wrap my arms around a baby elephant named Zhuangzhuang. Zhuangzhuang has suffered much in his brief time on this planet. Shortly after being born, Zhuangzhuang was stomped on by his mother. Zoo keepers rushed to his aid and two hours later, after treating his injuries, returned him to his mother who once again tried to stomp him to death. Poor thing! Zoo keepers were able to rescue the newborn elephant, but he was so brokenhearted he cried inconsolably for five hours.

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Latino man passes out drunk, wakes up with no penis

If you've ever been blackout drunk then you know that it's hard to remember ALMOST anything the following morning. However, losing your penis is NOT one of them. Dominican native 45-year-old Geraldo Santos happened to have gotten super drunk one night and woke up the next morning without his manhood, but he doesn't remember how this happened! Lucky for him, his sober neighbors retold the story to and much to his surprise (and ours) he lost it in the most bizarre way ever!

So how exactly did Santos lose his penis? The answer will shock you...

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Watch this adorable dog try to avoid bath time with sneaky escape plan (VIDEO)

So cats are usually the animals said to hate taking baths, but as I quickly learned today, some dogs are as water-adverse as cats! A video has surfaced of an adorable Chihuahua named Thomas who has proven that dogs hate bath time as much as their feline rivals. Well, and as many of us dog owners know, most dogs aren't fans of baths. 

Thomas speaks for all his four-legged friends who have put up a fight with their owners in order to avoid bath time. Unfortunately for them, they always lose. Sorry, Thomas! 

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Woman horrifically gored Pamplona's famous running of the bulls

Spain's San Fermin festival was completed with a deadly bull run that left a 23-year-old woman gravely injured along with four other daredevils. The annual festival honors the patron saint of the city of Pamplona and usually ends in bloody turmoil every year. The Australian woman who was hurt is only being identified as J.E. and was gored in the back by a bull, which caused suffered rib fractures as well as a damaged right lung.

Reportedly, J.E. is one of the few women who participated in the bull run which is normally dominated by men.  

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Adorable Miso the dog can't stand seeing this newborn cold!

If you've ever wondered if dogs could be good babysitters, then you have to watch this video to see for yourself. A dog named Miso proves that dogs are just as capable of taking care of children after he was taking good care of his owner's 10-week-old granddaughter, Isabella.

Isabella was taking a nap--because that's just what babies do, when Miso decided that she wasn't comfy enough. He then made sure to make her napping experience a good one by making sure she was bundled up with a blanket the right way. Awwww!

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Maymo the lemon beagle pushing his sister in a stroller is the cutest thing you'll see today (VIDEO)

Maymo, everyone's favorite lemon beagle, is back and acting cuter than ever! In his latest viral video--which is 100% guaranteed to bring a smile to your face--the adorable pooch takes his baby sister, Penny, to the playground in a shopping cart.

Aww! Clearly, Maymo takes his big brother duties seriously.

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