5 Taboo sex questions your doctor wishes you would ask

Research claims that between 40 to 75 percent of women have concerns about sexual health. Next time you visit the Ob-gyn, be sure to outline your questions and reserve your shyness for the dentist. Here are some concerns you should voice during your next doctor's visit. 

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7 Medicines that are SAFE during pregnancy


Getting sick while you are expecting is one of the scariest things that can happen to any mom. You want to get better so you can eat normally and have the energy to get things ready for the big day, but you are afraid to take medication. With medicine, the best thing do is to keep the amount to the minimum when you're expecting. But it's also better to take something you need than to let the sickness evolve into something more serious that could affect the baby's health. But how do you know which meds are safe during pregnancy?

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SEE: Wasps invade family home & the photo will give you nightmares


Nearly five thousand wasps were living comfortably on a bed in a home in Hampshire, England. The gigantic nest covered almost the entire bed and the homeowners were desperate to get rid of their uninvited visitors. The wasps found a crack in a window of the spare bedroom and built their massive nest. You will not BELIEVE the size of this thing, check it out after the break..

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Marc Anthony's girlfriend Shannon de Lima shares her beauty rules

Shannon de Lima is making sure she isn't just known as "Marc Anthony's girlfriend." The Venezuelan mom recently launched a beauty and fashion blog titled, ShadeLima. De Lima dishes on belleza and style tips for everyday women and some of her advice sounds, well, kind of useful. This new venture sounds way more promising than stirring up engagement and wedding rumors on her Instagram. We forgive you for that, Shannon. Kind of. So, what are some of her best beauty and fashion tips?

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7 Wealthy Latina moms tell you how to have a rich life

Jessica Alba works hard for the money and has plenty to celebrate! The Latina Hollywood star turned entrepreneur hit a goldmine when she co-founded The Honest Company, an all-natural line of home and baby products. The start-up company, which was launched two years ago, is now reportedly worth almost $1 billion.

Can we be Jessica just for one day? Well, that may be a stretch, but we have collected the best life advice from Latina moguls so we can get inspired by the best of them!   

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Back to School!

6 Ways to cope with a crier on his first day of school

Some children (and parents) have a very difficult time being separated from their parents when it's time to start school, whether it's their first time ever attending, or they've gotten a little too used to being at home with their families during the summer. This can mean tears and meltdowns come the first day of school, which is undoubtedly stressful on everyone. It can probaly seem like a hopeless and awful situation to be in, but if you know that your child is introverted, shy or perhaps just very attached, you can prepare for the situation to try and make it go as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

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DIY Projects

6 Genius ways to organize your beauty tools

Brushes, driers and wands, oh my! If your bathroom drawers, cabinets and closets are bursting with all of your assorted beauty tools, it's probably time to get your beauty stash under control. If you have so much stuff that you're not even sure where everything is anymore--I may or may not be pointing a finger at myself--the first thing you'll want to do is find out exactly what you have and get rid of anything you no longer need or want. Then, use the ideas in the slideshow below to organize your remaining tools so that they are always neat and nearby when you're ready to use them. 

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5 Ways to stop your kid from lying

Unfortunately, lying is one of those nasty habits that children pick up at an early age. No matter how big or small their motive might be, parents have to step in and make sure to kick this nasty habit to the curb. The tough part is teaching the consequences of dishonestly without fueling a child's need to lie. Here are five easy tips that will help encourage your kid to be truthful and hopefully dump the fibbing for good.  

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5 Ways to get your sexy back in no time flat!


Ladies, let's talk sexy for a moment. What happened to you? You were the type that had a recurring manicure and hair styling appointment every week. Hell froze over if your man saw you with an oily face and you never let him see you without a cute outifit.

Now, you are married, you are comfortable and you know that you let yourself go. It bothers you when he looks at the perky young thing serving you and you want that look back for yourself! Well, it's time to reinvent yourself!

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5 Best apps for toddlers

We know the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends zero screen time for kids under 2 years old, and I totally respect that -- though I admit to not always following that rule ourselves -- electronics can be a a great tool for parents who need a few undistracted minutes to get something important done or for just about anyone traveling more than a couple of hours with a child in tow.

Personally, as a work-at-home mom to a two-year-old, there have been many instances in which I wouldn't have met deadline without breaking out the iPad. That said, I do try to limit usage to a maximum of twice a week and never for more than an hour at a time, and I try to stick with really high-quality apps that have an educational component. 

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