Why you should NEVER use cotton swabs in your ears!

Take a step into my bathroom and you'll almost always find a jar filled with cotton swabs. That's because I'm kind of obsessed with cleaning my ears. Just the thought of having earwax gunk in there makes my stomach turn. Ugh! Come to think of it, I probably use at least one cotton swab a day. My abuelita always used to advise me against it and it looks like she may have had a point. Apparently these things aren't good for your ears!

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8 Signs your man is a mama's boy

It used to be that you knew a man was a mami's boy when he still lived at home, but modern day mami's boys have evolved enough to at least move out of the nest, making them harder to spot--and perhaps avoid. In fact, you may be dating one right now! 

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SEE: 5 Outdoor games to keep your kids busy this summer

As mid-summer rolls around, you're probably starting to run out of ideas for keeping your kids busy and entertained each and every day during their school break. And I'm willing to bet you're already hearing cries of boredom. Instead of relinquishing them to the television, computer or video games for the next month, I say kick them outside. Of course we know that just sending them out the back door won't do much, so below you'll find video instructions for five fun outdoor activities and games to keep your kids active this summer.

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Beach sports you can play with the whole family

If you and your crew are the active types, laying around on the beach for hours at a clip may be a little too mellow for your taste. But instead of skipping the beach altogether, you can still join your family and friends at the shore. After logging in some time in the sea and chilling out under your umbrella for awhile, why not bring your favorite sports to the sand? There are actually quite a few family-friendly sports that you can play right on the beach as long as you steer clear of the most crowded areas. Check them out below.

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DIY Projects

5 Genius space-saving ideas for your closet

I'm willing to bet there are very few of us who actually have "enough" closet space. Even if you have a large walk-in with all the spce in the world, chances are it's still a bit chaotic behind those closed doors. I'm currently working with a small walk-in, which is by far the largest I've ever had--but I somehow I still find myself running out of space every few months.

In the quest for a more organized storage area, I've implemented several space-saving techniques that I now swear by. Below, you'll find a couple of my favorites along with a few I haven't yet tried, but think are totally brilliant.

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18 Lessons we can learn from men

It's not that we women think we aren't amazing, the bee's knees. Let me just start by saying that we women ARE the bee's knees! I think motherhood (regardless of whether we have children or not) makes us special beings, with an infinite capacity to love, to adapt to circumstances, to resolve, to do several things at once and do them well, too. But the obsession with detail, that photographic memory and the ability to sacrifice, often undermine ourselves and we are stuck, paralyzed, anchored and that's when I say we could certainly learn from men, who for many things are simpler (and end up being happier) than us.

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5 Ways to handle toddler tantrums

It's like living with a crazy person; one minute your toddler is a fun-loving adorable jokester and the next he's weeping like his team lost the World Cup. 

Toddler tantrums are the worst and it's not always easy to figure out why they happen. A toddler's life revolves around only a few things and sometimes it seems to them as if Mom is determined to get all of those things wrong. They can't communicate. They can't do anything for themselves. And they can't have whatever they want. So what's a mom to do? Well, a little understanding can go a long way... 

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5 Ways to get people to butt out of your relationship


George Clooney got REALLY mad this week after The Daily Mail completely fabricated a story about his upcoming marriage to gorgeous lawyer Amal Alamuddin. I'm not sure how she got self-proclaimed "bachelor for life" to commit, but the couple announced their engagement in April and have been deeply involved in planning their big wedding day ever since.

So when reports hit the web this week that the actor's future suegra, Baria Alamuddin, was opposed to the marriage it really made him mad. Clooney even took the time to address the rumors (something he NEVER does) in an essay published in USA Today in which he accused them of fabricating the story.

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5 Facts no one ever tells you about losing weight

I started my weight-loss journey on my 18th birthday. In the 12 years since, I've lost 45lbs and gained a helluva lot of perspective. Though I wouldn't change much about my weight-loss experience, there are a few things I wish I knew before that would have allowed me to be kinder and more patient with my body, and help me make better decisions regarding my overall health. 

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8 Secrets to success for work-from-home moms


Amigas, I am what you would call a work from home mom. I love it! I love the commute from my bedroom to my office, there is hardly ever any traffic, although there is the occasional Lego accident. I love that on my breaks I can go into the kitchen and make myself a home cooked meal. I love that I am available to pick up and drop off my kids from school. It is the perfect work situation for me, but in all honesty I had to learn a few things in order to make working from home work for me, my family and the people who pay me to work from home. Oh, and I'm a total sharer, so you know I'm just dying to share these work from home tips with you!

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