Are Latinas more likely to help a stranger in need?

I've been living in the U.S. for so long that I can no longer tell when my attitudes and behavior differ from others because of my Latina upbringing--either because of the way I was brought up or just because of the way I am. Do you feel this way? Most Latinos are typically brought up to be cooperative and to believe that the needs of la familia and community are as important as, or perhaps even more important, than the needs of the individual. I don't know if my tendency to help a stranger who is suffering is because of culture or the way I was brought up.

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DIY Projects

7 Tools every woman should know how to use

You may be a proficient handywoman, or maybe you're ready to start dabbling in DIY, or perhaps you just want to be able to hang some pictures on the wall without someone else's help. Any way you slice it, if you're reading this, chances are your toolbox is a little lacking. But stepping into any hardware store can be overwhelming with all the metal bits, and wooden thingies and plastic junk. Thankfully, for most any work you'll be taking on yourself, a small simple collection of tools and a bit of basic know-how will be more than adequate.

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10 Things we did as kids that we should still do now


Growing up comes with many perks, but that's no reason to stop doing some of the wonderful things that we did as children. Embrace being an adult, but never let go of your inner child. I bet you there are so many things you did as a child that would still put a smile on your face or make your life better if you just remembered to do them. How about I jog your memory a bit?

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The one piece of advice that all Latinas need for success

Latinas, although we come from different countries, we are all united by similar attitudes, values, experiences and goals. The topic of immigration - leaving our countries and loved ones behind and having to adapt to a new culture - is something that we all share.

The conversations captured during a recent challenge that we hosted in the MamásLatinas community embodies what so many of us have felt during our period of transition as we adjust to our new world - desperation, isolation, discrimination, doubt, helplessness, no self-worth, alone. Check out the challenge here.

We have so many wise Latinas who have shared their experiences, regrets and lessons learned and I encourage you to read all of their relatable stories. Below check out the one most important piece of advice we all need.

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4 Things you need to know if your man wants a vasectomy

For committed, monogamous couples who don't want children or don't want any more children, vasectomy is a great option for preventing unwanted pregnancies. It's a simple, low-risk outpatient procedure that is nearly 100 percent effective. But as is the case with any elective medical procedure, you and your partner should be well-informed of your options, any risks associated, and what the procedure itself entails, before making a decision. Find a rundown of the four most important things you should know about getting a vasectomy below.

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7 Ways to deal with pregnancy acne

One of the most annoying side effects of pregnancy has to be the acne. At least for me personally, one of the things I dreaded about becoming pregnant again was the inevitable breakout that comes with the first trimester. I know, I know--a small price to pay for creating life, but annoying nonetheless!  

Some mamis are lucky not to have to go through it, but for me, my hair and skin became one greasy mess, and the raging hormones gave me a crazy case of acne. It totally dulled my pregnancy glow ... bummer. My first pregnancy was like that and this one, same thing. I'm currently 16 weeks along and hoping that the anti-acne measures I'm going to share with you will soon help the blemishes heal.

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6 Tips every new mother should take


Over five years ago, I became a mother. It's been a challenging, rewarding and mind-blowing experience. The only thing that makes me an expert on motherhood is that I am living it. I don't have any degrees in it, I had no training for it  and I certainly make my share of mistakes along the way, but I know so much more now than I did on that very first morning when I held my first born.

I was clueless even though I had read books and talked to people. Ahhh, if I could go back and give myself a bit of advice it would be wonderful. I may not have taken all of my own advice, but at least it would have been there somewhere in my psyche. So what advice would I give myself right before becoming a mother?

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DIY Projects

6 Ways to make more space in your kitchen

I don't know about you, but there never seems to be enough space in my kitchen. I live on one floor of a two-family house, and since it's a rental, nothing is to my specifications. Of course, I understand that it's a part of being a renter, but at times it is so frustrating! Even more so now that I'm home with my son full-time and I have to prepare three meals a day. 

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Abuela swears sperm facials are the key to her youthful looks


Great news ladies! I found the solution we have all been looking for! It's all thanks to 67-year-old abuela Stella Ralfini who says she discovered the best anti-aging component ever. The best part is that it is essentially free. This sounds like a great deal doesn't it? You can stay young and not pay a penny for it!

All you will need is your hubby and a cup. I know it sounds bizarre (trust me it is), but you will understand once you find out Ralfini's secret.

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The 3 words you should NEVER say to your son

I always thought I would make a great mom to a little girl. As a fairly girly girl, I always just assumed mothering a girl would come naturally. But, I'm not a mom to a girl, I'm a mom to a boy. A very young, very impressionable little boy, who I know learns something from each and every one of our interactions. I often find myself questioning what I want him to know about traditional gender roles, wondering if it's okay for him to play with that pink starfish or if I'm encouraging him to be girly by baking with him and reading to him so often. It's absolutely ridiculous, but it really is a result of the societal constructions I grew up with--American ideals paired with Latino machismo. I find myself correcting my own thinking and consulting with my husband A LOT about what is and isn't okay for a little boy--about what we want to teach him about being a man. 

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