Father Albert Cutié, our new MamásLatinas columnist, reveals the sex of his baby-to-be

We couldn't be more excited that Father Albert Cutié is now part of the MamásLatinas team. Our new addition comes ready to share his inspirational perspective about life as a dad, marriage and spirituality. We are even more excited to say that in this, his first column, we get to learn the sex of his second baby:

"Yesterday morning, I was running after my daughter Camila all around the doctor's office and making sure she wouldn't get into trouble. My focus was on her every step, in what seemed like just another typical moment in the life of a family with young children. This moment however was anything from typical. This precise moment was about to present us with another great gift in our family's life.


Suddenly, the doctor says: "You're expecting a boy!" My wife and I looked at each other with joy, and then we kissed. Reality hit us when we realized that this was our second baby... in 13 months! How would this change everything?

There is no doubt we feel blessed and filled with happy emotions, excited for what this new stage in life has in store for us. We know love and patience will conquer as our family grows. During times like this one I realize how very important it is for us parents to learn to be flexible. In my previous life, changing diapers was not part of the daily routine, nor was waking up in the middle of the night to prepare baby's bottle or worrying about the color of my baby's room. As I sit here and think about all the things that could have seemed unimportant, I'm grateful for my parents and the many parents out there who work hard to provide the best for their children.

If anyone asks me, 'Father Albert, what is the greatest lesson that becoming a dad has taught you?' My answer is: the importance of being flexible, and having your eyes (and your mind) open to learning something new from your children each and every day. By being flexible we enjoy time playing with them, learning about their needs and seeing with our very own eyes the miracle of life."

Is he right? Is the key to being a good parent flexibility?