Mother of missing child is arrested after accusing her own mom of kidnapping

Evelyn Boswell
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Evelyn Mae Bosworth is a 15-month-old little girl from Tennessee who hasn't been seen since December. She was first reported missing to authorities by her grandfather, who says he hasn't seen her since the holidays. The toddler's mother, Megan "Maggie" Boswell, accused her own mother of taking Evelyn. Megan claims that she didn't report Evelyn as missing because her mother was threatening her. But now Megan herself has been arrested on a charge of false reports after providing police with "conflicting statements."

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Very little of what Megan has shared publicly in interviews makes any sense. Megan told a reporter that she hadn't seen Evelyn since before Christmas. Yet Evelyn wasn't reported missing until February 18. Not to mention that she was reported missing by someone other than Megan. Not to sound judgmental, but how could any mother who hasn't seen her child for months not go to the police? Even if Megan was being threatened by her mother, why wouldn't she try to get Evelyn back? It makes no sense, but here's what we've gathered...

According to Megan, Evelyn has been gone since before Christmas.

In an interview with a local news station, Megan said that she hasn't seen Evelyn since before Christmas, when Megan left Evelyn with her mom, Angela Boswell. Angela is Evelyn's grandmother and was babysitting so that Megan could go to work.

“I told TBI [Tennessee Bureau of Investigation] where to find her in Mendota. My mom took her to a campground in a silver camper and if they don’t go tonight, I’m going to go find her myself, because I’ve told them and they’re not really like taking it seriously and if they don’t go tonight, I will go myself and go get her," she said in the interview. "They’re not taking me seriously, TBI isn’t, because I’ve not fully told them I’ve been like ‘hey, like my mom camped out in Mendota, you know, to go check them out,’ but I’ve never been like, ‘hey,’ specifically, ‘hey, she’s like in a silver camper,’ because my mom did threaten me like you know if I told anybody--I’m not gonna get into that--but she did.”


But officials say they checked the campgrounds in Virginia and found nothing.

After the interview with Megan aired, officials got in touch with the news station with the following statement

"This is to let you know that the campgrounds in Mendota, Virginia have been checked regarding the information that Megan Boswell provided to you during her interview earlier this evening. There was nothing located as these locations were checked."


Police arrested Megan Boswell on February 25.

Tennesee's Sullivan County Sheriff's Office posted on its Facebook page that officers had arrested Megan, the missing toddler's mother. She is charged with one count of false reports and is being held on a $25,000 bond.

"During the course of the investigation, Megan ‘Maggie’ Boswell (DOB: 3/21/01) provided detectives and agents with a number of conflicting statements," the Facebook post reads. "Further investigation revealed that some of the information provided by Megan Boswell was false."

Angela Boswell was arrested, but not for taking Evelyn.

As for Angela, who Megan claims took Evelyn, she has been arrested along with her boyfriend, William McCloud, but not for kidnapping. Angela was charged with a probation violation, and William was charged for theft. They are both charged with possession of stolen property in connection to the car they were driving.


Evelyn Mae Boswell is still missing.

She is 15 months old, weighs around 28 pounds, has blonde hair and blue eyes, and was last seen in a pink tracksuit. Children don't just disappear into thin air. If you have any information to share about the child, please contact the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office at 423-279-7330.

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