All about Chicago West's Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian goes all out when it comes to celebrating her children's birthdays. Kim's youngest daughter, Chicago West, turned 2 on Wednesday, January 15, and she had the sweetest Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party. 

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The little girl had an all-pink tea party with face painting, a huge Minnie cake, and some artsy activities. Her cousins, True Thompson and Stormi Webster, were in attendance and from the pics her aunts, Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner shared, it looked like the most relaxing, girliest party every. 

Chicago gets what Chicago wants.

Earlier in January, Kim asked baby Chi what kind of cake she wanted for her second birthday party. Chicago was sure of her answer when she requested a pink Minnie Mouse cake. 


She, of course, got her Minnie cake.

How adorable is this three-tiered cake? It's big enough to be a wedding cake. It had her name on it and a big Minnie Mouse topper. 


Kim shared another pic of the cake.

She thanked Disney Junior in the Instagram post, which might mean that the network sent her the cake for Chi? That would be pretty cool.

Chicago's party was decked out in the cutest decor.

Of course, there was a banner with the little one's name written in the famous Disney font. Such a sweet touch!


The birthday girl rocked the cutest face paint.

Little Chicago looked like a real artist while painting at her party while showing off her Minnie ears and face paint. So cute!

What a relaxing way to spend your birthday!

Chi looked so focused while creating her art. Now that's a good way to welcome the wild twos.


This family knows how to decorate a party table.

Every detail is always to die for at a Kardashian party, and this dessert table is so cute and full of delicious treats.

Baby True was in attendance.

Khloé's daughter looked so freaking cute in her Minnie face paint. It's so cool that these kiddos have so many cousins around the same age.


Let's discuss this gorgeous table setting.

Look at all these gorgeous details but for a 2-year-old's party! That seems kind of over-the-top, but we totally support it because it looks so beautiful. 

Khloé couldn't help but gush about her little girl.

How cute are these cute selfies Khloé shared from the party? She said True asked to take selfies to show off her face painting. "My Minnie kept asking to take pictures with me. She put her arm around me, leaned on my cheek and posed 💕 I was melting lol These days I’m soft🙄," she captioned it.


Khloé shared a close-up look of the treats.

These custom cupcakes are just so cute! They have Chi's name on them in Disney font.

Khloé gave a shout out to the people who put the party together.

Khloé gave a shout out to the people who put the party together.

Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

Tea parties have been popular birthday celebrations for little girls recently, and this one is just perfection. From the fresh flowers to the dishes and the treats, we're sure the little ones really enjoyed it.


Kylie Jenner was also in attendance.

She shared another pic of Chi painting and it's just too cute for words. We can't wait to continue keeping up with more of these famous babies' super lavish birthday celebrations.

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