10 Signs you're with a machista

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Real men aren't machistas, but most machistas believe they're the epitome of what a real man should be. Go figure. Now, if only machistas would keep their "I'm the man" attitude to themselves, we'd all be alright. But for the most part, they don't. Machistas often feel the need to prove that the king of the world by putting others down, eliminating competition, and being controlling a-holes--especially when it comes to the women in their lives.

Seriously, it's the worst. 

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9 Surprising facts about men with micropenises

Talk about micro-penises is on the rise! For those of you who don't know what a micro-penis is, let me fill you in on the deets. Micropenis is a term for a penis that measures approximately 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) "when stretched while flaccid," according to BuzzFeed. In other words, the average micropenis probably measures as long as the tip of your pinky finger. Wow! I…what…how?

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7 Baby products you can still use for toddlers


Wait! Don't bag up that baby gear just yet. Over the course of the past two and a half years, I've retired--packed up, donated, sold and shared--so much stuff that I used regularly when my son was a baby, but simply can't use any more. Now that he seems a lot more like a kid, and a lot less like a baby, I can only vaguely remember needing things like teething rings, infant seats and stroller bunting. But surprisingly, even though he walks, talks, runs, eats and sleeps much like a big boy, I've found that there are actually some amazing products that we've been using regularly since infancy, and still use today.

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5 Intimacy mistakes everyone makes


While most of our resolutions for the New Year have probably already been broken, working on your relationship shouldn't be one of them. Yes, this is a time of year to start fresh and learning from our mistakes is a part of that. I'm committed to leaving behind these common intimacy mistakes we all do in the bedroom. Who is joining me?

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10 Breastfeeding tips & tricks from real moms

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Pobrecita Zoe Saldana! The actress and new mom to twins, took to Twitter in the hopes of rallying some support and getting some tips on how to survive the discomforts of early breastfeeding. Though totally worthwhile, the first couple of months of breastfeeding kind of suck. I can't even imagine doing it with two babies at once. Zoe apparently has been having some difficulties and is dealing with sore breasts. Here's what she said on Twitter:

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20 Creative ways to announce your pregnancy

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Showing your positive pregnancy test or ultrasound may be popular ways to announce your pregnancy, but there are tons of unique and creative ways to reveal the baby news. Besides, we only get a limited number of times to reveal such big news. The way a couple announces pregnancy does say a lot about them. Why not sure your true self while honoring your growing baby bump? 

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6 Ways to make your perfume last longer


Who doesn't like to smell great all day? I certainly do! I love everything about perfume--scented candles, diffusers, linen sprays...Sweet smelling aromas make me feel happy and energized!

Unfortunately, some perfumes are more diluted with water than others, and that is reflected in their price. Concentrated perfumes last longer and are way pricier. Smile my friend, because with these tips you can enjoy even your cheaper perfumes all day long.  

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This zero belly diet promises a flat tummy in no time!

Most of us have hopes of whittling our waists down for aesthetic reasons -- we want to look good, and sculpting a svelte waist is a great way to do just that. But, appearances aren't the only reason to focus on your tummy. I've actually heard from various sources that excessive belly fat is a leading indicator of impending heart troubles and even cancer. Even if you're not overweight but carry your weight in your midsection, you could be at risk, since it's been proven that belly fat indicates an increased amount of fat surrounding internal organs. Kind of scary, right? Well, don't worry too much. It looks like there's an easy diet -- including lots of Latino staples -- that can help you banish the belly bulge.  


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5 EASY ways to get a bigger bootie


I'll be the first to admit having a big ol' butt isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Often times, big booties are accompanied by chichos, cellulite, and saggy barrigas. However, that doesn't mean there isn't anything you can do to change that. If Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have taught us anything, it's that lean, mean hourglass shaped bods aren't impossible to attain. In fact, you can get one of your own by simply following this painless 5-step plan. 

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Your baby's birth month can determine how healthy he is

It's common knowledge that everything from an expectant mother's stress levels to second hand smoke to exposure to pet feces and pesticides may have a profound effect on a child's long-term development and health. However, what most of us don't' realize is the month in which a child is born and, yes, even conceived, may also impact a child's well-being. Crazy, huh?

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