Family of man who killed toddler for pooping her pants claims he's "not a monster"

If murdering a toddler for accidentally pooping her pants isn't evil and cruel than I don't know what is. The family of a man who reportedly beat and tortured 3-year-old Jeida Torres is talking to the media and claiming he is "not a monster." Twenty-year-old Kelsey Smith ran away to a homeless shelter after leaving the toddler's lifeless body in his wife Kimberly Torres's Brooklyn, New York apartment while she was at work over the weekend. His 5-year-old stepson Andrew Torres spoke to police about what he witnessed and the abuse was pretty horrifying. 

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Pregnant woman miscarries after getting robbed by teens

This crime is coldblooded and cruel beyond words. A pregnant woman suffered a miscarriage after being brutally attacked by three British teens who wanted to steal her purse. The tragic robbery caused the victim, who was six weeks pregnant, to lose her baby. The 43-year-old woman was just innocently waiting for the bus when her day took a dark turn. 

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Mom sews her daughter's mouth shut as punishment


Pennsylvania authorities have arrested a 46-year-old woman, Rana L. Cooper, on a laundry list of charges ranging from accusations of attempting to sew her 16-year-old adoptive daughter's mouth shut to forcing her to eat cat litter, and many other horrific acts. Cooper frequently threatened to cut off the girl's tongue and I'm sure she was capable of doing so, if the mood struck her.

Teenagers are trying. That's a fact. Between hormones, pushing boundaries and knowing everything, basically being 5' tall toddlers, I'm sure every parent has wanted to smack their teen right in the face at least once. The smart mouth repeatedly telling us how stupid we are and the eyes rolling every time we speak in their direction can cause us to consider the option but, obviously, we'd never do that but some parents will do even worse. 

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10-year-old boy beat 90-year-old woman to death with her own cane


A Pennsylvania boy has been charged as an adult in the death of an elderly woman whom his abuelito had been caring for. Prosecutors in Wayne County said 10-year-old Tristen Kurilla confessed to beating 90-year-old Helen Novak Saturday, after she'd yelled at him and ordered him out of her room. According to the pint-sized killer, he became enraged at the elderly woman, grabbed her cane, and used it to hook her around the neck, pulling her onto the bed, where he punched her repeatedly in the face and stomach! Oh, my gosh! What in the hell is wrong with this kid? Well, his understandably distraught mother says she has some idea of why her son may have done such a thing.

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Pastor forced abortions & allowed sexual abuse of kids in congregation


Twenty one former members of Akron's Grace Cathedral church are accusing their leader, televangelist, Ernest W. Angley of running a cult and he denies the whole thing. A self-proclaimed prophet, Angley forcefully encouraged men to get vasectomies and women to have abortions because people shouldn't want to bring children into this evil world. Members now claim he did it because he wanted all of their attention and money. These are people who will never have children. They have been deprived of parenthood.

Several former members are saying that leaders of the church molested them as children and teens and when they told Angley he encouraged them to keep that secret. Child molesters were allowed to run rampant while scared children were reassured that if it became an ongoing thing, he'd make sure it stopped. It never did. These children were stripped of their innocence and no one ever came to their rescue. It was accepted.

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Mom finds chilling video of nanny abusing twins thanks to their big brother


Trust is overrated--especially when it comes to the strangers we hire to care for our beloved children. A mother in Fontana, California, learned this lesson all too well after nanny cam footage revealed that Dana Cash, the woman she'd hired to look after her kids, was abusing her 1-year-old twins. The mother, who did not want to be identified in the media, said she'd installed the nanny cameras as a precaution but was only prompted to review the footage after her 8-year-old son mentioned that Cash had vigorously shaken his baby sister. Intuitively, the boy knew the caretaker's actions were wrong and felt compelled to tell his mom about the incident. Horrified, the mother found the video and witnessed the appalling actions for herself.

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Female judge rules in favor of taking up-skirt photos!


I'm so upset right now by the decision of a Washington, D.C. Superior Court judge who basically ruled that it is totally okay for pervs to take pictures up women's skirts in public. I'm sorry, but WTF?! Judge Juliet McKenna dismissed a case in which Christopher Cleveland of Virginia was charged with two counts of voyeurism for taking pictures up unsuspecting women's skirts at Lincoln Memorial in 2013. Her reasoning makes absolutely NO sense to me and I don't think it will make any sense to you either.

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Catholic school teacher who had sex with student is pregnant with his baby​


It's no secret that news of a high school pregnancy travels fast. However, when the person pregnant happens to be a Catholic school teacher and the baby daddy happens to be a student, you'd better believe that kind of news travels at light speed! Oh, my gosh! The bonchinche that must have started!

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Texas mother charged with starving stepson, who was only found after she vanished with newborn


Thanks to one quick-thinking woman, a 6-week-old baby boy who vanished with a Texas woman previously charged with starving the boy's 5-year-old brother is safe and sound, and in Child Protective Service's custody. Phew!

Police issued an Amber Alert for the newborn when his mother Tammi Bleimeyer reportedly failed to comply with a judge's order for her to turn him over to CPS Monday. After receiving the alert on her phone, the eagle-eyed woman spotted Bleimeyer with the baby at a local pediatrician's office, and called 911. Thank goodness! If you'd seen the pics of this baby's older brother, you'd know exactly why police were so worried about the newborn's wellbeing.  

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Woman kills husband to save her son


Members of the Bell Gardens, California community are still trying to understand how their beloved Mayor could have been shot dead by his wife of 28 years. To them, Mayor Daniel Crespo was a hardworking family man who would do anything for his community. However, his family paints a much more sinister picture of the late Mayor.

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