11 Consejos para un embarazo saludable y feliz


El saber que hay una nueva vida creciendo dentro de ti te hace feliz, pero estás experimentando muchos cambios en tu cuerpo. Cualquier cosa puede hacerte sentir menos linda y atractiva. Aquí te dejamos unos tips para que lleves un embarazo sano y feliz

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14 Surprising ways your body changes between 20 & 40

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I went into my thirties armed with a lifetime supply of hair dye and retinol cream, but nothing could have prepared me for the onslaught of hormonal changes my body went through almost immediately after the clock struck midnight on my 30th birthday. Ay. Mi. Madre! Overnight, I was thrown into what can only be described as Puberty: The Sequel. Why didn't anyone warn me?

Like most women my age, I expected to have to deal with canas and wrinkles in my thirties, but I had no idea that I'd also have to deal with these 12 surprising changes.

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12 Usos del vodka que no tienen nada que ver con tus cocteles favoritos


Lo primero que se nos viene a la mente cuando escuchamos la palabra vodka es un coctel o una bebida, sin embargo, esta bebida destilada cuyo origen es ruso, consta de agua y etanol, y puede contener ingredientes aromatizantes. Si tienes en casa una botella de vodka, prepárate para saber todos los usos sorprendetes que puedes darle a este licor

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5 Toddler feeding challenges & how to overcome them

My 2-year-old is a fantastic eater, and he's been one since we started solid foods when he was 4 months old. I'm not saying this to brag, I'm saying it because even though he loves food and isn't the least bit picky, toddlerhood has brought with it a few eating challenges. Once babies become mobile, I think mealtime frustrations are a fact of life. Here are some feeding challenges you're likely to encounter with your toddler, along with my real mom tips on how to get through them.

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12 Foods you never knew were actually fake


There are so many options when you enter a super market that it can be overwhelming at times. There are plenty of quick fix meal options that save time and may be marketed as super convenient, but they're packed with fake ingredients made in a lab. Instead, you're buying faux food with a ton of artificial ingredients. The scary and crazy part is that fake foods are way more common in our daily diets than you may think. Check out these 12 foods that are not actually food. Taking a bite out of these may never be the same again.

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5 Budget-friendly bedroom updates

Bedrooms are really pretty straightforward--four walls, a floor, a ceiling, and maybe a doorway or two--but that doesn't mean that updating one isn't an overwhelming task. For most people, the biggest problems are knowing where to start and setting and sticking to a budget. Thankfully, there are tons of easy ways to upgrade your bedroom without loosening your purse strings too much. Keep reading to find out more.

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10 Tips from real moms about caring for your newborn


As first-time moms, we try to prepare our best to welcome our precious newborn. Between birthing classes, pregnancy books and unwarranted advice from friends and family, it could be easy to believe you have it all figured out. The issue is that life is amazing at throwing us curveballs--especially when it comes to motherhood. New mom to twins, Zoe Saldana shared one useful tip to get back into shape. Saldana encourages moms to go hiking with your baby. It's a great way to incorporate fitness while enjoying quality time with your baby. Luckily, the MamásLatinas editorial staff has even more genuine parenting consejos to make life with your newborn easier. Breathe easy and get ready to enjoy first-time mommy-hood like a pro. 

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6 Easy bathroom updates anyone can do

The following post is brought to you by IKEA.

The bathroom is arguably one of the rooms in a home that becomes the biggest eyesore when it's in need of an update. Unfortunately, bathroom renovations are notoriously time-consuming and budget-busting, which means outdated bathrooms tend to stick around longer than most people would like. But, there are actually quite a few things you can do to instantly update your bathrooms on the cheap. Keep reading to find out some of our favorites.

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6 Ways to lose weight effortlessly

It's hard out there for a busy mom. If you've been wanting to shed a few unwanted pounds, but you simply don't have any extra time in your day to hit the gym, complete a workout DVD or attend a weight loss meeting, trying to figure out where to start can seem an impossible task. However, it's actually possible to drop a few pounds here and there without making any major changes. 

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12 Powerful detoxing foods that will help you lose weight fast!

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A healthy body starts with a clean foundation. Detoxification gives you just that: a clean system that is ready to absorb powerful nutrients from foods and eradicate cancerous and disease-causing compounds. Here we give you 12 food items that cleanse your system, boost your metabolism, nourish your body and strengthen your immunity.  

Click through the gallery below and learn about the foods that will help you detox and lose weight fast!

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