Aisslin Derbez breastfeeding
Aislinn Derbez/Instagram

We absolutely love seeing pictures of celebrity moms breastfeeding for a variety of reasons. First of all, celebrities may be famous and have lifestyles that seem so EXTRA to us, but when it comes to motherhood, we can all relate because motherhood is motherhood. Secondly, babies are adorable! Thirdly, when celebrity mothers share pictures of themselves breastfeeding it helps normalize something that is completely and totally normal but still gets treated like it's not by so many people.

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So many people act like nursing in public is shocking when what is really is shocking is that anyone is shocked by breastfeeding. It's not scandalous at all and yet, considering the looks and reactions that nursing moms get when out in public, you would think that they had stripped down to a thong and started performing on a pole for tips with a baby latched to their breast when all they are really doing is feeding their child. So, kudos to all the breastfeeding moms who persevere despite the judgmental looks from strangers.

Also, please keep in mind that in the United States of America as of July 2018 it is absolutely legal to breastfeed in public in all 50 states. Honestly, what took so long? Since it is absolutely legal, no one gets to tell a nursing mom that she can't nurse in public. No one gets to tell a mom that she needs to cover up while nursing, either. She can if she wants to, but if she doesn't want to or it makes the baby too hot, then all offended eyeballs need to avert themselves and leave mother and baby alone. Just like you can avert your eyes if you don't want to see the following beautiful pictures of celebrities breastfeeding, but why would you want to do that?

Jenna Dewan is so happy in this picture! 1

On March 6, 2020, actor and dancer Jenna Dewan had a baby boy with her partner Steve Kazee. The little boy's name is Callum Michael Rebel Kazee. Just five days after his birth, Jenna shared this sweet photo of herself breastfeeding via her Instagram Stories. She looks deliriously tired, beautiful, and oh, so happy!


Gisele Bündchen nursed while getting glam. 2

In December 2013, supermodel and mom Gisele shared this photo of herself getting her hair and makeup done, and wrote, "What would I do without this beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only 3 hours of sleep #gettingready💄💅."


Alyssa Milano nursed while looking all wonderful. 3

Alyssa Milano is very outspoken about the causes that she believes in. Normalizing breastfeeding is definitely one of those causes. This photo is of her in 2014 nursing her child while dressed up as Wonder Woman. It's a beautiful shot that reminds us all that some superpowers are totally human.

Jessica Alba is a badass working mom. 4

In this pic, Jessica is nursing her son Hayes Alba Warren back in 2018. Her caption gives you a glimpse of what her life as an entrepreneur and mom is like. She wrote: "Went into my @honest office today for a board meeting, although I’m still technically on mat leave. Not gonna lie, it’s impossible for me to completely unplug from work ...and it felt nice being back -even though it was just a half day. Baby boy came to visit/eat at lunch. Felt very productive today. 🤱🏽👊🏽"



Here's Eva Longoria breastfeeding on set. 5

Eva posted this picture and a few others back in January of 2019 and wrote, "Here are pics of me directing while breastfeeding Santi during filming of @GrandHotelABC. Women multitask everyday & I was lucky to have an amazing crew & cast that supported my new motherhood + career goals!"


Nope, those aren't twins! 6

Model and Donald Trump's Twitter nemesis Chrissy Teigen took momming to a whole new level as she nursed one child while playing dolls with the other. She captioned this picture: "Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now."


Amelia Vega admits that breastfeeding isn't easy. 7

The Dominican multihyphenate captured this lovely breastfeeding moment with her daughter Alía in 2018. In the caption of this photo she talked about how breastfeeding is incredible, but not easy. It's so important for women who have had difficulties breastfeeding to share those struggles because it helps other women going through the same issues not feel ashamed, alone, or like they are failing.

Hilaria Baldwin triple tasking like a boss. 8

The busy momma, yogini, and wife to Alec Baldwin is reading, eating, and feeding her baby here, while somehow managing to make it look like it's no big deal. "Breastfeeding, salad eating, nap time reading...I’m DETERMINED to finally read a book 😂, " she wrote in the caption.


Aislinn Derbez struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning. 9

Like so many of us, the Casa de las Flores star did not have an easy time breastfeeding in the beginning. She even admits that she came close to throwing in the towel, but she's so happy that she saw it through because it became a beautiful bonding experience for her and her son Kailani.

Rosie Rivera has great advice about nursing in public. 10

She filmed a short video for us where she talked how a mother should never feel bad about nursing in public. She points out that the baby's needs come first and that anyone who is around you will just have to deal with it. She's absolutely right!


Salma Hayek nursed a baby she barely met. 11

Salma Hayek was in Africa when she came across a baby who was extremely hungry. The baby's mother was not producing milk and Salma was still nursing her own child. Salma proceeded to nurse the infant herself. Any mother who has ever nursed knows what happens when you are still producing milk and you hear a baby cry. Your body reacts and wants to help, whether it's your baby or not.

Kate Hudson feeds on demand. 12

This picture of Kate Hudson feeding her daughter Rani Rose was taken in January 2019, while Kate was working. The actor and entrepreneur captioned this photo: "When you’re workin but babies gotta eat 🍼💕."


Cardi B breastfed in her music video. 13

This screenshot is from Cardi B's "Money" video, which came out on December 21, 2018. This image is from the part where she's singing, "I got a baby, I need some money, yeah, I need cheese for my egg." Cardi's daughter Kulture was born on July 10, 2018 and is so tiny in the video.

Patricia Montero reminisces about her daughter's birth. 14

The Spanish actor posted this picture on February 26, 2020, in honor of her daughter Layla's first birthday. In the caption she talked about the infinite joy she felt after giving birth despite being so tired. She remembers how Layla was attached to her just like she is in this picture.


Roselyn Sánchez was about to host the Latin Grammys when this pic was taken. 15

The multitalented Puerto Rican mamá was about to host the Latin Grammys when she took this cutely filtered pic. But her darling little boy, Dylan Gabriel, needed to nurse before any Grammys could be handed out because when baby is hungry, baby needs to be fed.

America Ferrera feeds where she wants to. 16

America Ferrera's baby boy Sebastian Piers was only around 3 months old when she posted this picture of herself breastfeeding him and wrote, "🎶They’re my boobies, and I’ll feed where I want to- feed where I want to – feeeeed where I want to…🎶 #worldbreastfeedingweek."


Ashley Graham is doing her version of café con leche. 17

The model gave birth to her son on January 18, 2020, and as you can see from this picture that she shared on February 13, the new mamá is nursing. Her caption on this photo says it all "☕️&🥛." Please don't @ her to shame her about drinking coffee while nursing because it's OK to have up to three cups of coffee a day according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Good luck trying to keep up with Pink while she nurses and hikes. 18

One of the great things about nursing is that you can do things like go hiking and travel relatively light. You don't have to bring any bottles or formula with you, and if your baby is old enough to be carried in a carrier you can even nurse while hiking, like Pink did.


Kat Von D makeup-free and radiant. 19

The Mexican-born tattoo artist and makeup guru became a mom in 2018. Here she is January 2019 with her son, Leafer, in their front yard enjoying some free vitamin D from the sun while baby nurses. Doesn't she look radiant?

Gwen Stefani on vacation in Switzerland. 20

This picture of Gwen Stefani nursing her youngest child, Apollo Bowie Flynn, was taken in 2014. She was in Switzerland when she kicked off her shoes and took a break from sightseeing to breastfeed and have this picture taken that Apollo will surely treasure for life.