Jessica Alba does the right thing for our kids

Jessica Alba may be a controversial figure to some Latinos, but I happen to love her! Not only is she an excellent mom, but having children opened her eyes to the fact that so many products made for little ones are contaminated with dangerous chemicals and toxins. So, instead of freaking out or just buying eco and baby-friendly non-toxic products from high-end retailers she can obviously afford, she was determined to do something about it.

Jessica's concerns are unfortunately very much founded in a reality that a lot of parents are not really educated about.


Just last November, Johnson & Johnson vaguely responded to an outcry from a consumer advocacy group urging them to remove known carcinogens from their incredibly popular baby shampoo. And Huggies just launched a Pure & Natural diaper line which honestly just makes me think long and hard about what is in the "normal" line? And why, oh why, do these huge companies--who make some of the most trusted brands that moms turn to every day--not test each and every one of their baby products to ensure their safety?

Turns out that industry moves too fast for our consumer agencies to keep up and even moms like Alba who go out of their way to educate themselves on the dangers of chemicals and other toxins can't keep up with the constant barrage of products being produced.

Which brings us to Alba's new baby, and no, we're not referring to her cute-as-a-button newborn Haven Garner, we're talking about the Honest Company. Back in 2010, after having her first baby girl, Honor Marie, she reached out to super-entrepreneur Brian Lee with the brilliant idea to start her own company of eco-friendly, chemical-free products made right here in the United States. Though Lee turned her down at the time, when his wife became pregnant with their second child he couldn't shake the feeling that Alba was really on to something. Jessica refused to give up and six months ago approached him again. The business is launching this month offering more than a dozen non-toxic, chemical-free eco-friendly baby products--everything ranging from detergent to diapers, and they are all made in the United States.

But it's not all business and no play with Alba, she also wanted to make sure the design of the products reflected her hip, stylish parenting ways, which means the diaper designs for boys feature skulls and bones and for girls feature ice cream cones. How cute is that? Plus, they are offering a monthly supply of these smartly designed diapers for just $90 a month! That's a price point we think most mamas can live with.

Would you buy products from Do you worry about the chemicals your kids are exposed to? 

Image via The Honest Company/Facebook